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December 29, 2011

We like to get away for a few days after Christmas and year after year, we end up heading to Lake Tahoe.  We left Christmas Day to have dinner with my sister and her family then ended up at the lake the next day.  Lake Tahoe is always a beautiful destination, where you can take in views of the majestic lake and breathe the crisp of the mountain air.  (Every time we visit, I dream of a having a little log cabin there someday, filled with rustic beams, pine armoires, a stone covered fireplace, and plaid sheets!)  If you ever get a chance to visit Lake Tahoe, you’ll love it. Here’s a snowy winter tour from last year, and a fall tour from the year before.   

We came home from our getaway last night to the comforts of home, but also the leftover remnants of Christmas. And as much as I love (and need) that Christmas scent, at season’s end it’s always dried to a crisp. Then comes that moment (I know you feel this too) when the need for clean hits and you simply cannot rest until ever last twig and needle leaves the premises. It happened last night. 

I couldn’t rest until (two hours later) all of it was deposited in the bin outside and I was left sweating, broom in hand, having rid the house of anything that was once a swag of an evergreen. Today I’ll be packing up the rest of the decor for next year, and for me there’s not much more that’s as satisfying as getting organized in anticipation of the new year. 

Yes, it’s almost January, and don’t you love what it brings? The promise of fresh start.

organized basket under bed


Organization increases productivity, decreases anxiety, and allows one to think more clearly and creatively. Organization is a time saver when you don’t waste precious minutes searching for things ~ when all your stuff is in its intended place. 

organized craft room via

I have a lot of housekeeping to do in the next few days, here on the ol’ blog and at home too, because I’m craving that clean slate for the start of 2012. 

Aren’t you?

organized storage mud room bhg


Sooooo…… how perfectly timed is today’s giveaway, brought to you you by my long time sponsor Simplify 101.  Two lucky readers will win a free spot in their Organizing 101 Online Workshop which begins in early January.  Your instructor is professional organizer Aby Garvey, founder of Simplify 101, and recently featured in the January issue of Better Homes & Gardens (check out page 37!) . In this workshop, you’ll learn how to declutter your home using simple yet effective organizing principles for a space of any size.  The material is presented in bite size pieces in six lessons over six weeks, which allows you to digest the information and reasonably put it into action. 

Don’t you want to start changing the way you live? 

If you run into any stumbling blocks along the way, you have direct access to Aby, so you can get unstuck and get going again.  You’ll learn basic organizing concepts, a simple, step-by-step organizing process, and start to set compelling goals for your future organizing projects to create the organized home you’ve always dreamed of. 

Eligibility to win one of two spots in the Organizing 101 Workshop ($79 value):

1. Leave a comment telling where you most need organization in your life. 

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).  

3. For a third chance to win, sign up to receive the free Mini Guide for creating a command central binder, then leave third comment stating “I’m signed up”. 

Two winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Sunday January 1, 2012 at 8 p.m. PST.

Bonus: Simplify 101 is offering CG readers 15% off enrollment of any of their current workshops and instant downloads.  To take advantage of this offer, enter CG15 during checkout. This offer is good through Friday, January 6, 2012, (and can’t be combined with any other offer).  Also, if you’ve got organizational questions, you can live chat with Aby on the BH&G Facebook page on January 5th between 2 and 4 CST.


winners:  # 398  Janna and # 554 Audra, congratulations!

Winners received an email from me.


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670 Responses to “Get Organized! A Giveaway”

  1. Martha says:

    I signed up!

  2. Karen Peterson says:

    Im signed up;)

  3. Karen Peterson says:

    My biggest organizational challenge is following through of getting rid of stuff

  4. Karen Peterson says:

    Shared giveaway on Facebook

  5. Bridgitte says:

    I need help everywhere – but especially in my kitchen and laundry/craft room. My home usually looks neat, but I don’t have good organization for my storage and sometimes spend way too much time trying to find where I put something! Thanks for this opportunity, I love your blog!

  6. Pernie says:

    Oh my where to begin. I need help all over. With two kids requiring attention most of the time and not alot of storage it has gotten out of control. I NEED HELP :-)

  7. Melanie says:

    My kitchen needs SO much help!!!

  8. Nicole Williams says:

    Need organization in the playroom for ALL the toys…yup!

  9. Nicole Williams says:

    Linked to facebook! WOOT WOOT!

  10. Shannon Steffens says:

    My greatest organizational challenge is knowing what to keep and what to toss AND creating areas of semi organization (ie bins for toys but the toys don’t have to be perfect).

  11. Shannon Steffens says:

    I signed up!

  12. Nicole Williams says:


  13. Karinny says:

    I need help with my apartment – especially my closets. With a new baby and not enough space this apartment is a disaster.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Storage……I am overflowing…even when I toss….it still seems a big mess… husband is threatening to just start shoveling the basement out……help!!!

  15. Cheryl says:

    I’ve signed up!!!! woo hoo!!!!

  16. Heather t says:

    My poor very scary basement!

  17. Lynn says:

    I need help in my kitchen…it is the most used part of our house and always seems cluttered! HELP!!

  18. Eileen says:

    my closets are out of control…. would love to get those tidied up in 2012!

  19. Colleen S says:

    Papers Papers Papers!

  20. Colleen S says:

    Linked you on FB!

