Mini Kitchen Makeover

July 7, 2011

So we took a little vacation last week up and down the California coast and we were gone for six days.  Apparently, the moment we locked the front door our refrigerator decided to turn itself into an oven, both the refrigerator and freezer I might add.  We came home to a dripping, gooey, moldy, horrible, like something out of a Halloween movie mess, with a super fun odor to go with it! 

Thankfully, the refrigerator was finally repaired yesterday, it needed a fancy shmancy part, but I lived without it for a week.  Why do I tell you this exciting story?  Because of this minor inconvenience I was forced to use the kitchen in our guest studio.  Yes, we have a little guest studio above our garage with a small but full kitchen.  We’ve had tenants over the years, but right now the studio is used for storage and is available for out of town family and guests. 

Anyway, prepping and cooking in this kitchen made me realize I was not in love with the color of the cabinetry, so I decided while I was up there, I might as well just refinish them.  I also swapped out the light fixture and added a much needed window shade. 


kitchen before


kates kitchen makeover after


I swear, it feels twice as big inside with the white cabinets!

The cabinetry you see is actually the same cabinetry that used to be in our kitchen  years ago.  When we added the studio and new kitchen five years ago, we reused the old kitchen cabinets up here which saved us a lot of dough.   We even reused the same sink, faucet, and refrigerator that were still in excellent shape from when the house was first built twelve years ago.  Funny, this refrigerator has never given me trouble, but the fancy shmancy one in my kitchen?  It has needed to be repaired twice now, grrr.

I decided to use the RustOleum Cabinet Transformations Kit that I had a chance to sample last year to see how it would perform on my own cabinets.  This 8’ x 9’ kitchen was the perfect candidate for a quick fix weekend makeover.  I chose the color ‘Linen’.

rustoleum kit

I also did something unconventional that I’ve never done before, I painted the doors and drawer fronts in place!  I didn’t bother to remove them like I always have in the past.  I just didn’t feel like carrying them up and down to my garage in the July heat!

refinished in place

I only got away with it because of the nifty hinges inside the cabinet, I just painted around them with a smaller brush. 

smaler brush

After the deglossing step, I applied the first layer of the bond coat thin enough that I wasn’t worried about drips, but thick enough to give good coverage, I was really pleased with it. 

The bond coat has the fluidity of paint, but the texture of primer once applied.  It does dry quickly like a primer, but I did not experience the same amount of drag or brush strokes that I have with latex paints (to which I typically add a conditioner like Floetrol to minimize the drag and brush strokes).  

one and two coats

I did notice after two coats there were small brush strokes on the surface, but if you’re careful in your application and use a good angled brush (I like the Purdy brand) brush strokes are minimized, and only noticeable when you get up extremely close to the cabinets.  I also noticed in some areas, I needed to go back over the cabinets or drawer fronts with a third touch up coat in spots. 

The kit also comes with a dark decorative glaze which is optional, but I prefer the clean look without the glaze, so I skipped it.  The bond coat dries very flat, which is why you’ll need to add the UV protective coat at the end for a subtle sheen and to seal the bond coat.  I have two entire quarts of this protective coat left, which I know I’ll use again and again in the future.

protective coat

The product is low odor, water based, with very easy to follow instructions.  It retails for $79 for the small kit and $149 for the large.  Refinishing cabinets the traditional way, I’d typically purchase a gallon of primer ($25) a gallon of paint ($30), a paint conditioner ($8), brush and sanding wedge ($20) and a quart of protectant ($12) for a total of $95, so I see this kit (if buying the large) as a small splurge for a kitchen project, however the ease of use, easy cleanup, and time savings makes up for the cost difference since there’s no stripping, sanding or priming required.  The kits often go on sale at OSH, Home Depot and Lowes. 

I still stand by my original review of the kit, and I will use this again.  I have 2/3 of a gallon of the bond coat left, enough to redo my hall bathroom and perhaps a piece of furniture or two.  I do recommend the kit as a great solution for a quick fix or weekend makeover. 

I replaced the light fixture and added a new shade as well.  The industrial style fixture was a find from my local ReStore, I picked it up for $12 and gave it a coat of spray paint on top. 

brass pendant


I love the contrast between the matte nickel top and shiny white underside, it’s perfect!

new light fixture

The woven shade is Levolor, cut as an outside mount to a few inches beyond the window.  You can find them at Lowes in five different colors, they cut them for you in the store, so easy!

