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October 24, 2010

Greetings lovelies!  I do hope you all had a fabulous fall weekend.  It was pouring down rain all weekend around here, so the paint on my lovely credenza is still drying due to cold temperatures.  I soooo wanted to get all my files organized this weekend, but it was not meant to be.  My office is a straight up disaster zone, so I’ve got absolutely nothing for ya!  But who cares about that because today is all about YOU!

It’s time for the ‘Mom Cave’ Link Party, sponsored by HomeGoods!  The top prize is a $250 gift card to HomeGoods, and there will also be four runners up, each winning their own $50 gift card to HomeGoods.

mom cave contest

Here’s how to enter:

Write up a post* under 200 words in one of the two categories below with images of your space, and link your post to this party to be eligible.

A) Describe your ‘Mom Cave’ and get creative!  It can be your home office, your craft corner or closet, your reading nook, your vanity, or your favorite getaway spot.  Wherever it is that YOU take time to recharge, create, get organized, or just relax.  Why is it special to you?   How does your existing ‘Mom Cave’ help you stay organized, unwind, or simply be a better Mom?

B) OR, answer this question in your post:  How would a $250 gift card help you create your own ‘Mom Cave’?  Don’t forget a picture!

*If you do not have a blog, please submit your written entry (with at least 1 picture) to [email protected] on or before October 26th by 11p.m PST.

swirl snip

Link party will close at midnight PST on Tuesday October 26th.  Top prize winner ($250 gift card to HomeGoods) will be chosen by vote by the panel of judges, which includes myself, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, and Layla from The Lettered Cottage.  Four runners up ($50 gift card) also selected by vote by three judges on the panel.

Thanks for participating, and good luck to you!

Oh, before I forget, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting another ‘Mom Cave’ link party next week, so there are more chances to win on November 1st!  Details here.


50 Responses to “HomeGoods ‘Mom Cave’ Contest”

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to see all of the caves!

  2. Roberta says:

    Wow…Kate I was working on my post to get it loaded for tomorrow…cause we’ll be traveling for work…and saw the link come up for the parte ;) I’ve got a BIG dream for doing over my closet and attic for my ultimate dream cave…a girl’s got to have big dreams…right? Trying to stay under 100 words was tough but I did it ;) Thanks for such a fun party and looking forward to seeing what everyone else’s dreams are all about. Fondly, Roberta

  3. Janell Beals says:

    I will stop back tomorrow to see what has been linked up, fun! And wouldn’t I love a “Mom Cave”, a space all to myself! (Though some people in my house might argue the house as a whole is my cave…)

  4. CentsationalGirl says:

    Too funny Janell, when I told my hub about this contest he said, “Isn’t the whole house the Mom Cave?” In many homes, I bet he’s right. Come to think of it, maybe mine too . . .

  5. Kate, thanks for hosting this party. The last one was so fun. Can’t wait to see everyone’s spaces- and yours too, when it’s ready:)

  6. oh, and I agree with Roberta that it was hard to stay under 100 words, who knew I was so wordy?! My first draft was, like, 350 words!

  7. CentsationalGirl says:

    I know Roberta and Megan, I felt 100 words was a little restrictive, so I expanded it to “under 200 words” so feel free to get a little more verbose! I won’t be reading until after the contest closes!

  8. Natasha says:

    I am laughing at the comment made by your hubby-he says exactly the same thing!

    Thanks for having me today. I wish I could enter the contest but we don’t have that store over here. I just wanted to join in and have fun looking at everyone else’s’ Mom Caves!

    Best wishes,

  9. Natasha says:

    I didn’t proof read my comment very well…my hubby says exactly the same thing as your hubby is what I should have written!

  10. Skooks says:

    Have very much been looking forward to your Mom Cave party since you first announced it. I used to only have a corner of the living room, but since I recently moved and for the first time since I’ve been married I have a room all to myself . . . it’s the best! Looking forward to seeing all the other Mom Caves out there. :) Thanks for hosting!

  11. Thanks for hosting! I’ve been so excited about this project. Apparently I am wordy b/c my first draft was 300+ words. Finally got it narrowed down to 200. I would have never made 100 – whew! :) Can’t wait to look @ the other projects.

    P.S. My husband had the same response as above to the Mom Cave idea…

  12. DogsMom says:

    I read the original rules limiting us to 100 words as well. If I had reread and knew we had an extra 100 words my post would have been twice as long.
    Probably a good thing you did not tell me.
    Good luck to all those deserving moms.

  13. Richella says:

    Thank you so much, Kate, for hosting such a fun party! I’m looking forward to seeing the Mom spaces. It’s hard for me to imagine that your office is a disaster zone, though!

  14. Well I am not a mom….just a very cool aunty….so I have no mom cave! But I just wanted to say I love the idea! Love HOMEGOODS! And I LOVE that green lamp in that image!

  15. Sandra says:

    I’ve been working so hard to finish my “Mom Cave” for this party. I didn’t quite make it but Oh well, I joined anyway. Thanks so much for hosting. I can’t wait to see all the other rooms and get some inspiration and ideas.

  16. SheilaG says:

    Just sent an email since I don’t have a blog. Love looking at all these cozy spots! :)

  17. Victoria says:

    I love these! What great ideas and stories.

  18. Kim says:

    Thanks for hosting Kate. This would have been a fun party w/o the Home Goods giveaway–that only sweetens the pot (or cave).

  19. Rugger says:

    I’ve been looking at some of the links and the mom caves or the would be mom caves and I think this is a great idea! I’m really impressed with the work shown thus far and the requests. I can’t wait to see more. I’m going to go back and look at each and every entry/link. Great inspiration!!