  21. Colleen S says:

    I’m signed up!

  22. Holly says:

    Help – my office/craft room is out of control. i am buried under a mountain of memories that need to be scrapped and piles of paper that need to be, um … I don’t even know anymore.

  23. Holly says:

    shared link on FB

  24. rachel says:

    my paper mountains grow all around the house, but most crazily in my home office ( i only run a home, not a business!) where mountains of crafts, gifts, cards, old pictures, my sewing machine,books, wrapping paper, ideas, and other random bits and bops end up. oh yeah, and my husband’s home office, that he actually works at once a week.

  25. Michelle F says:

    My biggest challenge is dealing with paper in all form – kid schoolwork, personal finance papers, cards, notes, books, magazines, mail … and too much “stuff” in general.

  26. Michelle F says:

    Shared on Facebook

  27. Michelle F says:

    I’m signed up!

  28. AnneSATX says:

    I need the most organization in my craft room. Unfortunately, m y parents grew up durimg the Great Depression 7 taught me to keep things — it might be useful someday! — AND I’m a craft supply collector. I just have too much stuff and no idea where to begin.

  29. AnneSATX says:

    I signed up for the mini guide!

  30. angela says:

    What does not need to be organized in my life. I just moved out of my dads house for the first time and all I had for furnature was a bookcase, a bed, a dresser and a bedstand. Right now everything is still in plastic rubbermaids in the livingroom hoping that as I save money the contents can find a home

  31. angela says:

    I’m signed up

  32. Alicia says:

    There are two main areas of my life that I really need help in getting organized. The first one is of photographs, memories and sentimental things. My son was diagnosed with leukemia when he was three, which has been almost four years ago, and we lived in and out of hospitals for more than three years. We have made the most of every moment in life, and have lots of fun memories. If we were stuck in a hospital room, we would make it into a spaceship, a zoo, the beach, etc. We did a million art projects and took almost that many photographs. I have boxes of stuff, and boxes of books to organize it in. My goal for 2012 is to create a project area and a workstation where I can store this stuff and pull it together in memory books. Most of things are items that I just can’t get rid of. They remind us how much we have survived and the memory books will be something that Conner will treasure forever.

    The other major problem that I have is that I need to create a space where we put our “stuff” when we come in each day. We have developed bad habits of sitting things at the front door and have all promised for that to be different in 2012. I am interested in your products and offerings and hope to win the contest. Thank you for the opportunity.


  33. Jean Abrams says:

    I need organization desperately in my office/craft room!

  34. Jean Abrams says:

    I posted this giveaway on facebook.

  35. Leslie C. says:

    My guest bedroom has been the catch-all for all things without a home. It’s an embarrassing mess.

  36. Jennifer says:

    I need organization help in the kitchen/living areas… and help with my girls’ rooms! Keeping up with kid clutter! :)
    …I found your site through IHeart Organizing…

  37. Jennifer says:

    I signed up for the Mini Guide!

  38. Jennifer says:

    posting the give-away on Facebook…

  39. Amanda C says:

    At this point, I could pick any room in my house! We just moved in a month ago and NOTHING is sitting in its final destination! Biggest pains- the office and playroom!

  40. Amanda C says:

    Sharing on FB

  41. Linda says:

    I need organization in the home ! Please help !!!! Hubby is mad !! X my fingers that I win !!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Heather says:

    I’m signed up.

  43. Heather says:

    I need help in my kid’s playroom.

  44. Harmony says:

    Just turned my closet in the guest room into an office, but it is mess and needs some organizational help!!

  45. Harmony says:

    I signed up!

  46. Tara says:

    I could use a little help almost everywhere, but the playroom is my big challenge for the new year!

  47. Tara says:

    I signed up as well!

  48. Ann says:

    I need organization help in my basement and work room!

  49. Holly says:

    My art supplies need the most help!

  50. Holly says:

    Tweeted your giveaway! @GreenPennyPinch

  51. Holly says:

    I’m signed up!

  52. Amy says:


  53. Audra says:

    I’m also one of those that could use help everywhere, but my laundry room (aka, junk room) is where organization is needed the most. It has become more an oversized closet – and not a neat one, either.

  54. Amber says:

    I desperately need organization in my office which must serve as a craft room and game room as well. So overwhelming at this point.

  55. Rachael Olson says:

    I am a single mother of two busy boys, so I really need help organizing their toys and clothes! Thank you!

  56. Rachael Olson says:

    I linked this giveaway to Facebook.

  57. Rachael Olson says:

    I’m signed up! Thank you.

  58. Ashley says:

    My kitchen desperately needs some organization!

  59. Pam says:

    My kitchen island and office!

  60. Pam says:

    I’m signed up!

  61. Jenb says:

    My bedroom. I am pretty organized in the other areas of the house, but seem to leave my bedroom as last priority. I don’t know why…

  62. sylvia says:

    My office; i just want to set fire to all of the paper and start over!

  63. Serena says:

    I need some organization in my kitchen. The counters are always so cluttered with mail and papers!

  64. Serena says:

    I posted the contest on my Facebook page!

  65. Serena says:

    I’m signed up!:)

  66. Tara says:

    Definitely in my office…it’s a MESS!

  67. Alexandra says:

    I need organizing in my little NYC apartment for 4!

  68. Alexandra says:

    I’m signed up!

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