Here’s a couple more ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots:

kitchen before left

kate mini kitchen makeover left side

Rug by Dash & Albert.

before right

kates mini kitchen makeover right side

A fantastic result in one weekend! 

This post is not sponsored or paid for by Rust-Oleum.  It is my honest opinion and evaluation of their Cabinet Transformations Kit based on my personal experience.



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189 Responses to “Mini Kitchen Makeover”

  1. KathleenB says:

    Thanks – the cabs look great and I truly appreciate your disclaimer that you are reporting your honest opinion – it means a lot today!!

  2. Deb says:

    Kate you amaze me. Just a “quick fix” eh? It would take me so long to do I get tired just thinking about it. Looks so nice and fresh!

  3. I love the way it turned out! Gorgeous! I featured this post on my blog this week, stop by & grab a featured button if you’d like!

  4. Vicki K says:

    Wow!! Such a fast transformation beautifully done! What a charming place for your guests.

  5. emily says:

    Looks BEAUTIFUL! What color do you have on the walls? It would work perfectly in my bedroom.

  6. It’s amazing what a difference white cabinets can make! It’s seriously like night and day :) LOVE it!

  7. Roxanne says:

    I have a question regarding the finished product minus the glaze. I’d really like my maple cabinets (same color as your’s) to be white. When I saw this product in the store, the kit had pictures of it with the glaze only and, just going by the pictures on the box, it seemed as if this might be necessary because the coverage was not full. Is this the case or did the paint alone provide full coverage over the color. I want them to be white, not white washed, and so I’m really looking for it to cover completely. Thanks in advance!


  8. GetawayStyle says:

    Thanks for posting this. I love the simple, cost-effective transformation of this kitchen! But even more, I LOVE seeing Before & After shots that actually show the same angles of the space!! It’s honest and helpful and doesn’t distort the story.


  9. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Roxanne, great question, the glaze is completely optional for those who like that look of a different color in the ridges. I prefer the smooth even color of the paint/bond coat itself. Yes, I did get full coverage with just the bond coat, it took two coats, and even a bit of touch up in several spots after that, but it will fully cover the cabinets.


  10. Amazing! I love the transformation, the space looks so much lighter! So glad I found your blog!! Xo, Katie

  11. What an amazing transformation. So much more updated!

  12. Ali says:

    Love this! How amazing that you now have 2 very stylish kitchens! If my husband and I ever make it out to California….I’d love to book a few nights in your above the garage “hotel” the way you have described the area it seems that there would be tons to do! Do you have a vacation rental company that books guests for your garage hotel? I really love the paint, new shade, and of course the new lighting! Can’t believe you got the lighting for that cheap! Love it all!

    ~ Ali

  13. Ali says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about the gooey mess! I bet it took hours to clean up! Such a bummer to come home from a vacation and find your house smelly and gross! I remember when I was in high school my parents and sister’s and I came home from a family vacation to the same thing….our deep freezer in the garage stopped working and it smelled like death! We cleaned and cleaned for hours trying not to gag. I didn’t enjoy turkey for several years after that due to that nasty frozen turkey goop all over our hot garage! The stink was horrible! Glad you had a back up kitchen till the new parts could be ordered!

    ~ Ali

  14. Mallory says:

    Looks awesome Kate! I love the white. I know that took a lot of work! I’m still enjoying my bathroom Rust-Oleum Transformation but have not gotten the nerve (or the time) to do it again in my kitchen!

  15. Tracy says:

    LOVE it! Seems like a much better process than primer & melamine. Next cabinet “re-do” for a client, I’ll recommend this!

  16. Candice says:

    shared on facebook :)

  17. Jennifer M. says:

    What is the blue color of your kitchen walls?

  18. RoxanneK says:

    If you were going to be painting the cabinets in your main kitchen, would you use the Rust-Oleum kit or would you do it the traditional way (primer, conditioner, paint, etc.?). I am going to be tackling that project soon and would like your opinion. I cannot decide which is the better way to go, cost aside. Also, LOVE that light fixture!

  19. Karen says:

    I’d love to transform my kitchen. It looks like the Rust-Oleum Transformation is just what the doctor ordered!

