Art for Your Walls: A Giveaway

April 16, 2014

Midweek hellos! Who out there is looking for a few more unique art prints to decorate your walls? I’m always on the hunt myself! A gallery wall has the appeal of combining favorite prints you find in stores or online with your existing collection in a curated grouping that showcases your personality and taste.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Artfully Walls, an online source of art prints hand picked by a professional team with a great eye for creative pieces that appeal to everyone’s tastes. The modern collections include photography, illustrations, landscapes, abstracts, watercolors, and eclectic prints, plus framing options.

artfully walls 3

arftully walls 5

For those who crave the look of framed prints along a wall but are frustrated by the process of hanging them in an interesting display, Artfully Walls has a helpful gallery wall tool to help! Plan your layout and envision the final look even before you buy.  artfully walls tools for hanging

I’ve picked out some new favorites myself for some upcoming art displays. . .

new favorites

mistletoe plate / watercolor ikat chevron / porcelain / something wonderful

Today Artfully Walls is offering two winners a $250 shop credit to get started on your personal gallery wall made up of your favorite prints.

Eligibility to be one of two winners of a $250 online shop credit to Artfully Walls:

1) Visit Artfully Walls and pick a print from a favorite artist, then name it in a comment on this post.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment naming where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Two winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Sunday April 27th at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winners #22 Tara B; #303 Brianna, notified via email.


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464 Responses to “Art for Your Walls: A Giveaway”

  1. Kendra says:

    I love “July Blue” by Harry Stooshinoff. Thanks for hosting this!

  2. Laura says:

    Oh I love Littoral Zone. The colors are so beautiful.

  3. Kelly Bochat says:

    I love Something Wonderful!

  4. Julie Vogt says:

    I love Coney Island Wonder Wheel by Sivan Askayo.

  5. Diana says:

    I really like the work of Sybil Wigdor, Rain in particular.

  6. Kelly P says:

    I like Lowery I by Britt Bass Turner and also Blue Bird 1 and Blue Bird 2 by Yeol Gilinsky.

  7. Marissa says:

    I like Painted Pebbles I by Garima Dhawan :)

  8. Alice Browder says:

    I love Green Apples as well as Pears between Flowers. They would be lovely in my kitchen!

  9. Samantha says:

    I loved Earth by Sybil Wigdor. Rain by her as well!

  10. Meg says:

    I like the “air” by s. Wigdor print…. Such dreamy colors!

  11. Sherry Fraser says:

    So many beautiful ones. I really like Soft Morning Song by Jacquie Gouveia.

  12. Erin B says:

    I also love Soft Morning Song by Jacquie Gouveia.

  13. Christen says:

    I love “air” by Wigdor. Great giveaway!

  14. Corey says:

    Forecast #11. Thanks!

  15. Peacock feather by Christine Lindstrom

  16. Just tweeted about the giveaway :-)

  17. Kate says:

    I like “Bears” by Anna See. We are moving soon and this site is great to help decorate the walls of our new house. Thanks.

  18. Brandi says:

    I love Harry Stooshinoff. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  19. Libby says:

    Oooh, love Britt Bass Turner’s Navy Geo!

  20. Mel says:

    Garima Dhawan’s Painted Pebbles 1 is my favorite!

  21. Jamie says:

    I like ebb and flow 2 by meredith aitken quite a bit. But there are many I like!

  22. Rose says:

    My favorite is Christine Lindstrom. Very nice art work.

  23. Carey Mitchell says:

    Live the Copenhagen and Amsterdam prints!

  24. Sydnie says:

    I like Painted Pebbles :)

  25. Rachel says:

    “Soft Morning Song” is absolutely stunning!

  26. Cassie says:

    I love Earth by Sybil Wigdor!

  27. Christina says:

    “Soft Morning Song” by Jacquie Gouveia is just beautiful.

  28. jenna says:

    I love Worth the Wait by Jacquie Gouveia

  29. I love SO MANY!!! but if i must at pick two I will say…painted pebbles and earth

  30. Rita says:

    I love “home” by Isabelle Stollar

  31. Dixie says:

    There’s something that drew my eye again and again to Carmela Weiss’s pieces as I scrolled down. “Nut” is really haunting — if I had this print in my home, I think I’d end up staring at it constantly, with it meaning something different to me each time.

  32. Dixie says:

    I linked this giveaway to my Facebook page.

  33. Jenny says:

    I love all of Tali Yalonetzki’s work!

  34. Kaylee says:

    I love ‘Coney Island Wonder Wheel’ by Sivan Askayo.

  35. Brittany says:

    I love Plymouth Harbor – October by Jacquie Gouveia.

  36. James says:

    Round & Round is my fav

  37. Caitlin says:

    Love Ebb & Flow 2!

  38. sheila says:

    round and round is my favorite

  39. Ashton says:

    Old Montauk Hwy

  40. Ashton says:

    Shared to FB

  41. Christan says:

    Littoral Zone

  42. Lauren says:

    July Line by Harry Stooshinoff

  43. Wendy says:

    Grace by Christine Lindstrom

  44. Wendy says:

    shared via twitter

  45. Wehaf says:

    I love L’Ermitage by Paul Berthon!

  46. Jennifer says:

    I love Noontime by Sybil Wigdor. Honestly, I love all of her work, but Noontime is my most favorite!

  47. Karen Atkinson says:

    “Garden” by Christine Lindstrom is gorgeous! I’m a sucker for a pretty watercolor!

  48. Nicolle says:

    I love by Endless Orchid by Ayala Budarkevich.

  49. Megan says:

    There are some many beautiful pieces! I love the Coney Island Wonder Wheel by Sivan Askayo – I used to live in Brooklyn so it brings back some good memories for me.

  50. CT says:

    Rain by Sybil Wigdor

  51. Amy says:

    I love the colors in the Miron print, and other simple landscapes, by Itzu Rimmer.

  52. Anne says:

    I love ‘Sparrow’ by Anna See

  53. Patty says:

    St Cloud by Eva Magilll-Oliver perfect with new sunroom colors!!

  54. Christine McDonald says:

    I love some many things on this site…. Soft Morning Sun, Color Play & Dance variations, Waves, Roofs in Bahamas and Parisian chairs.

  55. Sarice Gutman says:

    I like Round and Round by Emine Ortega

  56. Erika says:

    I love painted pebbles 5 by Garima Dhawan!

  57. Annette says:

    Roots by Yaniv Alon is one I could stare at for hours and just daydream. It’s mesmerizing.

  58. Katherine Donovan says:

    It was hard to choose just one piece of art…..but if I had to choose, my favorite would be Chat Tree
    by Isabelle Stolar. Fun & whimsical. Love it :)

  59. arianna says:

    I love Flowers on Blue by Ruti Shaashua. It reminds me of the beautiful hand block print items you see from vendors everywhere. Nice touch of middle eastern for your home!

  60. Rachelle says:

    I really like Lowery I. Thinking it would look great in my office!

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