  20. Centsational Girl says:

    Quite frankly, the 100 word limit was too restrictive so I made it under 200 words. Feel free to modify your post and get more descriptive, we won’t be judging them until after the contest closes. My apologies for any inconveniece.

  21. I’m interested to hear if us Canadians can enter to win too, although I’ll probably play along either way.

  22. Jacki says:

    I thought the contest is only for mothers?

  23. Roberta says:

    Ahh…thanks Kate for allowing extra words…I’ve been on the road for work all day and just now getting back to everyone’s posts. I’ll leave mine as it is…sometimes the least said the better..right? Thanks a bunch, fondly, Roberta

  24. There are some beautiful “mom caves” here…


  25. Kelsee says:

    Ok, I’m looking at all of these awesome, wonderful, incredible places and I’m thinking to myself, “Do my kids really need their own rooms? Or can I boot one out and make my own Mom Cave?” Sadly, no, I cannot boot one out. So jealous of all the ladies with their own places. I can just dream and hope that one day I will have somewhere to put all my junk. Lol

  26. I’m all linked up! (Took me a few tries b/c it wouldn’t take the first picture I picked out) Thanks so much for hosting, Kate. :) It was fun to try to get it down to 200 words. I managed to do it exactly! Will be around to visit after our trip to the pumpkin patch this morning!

  27. Thank you for the fun link party, Kate! It was a great kick-in-the-booty for me to look honestly at my space. I’ve been so busy making over everyone else’s space, I’ve neglected mine. But isn’t that what moms do?! :)

    Thanks again, it’s fun checking out everyone else’s space!
    xo, cass

  28. Teri says:

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks for hosting this! Looking forward to my afternoon when I can browse through all of the other Mom Caves!

  29. Shanalea says:

    Holy Cow!! I would love to redo a closet that hosts all my craft supplies. It is currently in my 2 youngest sons’ room and I would love to give them some space as well as keep my things in a tidy place.

  30. Marla says:

    Um…can’t locate the camera this minute (don’t think I packed it in a moving box!?!), but moving into in-law’s house (they retired to a senior high-rise community), so have ‘scoped’ a Mom Cave location by the window, built-in bookcase, and hearth.

    In this little corner of the world I will place my fav chair-n-a-half ~ where my little one and I spend time in books, dreams, and looking out at squirrels, birds, butterflys.
    Included, a lovely sidechest ~ enveloping paper, crayons, books, a few cuddle toys, cd’s, lovely stationary, and a life-changing devotional book.
    Atop the chest, my Bible, a fav coffeerest for my mother’s teacup & saucer (lovely memories), one of her graceful lamps, a small vase for fresh flowers from our yard, and my little ‘boombox’. During the Autumn & Winter a little candle too, for warmth.
    All of my senses will be engaged to enjoy the moment, the simplicity of ‘being’…

  31. Roberta says:

    It’s me again Kate ;) Have a few minutes so I updated my post to include better links and description of the contest for those reading my blog…and took advantage of the additional words. Thanks again, fondly, Roberta

  32. kate blue says:

    great looks at all the “caves”…some of you already have some great spaces! Great inspiration :) My husband’s office looks like Ballard Designs, all coordinated and matching and NEAT while my space is lacking…kinda weird since he only uses it 2 days a week huh??? We ladies need to reclaim some space! My space now USED to be a playroom/toyroom, but we made kids de-clutter and downsize and put their toys in their own bedrooms. Made them make-do with less and they like it much better.

  33. Brook says:

    The 200 word limit almost killed me since I LOVE to talk and talk. But I did it. 195! Love looking at all the other Mom spaces.

  34. Denise Stark says:

    Oh, can I have an “Auntie Cave”? I so need to boot my husband out of our office and make it my place-sewing machine always ready to go, beautiful reading chair with a cute table and light next to it and a place to shut the door so I do not have to hear Poker After Dark playing on the TV…..sigh…..

  35. I am loving checking out everyone’s space. Inspiration overload! Thanks for this contest.

  36. Katie says:

    well…it looks like I have a couple more hours to enter, but for some reason the actual linky isn’t showing up. i’m in central time zone and it is only 9:15 here…did it close early perhaps? I guess i’ll go ahead and email my pics. Thanks!

  37. Samantha says:

    Oh, I came back to look at the newest entries and I can’t seem to see them. Is it just me?

  38. P.S. Its not midnight PST yet so am don’t think it would be down, plus I can’t see the other entries.

  39. Kimberly says:

    Where’d they all go? I only got through the first 20 or so ;) I can’t wait to see the rest!

  40. Yay!! The link is working again and I got to post my entry just in time! Thank so much Kate for hosting this fabulous party! I am anxious to go check out all the Mom caves, looks like some wonderful spaces!


  41. OH No!!!! I worked hard on meeting the deadline until my husband tells me that the 26th was yesterday. I am trying to get it up tonight!

    Oh well… Good luck to all the rest!

    My post is up here:

    A warm hug to you, Kate.

    ox, Mon

  42. Marisol Bonilla says:

    Oh so look forward to the reveal of who is the lucky mom with her Mom Cave well we all need one just a place to unwind even if for a few minutes…

  43. erika fajardo says:

    This is my old house where I had a big room for arts and craft!

  44. As much as I’m over here, how did I miss this????

  45. ShantyGirl says:

    Good luck to all the participants, I missed this…………..I did not get linked but I am linked to Between Naps On the Porch.

    I hope you come by my place to take a look at my cherry cola pink childs playroom totally renovated to a Parisian Flat MOM CAVE..


  46. Oh, I came back to look at the newest entries and I can’t seem to see them. Is it just me?

  47. […] very big thanks to all the ladies who sent in their submission for the HomeGoods ‘Mom Cave’ contest, via email or by linking to the party.  Let me tell you, it was excruciating, and I mean […]

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