  20. Jennie Gift says:

    I have been dieing to paint my cabinets white. I too have the honey builder grade cabinets. I read on another blog who used the same kit that the protective coat is thin. You didn’t feel as if you needed to remove the doors? Did you end up with dripping? Also what colors are the walls and what color did you end up using for the kit.

    Love the transformation by the way!

  21. Abi W says:

    How do you find the painted wood holds up over time (in terms of scratching, chipping, etc.)?

  22. The transformation looks like a brand new kitchen! Sorry about your new refrigerator; hopefully, this is the last time it needs working on. ;)


  23. jennifurla says:

    I am using the kit in espresso now, taking forever. I also notice I have lots of drips. You have to be careful!

  24. Donna says:

    Wow, what a transformation.

  25. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Ali, the thought often crossees our mind of using it as a vacation rental, but then I think about the cleaning and booking it, and I just throw up my hands wondering if I have time to manage it successfully! It also has a slightly awkward entrance, you have to go past the garbage cans (thrilling) and wind your way through our back yard’s not too pretty spots. Maybe someday! It works out much better to have a full time tenant like we have in the past, we’ll probably rent it out again soon!

  26. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Abi, I mentioned that issue with Roxanne, time will tell how it holds up, so far so good, it doesn’t scratch off.

    Yes, Jennifurla, good point, you have to be careful and use a good brush, and even follow up a few minutes later just to make sure you avoid as many drips as possible!

  27. CentsationalGirl says:

    Roxanne K, great question!!! I used the traditional method in my kitchen which I know for a fact is a no fail. Using an oil based bonding primer (Zinsser) plus two coats of oil based semigloss mixed with conditioning Penetrol made for the smoothest finish I’ve ever achieved with a roller and brush. Also, there have been absolutely no problems to date, no scratching, no peeling, no chipping, and the island gets daily wear and tear. However, working with oil based products is stinky and the clean up requires mineral spirits or paint thinner. Note, if I was repainting kitchen cabinets white in the traditional method, I would use the same Zinsser oil based primer but would choose latex paint, not oil, since white oil based paints will amber or yellow over time, but white latex paints will not.

    I like the CT kit for the ease of use and low odor, and the fact it’s water based which makes life a whole lot easier when you’re redoing an entire kitchen. It does have that advantage. I did not get an absolutely 100% smooth finish (which I mentioned) like I did on my kitchen island by using the traditional method. Up close, you can see thin brush strokes on the studio kitchen cabinetry.

    The big question, what would I do in the future? It just depends. For speed and ease of use, I’d choose the CT kit, for a close to flawless finish, I’d choose the traditional method. Both are perfectly acceptable ways for a DIY refinishing job on cabinetry.

  28. Nikole says:

    I read this post this morning, and had to stop back again tonight to say that I can’t stop thinking about that light fixture! I too, love the contrast of matte and glossy, and at 12 bucks!?! Wow. I’m on the hunt to do something similar this weekend now! Thanks for the inspiration.

    One question though – do you have to prime the glass/metal/chain before spraying it silver? I never knew you could paint glass!?

  29. CentsationalGirl says:

    Thanks Nikole, no primer on the metal, and surprise surprise, the spray paint I used was Rust-Oleum ‘Metallic Matte Nickel’ :)

  30. Karen says:

    Wow… they look awesome! I’m so glad I just stumbled across your blog. I’m getting ready to paint some cabinets and this kit looks like just what I need.

  31. kathleen kelly says:

    Kate–I’ve been wanting to try this. Your review has given me the courage to try it–I may even paint my cabinets in place.

  32. Michelle says:

    Love it! I want to paint my bathroom builder grade cabinets. They’re such a bore.

  33. Brianna says:

    it looks great! I love cream cabinets, it brightens the kitchen up so much. I am going to redo our cabinets with the rustoleum kit one of these days when I have the time

  34. Amy Brewer says:

    I actually just purchased this kit today, with hopes of tackling my kitchen while two of the kids are at daycamp next week. In the FAQ’s on the rustoleum website, they say you can use a roller to achieve the smooth finish if you are not using the glaze. They encourage a brush if you are going to use the glaze so the glaze will remain in the stroke marks left from the Bond Coat. Also, on the FAQ’s they tell you how to spray the product on as well, but only if you do not want to use the Glaze. I am hoping to glaze mine after reading the results from someone else! I LOVE the finished product in this kitchen!

