Laundry Room Reveal

May 24, 2010

There are three reasons I’ve never liked our laundry room.

One.  The original contractor/builder of our house picked out the cabinets when this honey tone wood was still popular last decade. They’re very good quality cabinets, but I have not been fond of the color for, oh, ever.

Two.  One of the cabinets in our laundry room housed our very old indoor cat’s litter box.  Sadly, we had to have our kitty put down a few months ago due to severe illness, but the good news is the cat box odor has finally left the premises.

Three.  Laundry is my least favorite household task.  I confess I do love the smell of fresh clean laundry, I just never wanted to be in the laundry room for reasons One and Two, and I so I would get lazy with this chore and tend to put it off until it got out of control.

I am happy to say I no longer have those excuses because of this new and improved space!  Here’s what the room looked like last week.  Pretty bland, right ?


laundry room before left side


But here is my laundry room now !

 cg laundry room after

Oooh la la, I am so in love !!!

I think I will really enjoy doing laundry from now on !

A year ago, the room was even worse !  We had these hand me down machines that were really old.

washer 3


We’d already had them repaired too many times.   When the washer’s motor burnt out for the second time in six months we finally had to break the bad news to the washer – hit the curb loser !   Then we sold this dryer on Craigslist for $50 bucks.

We decided to invest in some front loaders and totally scored because my dad worked for GE so he hooked us up with a GE Profile washer and dryer at a discount price.

Can you say happy dance ?

Hello you two gorgeous machines.

cg washer and dryer


These machines are totally amazing compared to their predecessors.  The washer uses like three or maybe four drops of water to clean an entire load, and then the dryer reads the washer’s mind and knows just how much time to dry based on weight.  They are so wicked smart and efficient, it kills me.

I have only one criticism.   They really need to have little robot arms so that I could just hand the clothes to them and they’d do it all for me:  wash, dry and fold.  Could someone really smart invent that please ?  Little robot arms on washers and dryers ?   I’ll buy !

The inspiration for the colors in here was my tiny collection of sea glass.  I love the blues, greens, and whites together so I used those shades for all the colors in here.

cg lonely socks and seaglass


Do you love that basket for all the single socks ?

Here’s the mate that holds soap, bleach and softener.

 cg fresh and clean shelf

Upper Cabinets Before:

 upper cabinets before

And After:

cg laundry room upper cabinets after

swirl snip

More Blah Before:

lower cabinets before

Aahh After !

cg lower cabinets


These white laminate countertops are in perfect shape, so I saw no need to replace them.  I actually like neutral laminate countertops with a rounded edge.  Really, I do !  They’re so easy to clean and no grout lines !

laminate laundry room counterops


The drying rack I built last summer is still in here.

I use it all the time  for delicate garments.

cg drying rack


I couldn’t find any art I liked, so then I found these zinnia like stepping stones, spray painted them, and hung them on the wall.

cg drying rack and stepping stones

Just pretty and playful enough to motivate me !

I love how the floral stepping stones play off the fabric in this shade.  I absolutely adore this fabric and the grosgrain ribbon trim – all the colors that are perfect for this space.   I’ll publish the ‘how to’ on the shade soon !

cg flat fold shade

Oh yes I did hang a flirty chandelier in my laundry room.

I know for a fact its presence will make folding clothes less mundane.

cg chandelier in laundry room


So there’s the grand tour of my 8’ x 8’ new and improved laundry room !

cg room after

Next time, I’ll give the full breakdown on all the projects that went into this makeover, including paint colors and a source guide on all the extras . . .

cg white towels and plant

. . . meanwhile I’m off to find more things to wash !


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208 Responses to “Laundry Room Reveal”

  1. Pam in Colorado says:

    Beautiful. Beautiful!!

  2. Joni says:

    What a happy laundry room! Well done. Well done!

  3. Deneece Littin says:

    This is abolutely wonderful! I am definitely consdidering the drying rack. I have been looking at them for a long time. Like you the price was prohibative.
    Thank you for sharing! Deneece

  4. Heather J says:

    Where did you get the zinnia stepping stones?

  5. CentsationalGirl says:

    At a local shop Heather, I haven’t been able to source them online, so sorry!

  6. Corinne says:

    Lovely! I am in the process of turning my laundry room to a beach oasis as well. We had the same color builder cabinets and want them white. How did you paint them?

  7. Liz says:

    Looks awesome! I love the chandelier, and my mom puts the single socks in the “Orphan Sock Bin”. Now I use that term at my house :)

  8. Annie says:

    Hi Kate. Do you remember where you purchased the fabric? I LOVE it!!

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