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December 17, 2010

Greetings and happy weekend!  How are you?  I do hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!  I’ve been running around doing all sorts of holiday related things, but the one thing I’ve been neglecting is my dreaded paperwork!  I’m pretty good at staying organized most of the time, but paperwork is my weakness.  I cannot be alone in the ‘paperwork piling up everywhere’ scenario, but I can tell you, I’m looking forward to that down time after Christmas to sort that daunting pile.     

Being organized helps me get more done, and devote more time to my family and I’m made serious efforts this year to make it so!  It helps me think clearly, remain focused, and always saves time.  Don’t you find that to be true?  I have adopted some strategies from my sponsor Simplify 101 which truly help.  Have you visited their site?   The founder Aby Garvey is an organizing and productivity expert!  I love her motto, “More Fun, More Done”.  Having an organized home is one way to make more time to be creative too.

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Just in time for the upcoming New Year, I have an exciting giveaway for you!  January is organizing month, so Simplify 101 is offering three winners their choice of any of their four upcoming workshops

Here are your choices:

Quick and Simple Clutter Control

(Two lessons in quick clutter elimination, starts January 4th)

How to Achieve Your Goals

(Four lessons in turning dreams into reality, starts January 6th)

Organizing 101

(Six lessons about simple organizing, starts January 25th)

It’s About Time

(Six lessons in time management, starts February 17th)

From the comfort of home, you pace yourself with online material and/or downloadable lessons each week.  You can listen to the lesson online or download it as an .mp3 file as well.  For those of us on the go, I find this DIY approach to learning on your own time is so convenient, rather than attending some seminar at a set time and away from home.  You can ask your instructor Aby specific questions and even post photos of your problem spots.  The online classroom is there to support you!  See for yourself just how they all work with this tour.   

If you’re in need of more inspirational tips, check out Simplify 101’s Organizing Article Directory with over three dozen helpful post for everything from closet organization to spring cleaning to staying organized with kids (I need that!).  You can also sign up for weekly tips with Simplify 101’s organizing newsletter, like this trick for minimizing holiday clutter after you bring out those seasonal decorations.  

simplify 101 more fun

Finally, if you’re tired of searching through piles of paperwork for that same document and you’d like to create a time saving central resource for your home, anyone can get their hands on a free copy of Aby’s How To Create A Command Central Binder.  With kid schedules, meetings, and lunch menus, don’t all of us moms need one of those?  

Now for the giveaway, three winners this time! 

Don’t you want to get organized in the New Year?  

Simplify 101 will make sure you do!

Eligibility for three winners to pick their choice of online workshops with Simplify 101

1)  Tell about your biggest organizational challenge in a comment.  Is it your closet or your junk drawer?  Do you struggle with time management or too much clutter?  Share where you need organizational help! 

2) For extra chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook, and/or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, then leave additional comments telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by  Giveaway ends Monday December 20, 2010 at 8 p.m. PST.

Good luck and have a fantastic weekend! 


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273 Responses to “Get Organized GIVEAWAY”

  1. Erica says:

    I need some serious help tackling clutter. I’d like a place for everything and everything in its place, but I just can’t seem to make it happen!

  2. Priscilla K. says:

    My biggest challenge is the paperwork clutter. My stacks just keep growing and growing. I need help organizing all this!

  3. Stephanie N. says:

    Time management! Besides piddling away time online… (ahem, as I search through blogs…), my biggest challenge is our kitchen counter space right by our garage door. It’s a drop zone for everything from keys to coats to cups to piles of paperwork. It’s horrible and such an eye sore, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

  4. Tara says:

    I REALLY REALLY need help with time management. I start each day and each week with certain goals and am disappointed when I get to the end of the day and week and I have not completed the tasks. I could use a little help in the paperwork clutter realm too. Thanks for having the giveaway. I LOVE your blog.
    Hugs from Texas, Tara

  5. Barb says:

    My craft room is my biggest challenge! It serves multi purpose as an office, library, scrapbook room and clutter collection site! I need help with dividing the space and optimizing storage. Love your blog.