  35. WOW!!! how is that even the same kitchen?!?! amazing. And only you would ‘whip out’ a kitchen makeover…you are DIY Goddess!

    xo. C

  36. Paula says:

    Definitely in my kitchen!

  37. Kate, it turned out amazing! Love the new light fixture, too! I feel your pain about the refrigerator. When I bought a new one, it had a problem with the icemaker within just a few months. They just seem to make things cheaper now, instead of better. Discouraging. But your guest kitchen turned out beautifully! Bright and cheerful…love the transformation!

  38. Katie says:

    Will this product or the traditional method work on oak cabinets too?

  39. MaryHelen says:


    You move at warp speed.

  40. Tonya says:

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing. I’m headed to Lowes now – can’t wait to get started! :-)

  41. It looks amazing, Kate! So fresh and bright!

  42. Suzanne says:

    While I like style of my kitchen cabinets, I’ve always hated the color. So, I’d use this product on my kitchen cabinets…probably a warm white.

  43. Brooke says:

    Fabulous! Our kitchen is fine, but for years I’ve been wanting to refinish the cabinet on my husbands 80 gallon aquarium which is beautiful with the exception of the circa 74 cabinet. This might just do the trick. Thanks!

  44. Carshena says:

    Looks great! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets someday. If I ever do, I will totally use your method.

  45. Glorianna says:

    Beautiful! I’m dying to do my kitchen cabinets! this product seems to make it a lot easier!

  46. Judy says:

    Wow Kate, Home from vacation and right back to it! Beautiful result. So fresh and inviting now. I am planning on repainting my kitchen and laundry room cabinets. I want to do the lower cabinets in the kitchen a blue. I will have to look at the Rustoleum color selection. Thanks for inspiring us!

  47. Great post! I wish we owned our home so we could do things like this! I really love the transformation that you went through and the white cabinets look great! It looks really upscale and very nice! Great job. love the site! You’re on my reader now!

  48. Kearsten Adams says:

    Great redo! I’m looking at this exact product right now for my aqua kitchen. I have a question for you. How would you classify the Linen color? I’ve been looking at the pure white and the linen and can’t decide between the two. My trim is plain white, but I was thinking of a little softer white for the cabinets without being too ivory. I really wish rustoleum had chips for their colors.

  49. Andrea says:

    Looks fantastic! I love those changes that really create a new space. Unfortunately I did not have the same luck with the Cabinet Transformations product. And I really wanted to love it (probably would have if we got the results you did)! We were getting really poor coverage and after four coats of the bond coat, our golden oak cabinets looked like they had two coats of primer on them. Sadly, we had to abort and convert to my old standby method with SW Pro Classic enamel. Now they’re looking beautiful… We just have to wait for them to cure. :)

  50. Natalia Caylor says:

    WOW!!! I’ve been waiting to revamp our builder grade kitchen cabinets for a while, and this is truly inspiration to just do it! I was shocked to see the before and then the after because the before is my kitchen – literally every surface (except I have tile looking linoleum flooring). What a GREAT facelift!

  51. Juls says:

    This looks great! You have really made a transformation to this kitchen! I’m a little confused though – which kitchen is yours? You have another kitchen pictured in a different link that you refinished the cabinets to. The other kitchen pictured is in ‘Painting Wood’ under ‘Painting Kitchen Cabinets’ from March 2010.

  52. Andrea says:

    Do u have any tips for how to add the knobs so they are even and straight? I want to add them, but am scared I’ll use the drill and mess up. Thanks

  53. brandy says:

    I’m definitely trying this in my bathrooms–no sanding or priming makes me a happy girl!! I just refinished our kitchen cabinets and man what a job! They look awesome but it was so much work!! Thanks for the review!

  54. Shayna says:

    Were these cabinets solid wood or did they have any laminate on them?

  55. Kellie says:

    I was at Home Depot tonight and saw this. I had decided to paint my cherry wood cabinets this summer and so I noticed the set-up when I walked by. I really had planned on painting them white. I am seeing mixed reviews all over when people didn’t use the glaze. What do you think made yours work where others didn’t? Did you use a roller?

    This is such a huge undertaking and I am nervous enough as it is doing it on my own. My husbands is extremely leery and trying to talk me out of it.

  56. Debby says:

    My husband and I just finished our cabinets with this kit. It took us a week to finish, only because we did ours in the evenings. I have to say that the De-glosser is what makes this kit so fantastic and easy, it saved hours of sanding.

