Glowing Eyes Halloween Art

October 12, 2011

The kids were watching the classic Snow White the other day and there’s a scene where SW is running in the forest and the beady eyes are everywhere and she freaks out but it turns out it’s just bunny rabbits.  

I share that tidbit with you only because it was the inspiration for my latest Halloween project, a framed chalkboard drawing of a forest with those glowing beady eyes that spook kids big and small.  Here it is, my latest (cheap) art idea just in time for Halloween.

glowing eyes forest halloween art cg


This quick art project cost me nothing (well, I didn’t shop for anything new) and took less than an hour.  I found this old frame at a thrift store many months ago, it came with a nature painting that I may or may not keep, I’m undecided. Anyway, I paid $5 bucks at Goodwill and it was sitting in my garage. The rest of the supplies, (the foam board, chalkboard paint, and twinkle lights) I already had on hand. 

To make this I followed these four steps.  1. Cut a foam board to the size of your frame, then cover one side with two coats of black chalkboard spray paint.  2. Sketch then fill your chalk trees, 3. Use a small nail to determine location of glowing eyes, and 4. Insert tips of twinkle lights behind back of canvas.  Boom, you’re done.


glowing eyes how to

If you’re having a Halloween party, this is fun idea for wall art, just sketch yourself a forest and add some sinister glowing eyes. The installation is especially cool at night. 

glowing eyes halloween art cg


Speaking of Halloween, have you seen the scary tools over at Picnik?  You must go play around, it’s a lot of fun adding ghosts and fangs and zombie eyes to yourself, your friends, or loved ones. Send Grandma one with a fake beard and crazy eyeballs, she’s sure to love it. Maybe not. But your teens surely will!

   Lightning, spider webs, and scary movie effects seen below . . .

forest with lighting spider webs cg

Do you have the feeling you’re being watched? 

Beware, you are.

Moooo haaaa haaaaa haaaaa. 



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57 Responses to “Glowing Eyes Halloween Art”

  1. Andrea says:

    You never cease to amaze me! I love it and its just so cute.

  2. Robin says:

    That is amazing! How on earth do you contantly come up with such great ideas! Love it.

  3. Judy says:

    That’s so cool. My kids would love that.

  4. Tracie says:

    pure genius…love this!…Oh you could do a tree at Christmas…all blue-and silver…and lights…oohhhhhh…LOVE!

  5. Such a cute idea! I may have to borrow this from you next Halloween :) Very cute!

  6. Lisa says:

    Darling! You amaze me!

  7. Noelle says:

    Kate you are genius!! Not too scary, but fun for the kids, and still elegant!! You are just so talented!!!

  8. Janell Beals says:

    Who would have thought this up…oh, YOU! Couldn’t make out how you’d gotten those bright dots until reading down, wouldn’t have guessed. :) Janell

  9. Andrea says:

    This is wonderful….and I have just the place!

  10. You. Blow. Me. Away.!! This is FABULOUS!!! I’m pinning and copying for our Fall/Halloween party. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  11. That is super fun!! I’m sure the kids love it! I can’t seem to stop making halloween crafts, either. It’s just such a fun holiday, and watching the kids get so excited makes it worth it.

    And yes, I LOVE the picnik halloween features, the vampire filter is my fave.

  12. Who would have thought?! How cute; thanks for sharing!!

  13. That’s K-K-KRRAAZY! Totally love it!

  14. How creative and inspired from a movie! Serioulsy the best project in blog land right now.

    I might have to make my own with a twist. I’ll let you know if I do!

  15. Barbara says:

    Great project for Halloween!!

  16. Rachel says:

    How cute! I was also thinking this would be great to do with a Christmas scene!

  17. Denise says:

    Love this, you are so creative!

  18. That’s so great! Love it!

  19. Somebodies watching you! Love it!

  20. Megan says:

    So creative and cute. I love fun crafts for the kiddos. They are always mesmerized and giddy with the final results! The work is so worth it to see their smiling faces. Plus, your house looks good!

  21. oh for crying out loud, if that isn’t the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!! brilliant idea, so so fun!

  22. Very cute! I did something similar here:

    It’s a little more creepy than cute, which is what I was going for :-p

  23. who knew such a fabulous idea could come from Snow White? I LOVE this….pinning it.

  24. Lo says:

    Seriously. That is so dang cute. Love it!

  25. Amber says:

    I love this! So cute and simple!

  26. i love it! i just dont have anywhere to hang it….. :(

  27. Aarean says:

    What a great blog you have…such a great idea! I love it all!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say hi! Come on over and check out my new site Color Issue…I think you’ll like it :-)


  28. Tereza says:

    Love it! it’s too cute :)

  29. CAS says:

    OMGosh, that is so cute and very, very clever!
    :) CAS

  30. Good grief that is ridiculously cute. That scene in Snow White used to scare the beejeebers out of me.

  31. Love! Here, here to all those traumatizing moments in all those Disney movies. :)

  32. Trude says:

    Wow that turned out so cool! If I was having a Halloween party this year I’d totally make this!

  33. Molly says:

    My daughter just saw the pictures and said, “I want that!”

  34. I don’t know how you come up with this stuff – I love it! It’s like a Halloween Lite Brite! :)

  35. Jackie B says:

    Hey, was just thinkin’ — how about some glow in the dark chalk?

  36. Becky says:

    This is so neat. Fun for kids, while being appealing to adults too.

  37. Heather says:

    This is super fun and I love how easy! Thanks for posting a great idea!

  38. Mona Alicia says:

    This is AWESOME! I hope I can get my heinie in gear to make one before Halloween actually gets here, my kids will LOVE it!

  39. Serretta says:

    That rocks! I love it! You basically have the best ideas! :)

  40. April was in CT now CA says:

    Oh my cuteness!!! I had no idea you could use the chalkboard paint on foam core, so many possibilities! I absolutely love this.

    Just curious, would you consider doing a post on local thrift stores, consignment shops, etc? I’m new to the area and still looking for the best places to bargain shop and the Goodwill in our town leaves something to be desired, so any input on places to check out would absolutely rock!

  41. Kathy says:

    Super clever! and oh so easy to do. I love it!!! Thank you!!

  42. GawgusThings says:

    This is just amazing – i love it!

  43. Annika says:

    I really love it! So cute

  44. Tiffany says:

    This is a good one.

  45. Sunny says:

    I LOVE this idea…I normally don’t like “halloweeny” themed stuff. This is sooo clever. Way to go!! Thanks for sharing.

  46. This is so clever! I love it, Kate! (and it was free, too! Even better!)

  47. Sharmin says:

    I LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Best In Show says:

    […] out this super fun Halloween art that Kate over at Centsational Girl made. Such a fantastic idea, and it’s just the right amount of […]

  49. I featured your Halloween art over at Lemon Drop Life. Check it out!

  50. Crystal says:

    Thanks for such a fun, easy project idea. I am just about finished with basically an exact copy. Hope you don’t mind:) I like it so much, I think I’m going to do a Christmas version lighting up a chalkboard Christmas tree. Placing them in my very well-covered front entry on the planter basket.

  51. […] Centsational Girl Glowing Eyes […]

  52. Lisa says:

    I followed your directions and made one similar. I don’t have your freehand artistic touch, but it still turned out great. Thank you.

  53. Karen says:

    Hi…thanks for the info but I ended up with foam board that curled! I used chalkboard paint (not spray paint) so maybe it was too wet. Any advice to uncurl it?

    • CentsationalGirl says:

      Hi Karen, so sorry that happened! I used chalkboard spray paint in very thin coats, that may have been the difference.

  54. Deirdre says:

    Love this project. Amazing Thank you

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