  6. angela-kr says:

    Where to start? Well, all over really. I begin to clear the clutter only to be overwhelmed by the projects I want to do which in effect create the clutter I want to eliminate. The easy solution would be to do the projects right? Well, where to find the time between the housework, working non traditional hours, running after a toddler… and excuses, excuses, excuses! It’s exhausting and disheartening but despite it all.. I do love my life! I just wish I could get a better handle on it!

  7. Alicia says:

    Amoung my many problem areas is My sewing room. It is my biggest challenge. I take up the enitre room and two closets in my house simple because i am not sure how to organinze everything effectively.
    I have issues with clutter but its not everywhere in my house just in its designated piles in certain rooms (the kitchen counter, 1 drawer in kitchen, shelf in the extra closet) . I literally have empty drawers and and empty closet for fear of not using the space effeciently. its crazy.

  8. Cassandra G. says:

    I just graduated college, so there was very little time for me to organize. I just feel like everything is chaos, so winning this giveaway would be AMAZING for me!

  9. Cassandra G. says:

    Tweeted! @cassiemary28

  10. Valerie says:

    I was just talking to my husband about these workshops! Our tough spots for organization are paper and the kitchen counter getting cluttered with it. But the time management stuff looks great too! I’d love to win this – thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Pam says:

    Paperwork is my biggest challenge. I have read Aby Garvey’s posts and she is great! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  12. Libby says:

    While I have organizational needs in every room, I am really ready to tackle the paperwork monster!! Thanks for the timely givaway… and have a blessed Christmas!

  13. Sarah says:

    My kitchen counter is the biggest issue- it ends up being the dumping ground for everything in the house! Drives me bonkers!

  14. Jill says:

    I have a toddler and another baby on the way soon. I work full time so when I get home the last thing I want to think about is my house, so quick, easy ways to keep my life organized would be extremely helpful! Clutter = stress!

  15. I really, really struggle with paperwork, as well as general clutter issues. I need help!

    Thanks for the chance!

  16. Meredith says:

    I was soooo excited to read about your giveaway!! Yesterday I took a picture of my husband’s dresser and was going to send out an SOS. I wonder if my husband is the only one that has a cluttered dresser. We have been trying to think of ways to keep it decluttered. This is not the only spot. We have many clutter problems around the house. I would love to receive tips and ideas from Simplify 101. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  17. Michele Mc says:

    Paperwork is my biggest organization issue. It starts on my large kitchen island, then spills over onto the kitchen planning desk and eventually makes it’s way to our upstairs office. I can only imagine how many times it gets handled before it finally finds a home. Mix in all the kids stuff with that and I am regularly overwhelmed.

  18. Aly says:

    I love cleaning and am an organization freak… so all of these classes just sound great! But I would say my biggest problem would have to be what to do when you just don’t have room (I have a baby on the way and no room for the little one….)

  19. Harper says:

    I am organizationally challenged. It’s sad, but true. It looks like a hoarder lives in my craft room. :( I need a little help…

  20. Meghan says:

    My biggest organizational challenge is my desk! I don’t know if I need more storage space or if that is just an excuse for my piles. Help :)

  21. Carrie Solomon says:

    I need help with organization, time management, clutter, you name it! I am going back to school in a few weeks and need the help!!

  22. Breian Elliott says:

    My kitchen counter!! It is the drop spot for everything from papers, bills, notes, messages and odd items I pick up around the house. It has become my “things I need to do and get to” pile. It gets out of control all the time. What to do? I can’t seem to get a better system, try as I may. ANd I may TRY!

  23. Michele says:

    I need some serious help with time management!

  24. Jessie says:

    My biggest challenge is that there is clutter eerywhere! Every closet, every cabinet, piles everyehwere. I need to find a place for everything!

  25. Linda says:

    My biggest challenge is our basement. It becomes the junk room where everything is tossed. Would like to use it for a family room but can’t get it organized enough to do so. Help!

  26. Lindsey says:

    My biggest challenge is clutter, especially paperwork clutter. It always seems to pile and get unmanageable.

  27. Sarah says:

    My biggest challenge is organizing ‘important’ documentation… I just let it sit around.. pile up.. then throw it in the closet. I’m a failure. I need help in organizations – that’s for sure!