    We purchased the Purdey brush as suggested by you, and we used a sponge roller. We used the roller for the paint (along with the brush for tighter spots). But when it came to doing the last step, putting on the top coat, we used just the Purdey brush (you were so “spot on” with that brand of brush…excellent). I would suggest to others to go back and check the work you did once you’ve finished an area. Just when we thought we had it all smoothed out we would go back and find a place that had globbed up in spots…and believe me, you want it all smooth.

    We used the light kit on our oak cabinets. I chose the color Linen. I have to say that the color was a little disappointing, it just looks white, and I was looking for, well, a “linen” color without having to use the glaze (I didn’t want the wood grain on my cabinets to stand out). I read many, many reviews for this product and heard a few people say that the colors are true to what is on the box, but was not the case once on our cabinets.

    Overall, the cabinets turned out great and gave us a much needed make-over. We are now applying the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations as I type. We picked Onyx. It was very tough to those the countertop color. I wanted to find close up pictures of each of the colors, other than what was on the box…I didn’t have much luck. I’m hoping there is a little definition in what we picked, and it doesn’t look just black. Will have to let you all know.

    If you need a kitchen make-over and don’t have the budget for a brand new kitchen…this is the kit for you!

    p.s. goes much faster when working with another person.

  57. edith says:

    I was wondering what paint color you have on the walls in this guest studio kitchen. It looks like a gray, do you happen to know the color and brand?
    Thank you!

  58. Kate Finnegan says:

    Love the cabinets! Debating on how to do ours and wanted to know how visable the wood grain is with this product? I also want to if you have any sugestions on how to best paint base trim and doors. Thanks! Kate

  59. L.Duncan says:

    How in the heck did I miss this?!?!?! Painted the cabinets with the doors still on? Oh junk! Those are the same hinges I have on my doors! Ok, let me calm down…. I’m going to do that for my bottom cabinets! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, let me find the post on your island:)

  60. L.Duncan says:

    Oh I see how I missed it… This post was done on my anniversary! I was busy girl;)

  61. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Edith, the color on the walls was a custom blend I did, but the closest match is ‘Autumn Fog’ by Valspar; ‘Flint Smoke’ by Behr; and ‘Silver Gray’ by Benjamin Moore.

    Kate, the wood grain will be visible, so if you have oak, be prepared that the Kit won’t hide the wood grain, it will just change the color.

    Shayna, these are solid wood cabinets, alder wood to be exact!

    Juls, this kitchen belongs to our guest studio that we rent out sometimes, the other posts refer to the main kitchen in our house.


  62. Nicole says:

    What a great transformation!!!

  63. Ana says:

    LOVE it!!
    I am painting my kitchen cabinets too and I’ve never heard of this before! I will definitely try it. I have a question before: My cabinets are dark cherry color so do you think with two coats will be enough?will it work? I want to paint them white-off white.
    THANK YOU!!!!Ana

  64. Alecia says:

    Looks great! My husband and I will actually be painting our kitchen cabinets this weekend using this same kit. I had a question about the color: I noticed that you have a white stove and you chose the Linen color for the cabinets as opposed to the Pure White base. They look good in the picture, but how about real life? I’m still unsure as to whether to choose Linen or Pure White (both unglazed) to paint our kitchen. We still have a mix of stainless and white appliances, and our trim color is pure white. What would you suggest?

  65. Miss Marla says:

    You have inspired me! The cabints at our cottage are in desperate need of TLC! They are mahogany that has been oiled over the years. I refuse to spend $ on new cabinets, and having seen this post I now know what to do! I knew I wanted to paint them out, but was unsure of the process, not now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  66. Nikki says:

    You have no idea how excited I am about this! I have been wanting to paint our cabinets, but have been putting it off just thinking about the sanding process. I am going to the hardware store for this ASAP!! Any advice for painting the inside of the cabinets? I’m thinking that’s going to be a huge pain in the ass.

  67. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Nikki, I don’t think it’s necessary to paint the inside itself, but whether you paint the inside of the doors is your call, I prefer them painted for a universal look but it will take more time!

  68. Rachel says:

    Any update on how the paint is holding up? I’m considering using this product in my bathrooms and kitchen but would like to know how it handles daily use over the long term.

