Striped Pashmina Throw {Simple Sew}

September 12, 2011

A few weeks ago, my friend Janell sent me a set of five colorful pashmina wraps as a thank you for writing an article for her recent House of Fifty magazine.  I love the silky feeling of them and have several already in my closet in similar colors.  I thought I’d turn a few into a striped throw blanket to toss over a chair or over my lap when I catch up on my reading. 

With three pashmina scarves and some batting, I stitched up a simple sew striped throw blanket to add a pop of color to my home.  We’re still having warm days, but the nights are cooler, so I reinvented the pashmina scarves into a transitional throw blanket.  

cg pashina striped throw


It took just a few hours to stitch it together, here’s my step by step!

What you’ll need: 3-4 pashmina scarves/wraps; twin sized quilt batting, sewing machine and thread.



1.  Cut each pashmina in half lengthwise to create stripes for front and back.

cut in half

2.  Sew different colored scarves together to form three stripes on each side (four if you use four scarves). 

stitch together


3.  Turn inside out, align seams, and stitch throw blanket covering together lengthwise.  For mine, I left the blue in the middle on both sides, but reversed the orange and green pashmina scarves.

inside out


4. Cut two layers of cotton batting to the size of your throw and pin to one side of your cover.  Turn inside out and smooth batting to fit the inside of your cover (like with a comforter and duvet cover).

layers of batting


5. Machine or hand stitch ends of blanket together.  I preferred the imperfection of a hand stitch so that’s what I used. 

hand stitch together


6. Secure batting to cover with small hand stitches every 12 inches.  I used some of the tassels from the ends for a decorative detail. 

  ties along middle


That’s it ~  a simple striped throw made from pashmina wraps in an afternoon. 

striped pashmina throw kate


I’ll put it away in a month or so in exchange for some warmer knit throws, but will certainly bring it back out next summer I’m sure! 




32 Responses to “Striped Pashmina Throw {Simple Sew}”

  1. Catie says:

    Ohh, that is soo cute! I love it. Too bad none of my pashminas are the right color for my living room. I may have to do a little shopping. = )

    ~ Catie

  2. What a fabulous idea! Love the color combination you chose as well.

  3. Teresa says:

    Very pretty. I love the colors.

  4. Meagan says:

    As soon as I saw the first picture I was dying to know where you got this adorable throw.. then I read on and found out you made it out of scarfs.. what a great idea!! I love how it adds a little color to the room.

  5. Allison says:

    What a sweet gift from Janell and so thoughtful. That is a beautiful throw you’ve made and a lovely color combination. You are a woman of many talents, Kate. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with next! Enjoy your week.

  6. Carmen says:

    Beautiful idea!


  7. What a great idea! This is perfect for those pashminas you can get really inexpensively in NYC! I’ll have to remember that the next time I visit!

  8. This is such a great and simple idea….and a nice tutorial too! Thanks!

  9. Karena says:

    Kate what a lovely way to use your pashima gift from Janell!

    The colors are beautiful together!


    Art by Karena

  10. Cass says:

    This is a terrific idea! Thanks for the show and tell.

  11. Trés cute! Love the mix of colors. You always do great sewing tutorials–I like to see the step-by-step!

  12. i’ll be placing my order on thursday

  13. L.Duncan says:

    how cool is that?!?! I’m going to send you mine so you can do the same to them;)

    Well…. I actually want to wear mine first!

  14. Janell Beals says:

    Kate, love what you’ve done with a few of the scarves! I was hoping people would enjoy them, but have to say I never thought of creating a throw, fabulous idea! If I could get mine set away from Isabella I’d be tempted to do the same! Thanks for the shout out as well and the fabulous article you wrote for HOF! Janell

  15. Patricia says:

    It looks beautiful. You are so creative. See, I MIGHT have thought of turning them into a blanket – maybe – but I would never have thought about cutting them in half to make the stripes. Great job.

  16. Fabulous idea! It looks beautiful!

  17. I love pashminas because they are so soft, so this is totally an idea I can get behind!

  18. Kiri says:

    Love this idea, definitely going to try it for our bedroom, thanks!

  19. LouAnn says:

    LOVE this idea! I have a couple that I’ve been wondering what to do with – they’re just shoved in the kids play box. Hm…. :)

  20. cindy says:

    what a great idea for a warm season throw. I love throws for adding accent colour but in the summer they often look too cozy. This is great- thanks for the inspiration.

    I especially love the 1st photo- I want to catch up on my reading in that chair. I really love the basket of birch branches- how do they look so perfect? Did you buy them (if so, where?) or did you just carefully select perfect looking branches of nearly identical size?

  21. Rachel says:

    Very cute! I bet it’s super soft and comfy!

  22. {oc cottage} says:

    Now, that is seriously cool!!

    m ^..^

  23. Hi Kate-

    Very clever and unique – love it. I have one thrown over a chair because I love the pop of color it provides, but it is narrow and does nothing for providing comfort. This is just a great idea to sew them together – plus inexpensive as you can buy them for 5 bucks on the street in NY.

    My best- Diane

  24. You could really get creative with this and make something classic like a black and white stripe or create a really bright one for a nursery.

  25. It looks so comfortable and turned out beautiful.

  26. anh says:

    great idea! ive been on a lookout for a throw and this is perfect. now to find pashmina scarves for a good deal… and pashmina is sooo soft!

  27. Casey says:

    What a great, simple idea! I think even I could sew one of these up!

  28. Aw this looks gorgeous, and the colours go perfectly together.

  29. Celia Rodriguez says:

    Beautiful idea! I am also drooling over that chair, Can you share where your got the chair from?

    Love your blog!



    • CentsationalGirl says:

      Hi Celia, I found those slipcovered chairs in a shop in Solana Beach last year, not sure of the brand…

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