Laundry Room Reveal

May 24, 2010

There are three reasons I’ve never liked our laundry room.

One.  The original contractor/builder of our house picked out the cabinets when this honey tone wood was still popular last decade. They’re very good quality cabinets, but I have not been fond of the color for, oh, ever.

Two.  One of the cabinets in our laundry room housed our very old indoor cat’s litter box.  Sadly, we had to have our kitty put down a few months ago due to severe illness, but the good news is the cat box odor has finally left the premises.

Three.  Laundry is my least favorite household task.  I confess I do love the smell of fresh clean laundry, I just never wanted to be in the laundry room for reasons One and Two, and I so I would get lazy with this chore and tend to put it off until it got out of control.

I am happy to say I no longer have those excuses because of this new and improved space!  Here’s what the room looked like last week.  Pretty bland, right ?


laundry room before left side


But here is my laundry room now !

 cg laundry room after

Oooh la la, I am so in love !!!

I think I will really enjoy doing laundry from now on !

A year ago, the room was even worse !  We had these hand me down machines that were really old.

washer 3


We’d already had them repaired too many times.   When the washer’s motor burnt out for the second time in six months we finally had to break the bad news to the washer – hit the curb loser !   Then we sold this dryer on Craigslist for $50 bucks.

We decided to invest in some front loaders and totally scored because my dad worked for GE so he hooked us up with a GE Profile washer and dryer at a discount price.

Can you say happy dance ?

Hello you two gorgeous machines.

cg washer and dryer


These machines are totally amazing compared to their predecessors.  The washer uses like three or maybe four drops of water to clean an entire load, and then the dryer reads the washer’s mind and knows just how much time to dry based on weight.  They are so wicked smart and efficient, it kills me.

I have only one criticism.   They really need to have little robot arms so that I could just hand the clothes to them and they’d do it all for me:  wash, dry and fold.  Could someone really smart invent that please ?  Little robot arms on washers and dryers ?   I’ll buy !

The inspiration for the colors in here was my tiny collection of sea glass.  I love the blues, greens, and whites together so I used those shades for all the colors in here.

cg lonely socks and seaglass


Do you love that basket for all the single socks ?

Here’s the mate that holds soap, bleach and softener.

 cg fresh and clean shelf

Upper Cabinets Before:

 upper cabinets before

And After:

cg laundry room upper cabinets after

swirl snip

More Blah Before:

lower cabinets before

Aahh After !

cg lower cabinets


These white laminate countertops are in perfect shape, so I saw no need to replace them.  I actually like neutral laminate countertops with a rounded edge.  Really, I do !  They’re so easy to clean and no grout lines !

laminate laundry room counterops


The drying rack I built last summer is still in here.

I use it all the time  for delicate garments.

cg drying rack


I couldn’t find any art I liked, so then I found these zinnia like stepping stones, spray painted them, and hung them on the wall.

cg drying rack and stepping stones

Just pretty and playful enough to motivate me !

I love how the floral stepping stones play off the fabric in this shade.  I absolutely adore this fabric and the grosgrain ribbon trim – all the colors that are perfect for this space.   I’ll publish the ‘how to’ on the shade soon !

cg flat fold shade

Oh yes I did hang a flirty chandelier in my laundry room.

I know for a fact its presence will make folding clothes less mundane.

cg chandelier in laundry room


So there’s the grand tour of my 8’ x 8’ new and improved laundry room !

cg room after

Next time, I’ll give the full breakdown on all the projects that went into this makeover, including paint colors and a source guide on all the extras . . .

cg white towels and plant

. . . meanwhile I’m off to find more things to wash !



208 Responses to “Laundry Room Reveal”

  1. Meeks says:

    Can I come and do my laundry at your house!!
    Beautiful! Well done!

  2. Love love love it! The colors are perfect and I love the details you picked out (the chandi is too cute!) But my favorite thing is the shelf you built above your machines and under the cabinets – we just got new high efficiency ones and it has made the tiny wire shelf up above them totally unusable because I can’t reach it now with the height of the machine! But your shelf is perfect for using that wasted space. Love it!