  69. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Rachel, great question! It’s our guest house kitchen so it’s not used daily, only a few times a month, but so far so good. i think if you’re using it on a bathroom or kitchen I’d use two of the final protective coats, just for added durability.


  70. Jennifer says:

    I am considering painting my grandmother’s piano with this product. I have 4 boys and they have not been kind to my treasure; scratches and name carving, etc. Do you think I should sand those out before starting?

  71. chris says:

    What a lovely transformation! I have the same cabinet in my master bath and cannot decide between using the Rustoleom product and using chalk paint to do a makeover..which would you recommend?

  72. CentsationalGirl says:

    Great question Chris! Chalk paint is for furniture and I’m not sure how well it holds up to moisture, so in your case I’d choose the RustOleum product, or you could refinish it like I did with these bathroom cabinets with primer and latex paint designed for bathrooms:

  73. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hey Jennifer, I’m suppose you could use the product for a wood piano, and yes, depending on where the scratches or carvings are located, I would sand them down or fill them with wood filler.

  74. Lindsey Swan says:

    I’m looking into painting my oak cabinets. I know you love this product but I was wondering if you have ever used milk paint? And if so how they compare?? My friend did her cabinet with milk paint and there are no brush strokes.

  75. Ashley says:

    I have laminated cabinets. You know those yucky things from the 70’s. Do you think this product would work well on them? I’m desperate to find something to update my poor little kitchen without doing a complete uber expensive remodel.

  76. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Ashley, the products states it works on laminates although I haven’t personally tried in on a laminate product yet.

  77. Ngarie says:

    I have loved looking at all the amazing things you have transformed I have bookmarked a few posts to help me with repainting things in the studio thank you for sharing all of this

  78. Dani says:

    I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit in Linen about 6 months ago. I’m now noticing yellow streaks in my pretty white cabinets. I’m thinking it’s the protective top coat turning yellow with time. I am NOT HAPPY with this product anymore and will never use it again. I wish I would have just painted my cabinets the old fashion way. Lesson learned.

  79. CentsationalGirl says:

    Thank you for sharing Dani, good for us all to know! I’m wondering if this is the case on the darker formulas? Our still look pretty white, but I so appreciate you sharing your experience.

  80. Danielle says:

    Might I ask what kind of spray paint you used, is it also Rustoleum? I know they make a satin finish spray paint and I am trying to find out if it would work to spray paint my old yucky brass doorknobs, hinges etc or if I ought to spend the cash for new pieces?

  81. CentsationalGirl says:

    Yes Danielle, I do like RustOleum’s spray paint, it’s very durable!

  82. Linda says:

    Hi Kate, is this a good product ove already painted cabinets? Or should i just use standard paint? I’m painting the walls camouflage. Is linen or white best. I was also thinking a soft darker shade of grey green might be nice. it’s a small kitchen.

  83. Holly says:

    Hi Kate,
    I probably missed it, but did you use the small or large kit for this project?


  84. Beth says:

    Do you think that Rustoleum Transformations will work for painting honey oak moulding and trim work white? I am sure it is a time consuming process, but I have relatively new trim and moulding in my new home, but I want it white.

  85. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Beth, I’d recommend priming and painting trim the “old fashioned” way with a good adhesion primer than a coat or two of white enamel paint for durability – that’s what I would do.

  86. Kay says:

    Does anyone know how to handle mistakes with this product? We had a disaster after glazing. Cabinets fell and got nicked. We tried to touch up with base coat over the damaged areas. I only did one coat of the base. When I tried to reglaze, the glaze didn’t take.

    Any suggestions? Do I need to start over with the damaged cabinet (degloss, base and then glaze again)? Will I be able to glaze over properly if I put another coat of base?


  87. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Kay, so sorry you had that problem! I didnt’ use the glaze on my cabinets. I think if you lightly sand, give it another protective coat, then try to glaze again hopefully it will work!

  88. Jossie says:

    Wow You have inspired me! My kitchen is tiny! Its the same set up as your and I have been dreaming of painting my cabinets! Your kitchen is beautiful :)

  89. Lindsey swan says:

    I am looking into using this product for painting my cabinets. I want to do white as well but I’m terrified of the protective coat making it yellow over time. Since it’s been a while had yours yellowed or stayed white??

    Also I’ve thought of doing milk paint instead (to avoid brush strokes). If I choose that route what protective coats do you recommend that won’t yellow??

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