  28. Jessica says:

    All of the above is my issue. :) Especially paper clutter and finishing home improvement projects. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  29. michelle v says:

    I really want to win this for my mom, she is what I would call a hoarder, but not as bad as the hoarders you see on TV. She clings on to things because of sentimental value (ie: snowsuit from the 80’s that isn’t useful anymore because of holes, she still has it because it reminded her of playing in the snow with us kids) and they fill up her whole house. She purges on an annual basis but it’s still not enough. She doesn’t keep everything organized. I truly believe if she took classes on organizing, she would be able to walk into all the bedrooms in her house, freely.

  30. Valerie says:

    Good intentions seldom gets a room organized…and I have lots of good intentions! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Valerie says:

    I tweeted. @elkinsvalerie

  32. Valerie says:

    I facedbooked. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Mallory says:

    My garage. During renovation it has become the place to stick things to get them out of the way :(

  34. Little Spoon says:

    I am a newlywed and I moved into my husband’s house “as is.” I’ve come to find that clutter and disorganization do not phase him and because we own a house that is a bit large for two people, I can’t seem to get anything organized. We’re hoping to add to our family soon, so it’s very important that I get organized now! Our biggest challenge is purging things we don’t need from closets and creating a shared home office space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  35. Sara says:

    I live in an older house with very little storage…so closets are overfull. I also don’t have a place to do my sewing, so I bring it to my dining table, but then when it’s time to put it away (mealtimes or when little ones come over), it gets taken to our bedroom which is already full as the drop-off zone for many things that don’t have their own home. Very frustrating!!

  36. Kristin says:

    I enter my house straight into the living room, so that’s where stuff mostly accumulates. I need help there.

  37. Julie says:

    I need serious help with clutter-I don’t like to throw anything out!!

  38. Alex Romano says:

    I need major help with time management. Working full time and taking care of a 3 year old by myself all week pulls me in all different directions and I just haven’t gotten it all to work together. I have all these goals to be organized, and I just haven’t been able to do it.

  39. Margo says:

    My linen closet is a mess! Always has been and I just can’t figure out how to solve the problem. Help!

  40. Cori says:

    Oh boy… clutter, paper, time management, etc, etc! We have a small house, and we’re definitely not making the best use of our limited space!

  41. Kristin says:

    Our mail situations is the biggest issue lately. Paper EVERYWHERE… in the living room, on coffee tables, on the kitchen table, on kitchen countertops… Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Aubrey says:

    I’ve always struggled with time management and with making sure I’m spending time on the right project rather than the one that’s “screaming” loudest.

  43. Cori says:

    I also tweeted. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Kara Thompson says:

    I need HELP tackling my bedroom/walking in closet/craft room/ storage room/guest bedroom….ugghh…worst room in the house! Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Andrea Watts says:

    My biggest challenge is storage space. I don’t have enough room to put what I have. My closests are stuffed as are my cabinets. I have full junk drawers also. I really need room.

  46. Andrea Watts says:

    I shared this giveaway on Twitter

  47. allison says:

    I realized this weekend that I need help with time management- between working full time, and trying to keep everything at the house done and tidy, and keeping everyone fed, I never have a spare moment. Oh! I could use help with just trying to figure out how to get everything done!

  48. Andrea says:

    I need help keeping my husband on a “clean schedule”! Ha! It’s actually true, but my biggest problem right now is that my “don’t know what to do with this stuff” travels from space to space. So while one room is being cleaned, the other is a disaster. If one of the desks in our house is being organized, the other suffers. No wonder I feel like the whole house has never been cleaned at once! And I throw lots of stuff away too! Thanks!

  49. Tricia says:

    Paper clutter is my nemesis. But, I think the time management class might be the one I need. I am too easily distracted and often find that I don’t complete the things I wanted to complete in a day.

  50. Kelly says:

    I have a really hard time staying organized because I dont really have a specific location that I keep stuff. My boyfriend is a realtor and uses the home office as his “at home office”,although he has an office at his place of employment also. I feel as though I dont really have anywhere to get organized. I often have little stacks of paperwork, bills, etc all over the house. It’s frustrating and can get messy.I need to figure out how we can both utilize the office space, so I can re-claim my organizational skills. I need help!