  3. Never thought that doing the laundry could be so inspiring. Unfortunately my laundry “room” is a hallway closet so there is not a lot I can do with that :))

  4. Christine says:

    Beautiful! I am inspired to redo my laundry room…however a much more daunting task as I’m working with an unfinished basement. You’ve done a wonderful job!

  5. I just can say: It is gorgeous !!! Can I live in your laundry room :P

  6. Wow! It’s beautiful! I have a rental town home with a washer at the end of one hallway and the dryer on the other side of a door in said hallway…wonder how I could spruce that up!

  7. JenM says:

    I absolutely love it! It looks amazing! Well done.

  8. Zena says:

    Love your makeover, the blues are so very soothing, making laundry a relaxing activity… kinda.

  9. What a great makeover! It looks so bright and pretty, now. Gorgeous!

  10. Lori H says:

    I love your laundry room! It inspires me to do something with my outdated one. My washer and dryer are 20 years old this month (shhh, they need to last a little longer. Daughter goes to college this fall!). But I am definately going with front loaders when I have to get new.

  11. Nice fresh changes! So what is the little cabinet across from the beast machines….could that house the robot arms??

  12. Pudel-design says:

    Oh i love this room! You have done a nice work!!!
    It`s so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I have to start a make over in my laundry rooom right now! ;)

  13. Caitlin says:

    WOW oh WOW!!! this is awesome! omg its beautiful!!! I love the lonely socks basket! And I love the molding you added at the top of the cabinets!!!!! fabulous!

  14. Tasha says:

    Gorgeous! I am in the process of pimping my 8×8 laundry room, too — hope it turns out half as lovely as yours.

  15. Heidi says:

    I LOVE this! My favorite part is the chandelier. I always have laundry room envy when I see people who have ginormous laundry/mudrooms-but you did so much with the space you have-you totally inspired me. I hear you on the litter box-we have 3 indoor cats-so the laundry room is never the pristine, clean-laundry-smelling spot I would like!

  16. Laurie-Jean says:

    I hope it has a lock on the inside of the room so you can spend some undisturbed quality time in your new laundry spa. The tranquil colors that accent the room are a perfect choice! How lucky are you to have a window in your laundry room!!!

  17. deborah says:

    Oh, my goodness! You do so inspire me! I love your energy and enthusiasm, not to mention your laundry room!

  18. I love every inch of it!!!! My favorite household chore is laundry too…I would love this laundry room in my house!! Wow. Just Wow!

  19. Lori says:

    WOW! That room would actually make me feel like doing laundry. GREAT JOB! Lori

  20. Gina says:

    Sign me up, I want to do laundry at your house! You did an amazing job.

  21. Shaunna says:

    I LOVE it! I’m a sucker for the colors of the sea, so this was right up my alley. I do love the drying rack too…I’ll have to go read how you did that. Aahh, this makes me want to redo the laundry room! No time for that just yet, though. Have a great day!

  22. Megan says:

    What a difference paint makes! I’m loving the shelf above your machines and your chandelier! Is that a bench in there? What do you store in there? Recently I redid my laundry and it does make it so much easier to do that ugly job when your room is fun!

  23. denise says:

    gorg!!! love the blues and the chandi!

  24. Fantastic! What a great makeover! Laundry rooms should look fresh & clean – just like clothes that come out of the dryer! …and of course I love the blue & green- my favorite color combination!

  25. Julie says:

    Gorgeous room! Laundry is my least favorite task…and with 6 of us, there is always a load to do. I need to put some time into making mine pretty!

  26. Chris says:

    I’m in love! While I hate doing laundry, I just love a good laundry room! You knocked it out of the park. Oh…I wanna be first on your contact list when you get a hold of those robot arms. :)

  27. monica says:

    geez i wish my laundry room looked like that!

  28. Robyn says:

    I can never get enough of Before and After pictures and Wow! what a transformation. I’m LOVING your chandelier. Very chic!

