Takeaway Tuesday: Pretty Powder Room

May 28, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, we certainly did. I’m continuing the takeaway series today with a pretty powder room that you may recognize from the past, one of Sarah Richardson’s designs, and I think we can all agree, she always gets it right! I love the warm palette, the bird and branch wallpaper, and the traditional dark wood accents. Here are this week’s five takeaways:

sarah richardson powder room takeaway tuesday


On the other side of the space, Sarah used an ornate wood shelf, a perfect place to set a lady’s handbag or a vase of flowers.

antique shelf in powder room sarah richardson


Images from HGTV, Design by Sarah Richardson

What do you love about this powder room?


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19 Responses to “Takeaway Tuesday: Pretty Powder Room”

  1. meg says:

    I can’t believe wallpaper is making a comeback!
    I have to admit this looks really pretty. :)

  2. Funny that you should post this! I spent yesterday looking up that wallpaper. I love that powder room as well as the one she did in her farmhouse (with the red doors).

  3. I’ve loved this image for a while.

    I’m saving to turn a butler’s pantry into a half bath and am more and more drawn to great wallpaper in such a space. It looks so chic! I also like the eclectic mix of finishes. It looks purposeful and classic.

  4. Sonya says:

    What do I love! Sarah Richardson! Her designs are amazing. Yeah for Canada :)

  5. Elisa says:

    I love the wallpaper. I think power rooms can’t be over done. They should scream fabulousness! -just like this one :)

  6. Cindy says:

    I love the sconces on either side of the mirror. Side-lighting is the most flattering light in the world.

    Except for sunset light.

    Except for sunset light, side-lighting is the most flattering light in the world! (Are you paying attention, dressing-room-designers-who-prefer-to-use-flourescents-at-the-top-of-the-mirror?)

    I also like the punch of ebony provided by the small table by the sink. I once heard a designer say that every room needs a small black piece; it’s like an exclamation mark. I think she was right.

  7. Elizabeth H says:

    Surprised at myself, but I love the wallpaper!

  8. I really like the bird wall papers. It’s almost scary to see my fingertips type that though. A powder room would definitely be one of the few places I would use it.

  9. One of my favorite powder rooms!
    I have been pondering if I should try to do something similar with paint (stencil/stamp) for the basement bathroom. I think it will liven the space up and make it seem less subterranean.

  10. bj says:

    Beautiful room…however, after just removing wallpaper, IN JIBBLETS, I won’t EVER do wallpaper again.
    Sure is a beautiful room, tho….

  11. Patti-Ann says:

    That wallpaper is to die for!!!! OMG!

  12. I love the chandelier and the sconces. I am such a sucker for great light fixtures.

  13. Heather says:

    I love Sarah Richardson’s style! Powder rooms are perfect place to put a bold wallpaper – I agree! I love that mother of pearl mirror!

  14. Susan says:

    LOVE this powder room. Sarah always gets it right! The rest of the house (from Sarah 101) is spectacular too. Great post…and great tips!

  15. becky says:

    Pedestal sinks are attractive but not practical…..storage is lacking. I would not be able to bring myself to do that.

  16. Jann says:

    Love the wallpaper !!! I live in Ontario, Canada about an hour south of Toronto – where can I buy this wallpaper pls?

  17. Leonie HF says:

    Wow, there is nothing I don’t like about this powder room. It’s so beautifully done. It’s got a cool vintage vibe without being too twee or feeling like an old-fashioned hotel. The wallpaper is fab, but that mirror is the winner, in my opinion :)

  18. Jen in NM says:

    Jann, that’s A-Twitter by Schumacher in the Summer colorway. The Schumacher site has a link to where you can find retailers.

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