Winners & Water Spots

October 6, 2010

Hello hello hello, I’ve got some winners of the two latest giveaways to announce.

Modern Bird Studios Winner

#562  Carrie of SewVeryCarrie  

True Value Hardware Winners:

#28 Katie at ConsumerKatiesComments

"I just bought my first house!!! I have several projects planned: including painting, trim, molding, hardware, etc. Right now I can only afford a few small things. I’m going to be moving from my apartment and I can’t wait to actually be able to put paint on the walls!"

#101 Shannon who wrote:

"We are working on our bathroom right now and could definitely use the money for refinishing our cabinets, new sinks, hardware and tile! Thanks so much!"

 swirl snip

And on a totally random and unrelated topic, I have a little tip to share!  Ever make the mistake I made last week by leaving a water ring or spot on a piece of lovely *antique* or wood furniture?  Here’s a trick I use to make the water stain boo boo go bye bye. 

The Mayo Trick:

1) Don’t panic 2) Apply a coat of mayonnaise to the stain, leave for at least four hours, preferably overnight. 3) Wipe away the next day, there should be no trace of the stain.

mayo trick

Keep it in your bag of tricks and impress your friends at parties.  *Wink*





33 Responses to “Winners & Water Spots”

  1. this is a great tip. my old table used to get these marks all of the time. i will definitely remember this for the future. thanks!

  2. Allison says:

    Congratulations to the winners! Great tip with the mayo. Wow! Amazing results.

  3. Suzan says:

    Darn! I wish I had known that 2 weeks ago. I was sure the top of my buffet was ruined so I started stripping the finish! I haven’t finished yet since it was so wet here and I could not have the windows open. I love Formby’s but the fumes will knock you out. Mayo would have been so much easier – and not toxic!

  4. Wow I’ve heard about the mayo trick but never seen it done. It really does work.

  5. Mayo!? Wth? That’s crazy. I wonder why that works. And who was the first weirdo to try it. Hehe

  6. WHAT THE HECK?! How does that mayo trick work??? Love it!

  7. Sara says:

    Ah! My husband leaves coffee cups all over the place all.the.time which leave rings on our furniture. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. anh says:

    omg i have never heard of this trick! thanks for sharing CG!

  9. CentsationalGirl says:

    Liz, I’m with you! Who’s the first to ever think “I just wonder what condiment could solve this dilemma?”. I’ve used it several times and it works!

  10. That is so helpful to know about the mayo trick!

  11. Nadir@StitchSense says:

    Oh my gosh, what a great tip! Do you think it would work on old water ring stains too or is it just for the “fresh” ones?

  12. Cass says:

    This is nuts but I love at home remedies so it is worth a try. Thanks for the awesome tip!

  13. Ro says:

    This is making me crack up. My Mom has this problem on several of the antiques in her guest room- my little brother recently moved back home. He had all ikea furniture- not used to using coasters. Why so funny? SHE HATES MAYO- the smell- the look everything makes her Gag! wait til I tell her whats going to fix her waterstain problem Muauauauauauauaauhhhhh(thats my evil laugh)


  14. Katie says:

    Ok – i’m trying the water ring trick right now. This ring has been there for a few months now, b/c I didn’t know how to fix it, so I’m kind of hoping for a miracle. I used cork coasters on our Brand Spankin’ New dining table and they LEAKED! Left me with a huge water spot under one of them. If this works on that – I’m flying across country to give you a big hug! Ok, maybe not really. That’d be a little weird. But I’ll at least comment back with a huge thank you!

  15. Alyssa says:

    Congrats to the winners! And wow, what a tip! Thanks for sharing it.

  16. Nadier and Katie ~ I have used this trick with fresh water rings with great success. One time I refinished a dresser with old water stains and it lifted them about 75% but not all the way. I restained it anyway so it was fine, but I’m curious to know if it works on old rings and spots. Let me know how it goes !

  17. Sue says:

    I read about the mayo trick when I was trying to find a way to get the heat stain off my new table. I’m glad to know it works. You might want to stop by my post from yesterday to see the “magic” that happened on my table. It is another interesting fix it!

  18. Allison H says:

    I tried this last night on a ring over 2 yrs old and a large water spill (thanks to the hub leaving a leaking camelback on the table after a bike ride)… we put on the mayo before bed and this morning we had a very significant improvement. I wish I had before and after photos but I didn’t think about taking pictures until I put the mayo on.

  19. Oh my goodness, I had no idea about this tip, despite my Southern upbringing that included mayo in almost every meal! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. I am seriously impressed! Wow! What a handy tip!

  21. Carrie says:

    Great tip on the mayo…I remember my Grandmother using it!

    SOOO excited to have won the Modern Bird Studios giveaway!

    Thank you so much, I dropped you an email, can’t wait to pick a photo for them to use.

  22. I tried the mayo trick this week. No luck. My spot was several years old and it the wood species it was on had some raised grain. The water stain went from whitish to darker than the normal wood tone. I realized after I was done that the top layer of the grain was broken off from the original water spill. Will remember the mayo for future needs on a different species of wood.

  23. Rebekah says:

    I found this on Pinterest and love it!

  24. Krista says:

    I’ve also heard that putting a piece of fabric over the water ring and then a warm (maybe hot) iron across it a time or two works? Iron supposedly pulls the water out of the wood. Never tried this but planning to until I read about the mayo.

  25. martha says:

    Some old versions call for mixing mayo with a little wood ash – slight abrasive, maybe? I know these old remedies because I’m old.

  26. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the great tip! I’ve got a watermark on a nightstand that needs fixing! I would love to post this tip on my blog with complete credit and link back to you. I hope you don’t mind. If so, email and let me know. Love it!

  27. MotherGoose says:

    Rub the mayo on, then blowdry with a medium heat dryer. Stain disappears within minutes. After it’s gone, wipe off the mayo.

  28. Lauren says:

    I’ve also used toothpaste. It works pretty well.

  29. Kristin says:

    EEKS! Make sure that the wood you put mayo on is the same color as pictured! I put mayo on some lighter wood stains and they really darkened the stains. Oops!

  30. Robin says:

    I had the same problem from a cold bowl I put directly on my hutch at Thanksgiving. The condensation left a white circle. Put the concentrator attachment on my hairdryer and held the nozzle close to the circle. It took a few minutes, but I couldn’t believe it as the circle just seemed to disappear from the outside to the center. :Poof: It’s gone (and this was on pretty dark wood!)

  31. gustywind says:

    I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, works really well, with lots of elbow grease. Love the mayo tick.
    Thank you!

  32. Alissa says:

    Used the mayo tip on a Canadian white oak dresser top; at first it seemed to be working somewhat, so I left it on overnight and it made it worse. The ring is now darker than the wood color and some new ones have appeared…ugh! Any suggestions for my new dilemma??

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