  51. Robyn says:

    I need help! Paperwork is bad, but our closets and bathroom cabinets are the worst. Yikes! I need help in not getting overwhelmed. Every time I think I will tackle one, I just shut the door.

  52. tillie says:

    wow – i have a hard time being organized in every way. My house is an unorganized mess. I think the quick and simple organization class would help me immensely.

  53. Cathy says:

    my biggest challenge right now is my closet! it’s huge, and it’s a mess and I need help! I just love the idea of getting it organized and starting out a new year. Thanks for the chance to win and happy holiday’s!

  54. Cyan B says:

    Oh, I need help with so many things… I think the worst is my entry way. We have a table that just gets covered in stuff. I never know what to do with it. Papers galore.

  55. Sandra K says:

    I really need help with all the paperwork piles, especially the stuff my kids bring home from school. Thanks!

  56. Jenny says:

    Totally need help with time management – juggling me time, kid time, school time, hubby time – it’s a challenge!

  57. Lauren says:

    My problem is clutter – especially on the kitchen counter and my office area! With kids in 2 different schools and new papers coming home daily, it’s hard to keep everything neat and organized.

  58. Brittany says:

    I have a reverse organization problem! I am so afraid of clutter and I don’t have a system to deal with it so I just throw away, give away and recycle! This ends up costing a fortune since I could be “Shopping my house” but I’ve gotten rid of everything! Help!

  59. Sakina says:

    My biggest problem definitely is clutter! Then I go crazy, throw it all away and kick myself a few hours later….
    I could definitely use this.

  60. Amy Harle says:

    Honestly? My whole house is an organizational nightmare!! I need storage solutions and clutter coaching :)

  61. Claudia says:

    I love the Simplify workshops! i need the time management workshop to figure out all these to do lists and what i should be doing in my day to day routines!!

  62. Stacey says:

    Paperwork is my nemesis! I just moved and have boxes of papers everywhere. I’m not sure what to throw out and what to keep, and how to organize the ‘keep’ pile.

  63. lynzee says:

    I’m in a weird position… I live in a townhouse with 3 other girls… so pretty much I’m just living out of my room— my linens, my dvds, books, coats— even food and laundry detergent that I don’t want my roommates getting into, all the things that most people would spread though an entire apartment alone, I have to cram into one room. AND I’m a nester— I’m saving all these things (linens, towels, dinnerwear) because I know one day I WILL have my own place and have space and need for all these things… but until then, I desperately need to learn how to make the best use of my space (and probably get RID of some of the things I have been hanging onto.

    I currently have EMPTY drawers. EMPTY! Just because I don’t know what’s the best way to use them… so things end up on my desk, floor, bed because I can’t commit to an organizational system. C’mon, pick me! :D

  64. Elaine says:

    Papers, papers, papers. Do they ever disappear?! And what to do with overflow/off-season items. Help!

  65. Jeannene says:

    My challenge is my desk. I want it to look elegant, organized and stylish. But trying to achive this is extremely difficult. I need help organizing the daily papers that come from home, children and business.

  66. Saundra says:

    I could use a lot of organizational help. My office/sewing/craft room and closet are in total chaos. Trying to mesh all three into some sort of organization seems overwhelming and I just shut the door. Would love to receive the help.

  67. Betty says:

    I need help with my kitchen! I don’t have a pantry and I have stuff everywhere.

  68. kenia says:

    Ugghhhh just thinking about clutter gives me a headache and gets me in a bad mood. My biggest challenge is our office. We have tons of papers, boxes and office supplies everywhere. I definitely need the help.

  69. Ami Ponzo says:

    I loooove to organize and still have to 2 spots that are just my nemesis. The tray by the phone in the kitchen where all the kids school/sports papers get piled and my small office desk where I work from home. 2011 is my year to change that!

  70. Andrea S. says:

    Paper is definitely the challenge, especially with my daughter having just entered school! Would love that workshop, but I have to admit, I am also very interested in the “Achieving Goals” workshop … what a great area to focus on!

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  72. Elise says:

    My junk drawer and pantry need some serious HELP!!! I would LOVE to take one of these workshops!!

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