  29. Julie says:

    I love a good chandelier anywhere. Even in a laundry room! Great job!

  30. Wow! I love it! I love how relaxing, light and airy my laundry room is. It makes doing laundry no-so-overwhelming.

  31. Polly says:

    That turned out so nice. It looks truly custom, and you did a great job on it. I think I’ll find your tutorial on the drying rack and make one of those for my laundry room. The makeover is amazing.

  32. Amy says:

    Can I be jealous of a laundry room???? I find myself head over heals in love ….. You did a fabulous job…. I have to say the chandelier is the icing on the cake! Love you colors scheme as well. Enjoy it!

  33. WOW! I’ve been thinking about painting my cabinets white (they are the same color as your “before” picture) and I think you’ve sold me! Can you tell us a little bit more about how you painted the cabinets? Did you use a sealer? A brush? Can you come over and help me paint mine? :)

  34. What a beautiful makeover…love the new washer and dryer!!!

  35. beth anne says:

    i wouldnt want to do laundry there because id be afraid to mess it up!

  36. Jen says:

    Ooh la la! Can you believe my entire kitchen is not much bigger than your laundry room? Lol! Nicely done! Love the chandelier :)

  37. You did such a nice job on this room, as usual! It really puts me in the mood to get on the ball with my laundry “room”. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Woweee! I love your laundry room! Everything looks stunning! I need to work on mine!

  39. Angie Pitre says:

    Your new laundry room looks absolutely divine!! Great color inspiration from the sea glass. I love the chandelier and the fabric on the window….it makes the room look so very pretty! Amazing job in making your space a fabulous place! xo

  40. Jaimie says:

    I love that you posted this. I am always looking for laundry rooms on decor websites/blogs, because I’m still trying to figure out what to do with ours, and they seem to be one of those ‘forgotten’ spaces no one cares about, maybe because half the time they are in the garage.

    I like the beachy colors you picked out, and that it would be easy enough to switch out them out with something else if you eventually get bored of it. Lovely, as always.

  41. Sarah says:

    This makeover is so beautiful. The punch of blues and greens gives the space some “umph”. But my fav elements are the chandelier and shade! I’m looking forward to the how-to on the shade…

  42. Jamilyn says:

    Your laundry room is fantastic! I would love to have one just like it. Mine is in the basement in an unfinished part….not very inspiring to do laundry in! Enjoy it!

  43. Elizabeth says:

    I love it! You’ve totally motivated me to tackle my own… Thank You! I also love the turquoise blue… and the window treatment. Did you make this or was it store bought?

  44. Janell Beals says:

    Fabulous, the painted cabinetry makes all the difference!! And you have a widow! Love the turquoise accents! Janell

  45. kiende says:

    This is such a lovely laundry room. What an extra motivation for completing laundry.

  46. ButterYum says:

    Fantabulous! I really like all the changes you made – most importantly, painting those cabinets!!!

    Congrats on a job very well done!


  47. Katie (Refresh design studio) says:

    Seriously love it! You do such great work. I love how fresh and clean it looks. Much better than my dungeon of a laundr room

  48. Laura says:

    Laundry room envy here, mine is in the unfinished part of our basement, yuck. Love, love, love the Lonely Sock basket!!! I was just searching for sock mates this weekend and gave up in frustration. Could the robot tell us where the missing socks go too?

  49. claire says:

    gorgeous!! that would make me more inclined to do laundry too!!

  50. Gawww-jus, Kate!!! What a fantastic job on remaking that room. I love, love it all, the colors are so fresh. The WT fabric is extra yummy too. :)

    That’s one of the first spaces I redid when we moved in 4 years ago & I had so much fun taking my plain white box of a room to a whole new level & I still love my lime green LR.

  51. jan says:

    looks fantastic!

  52. Kimberlee says:

    I am in love with your Laundry Room. Your “Lonely Socks” basket made my morning. Thank you!

  53. Painting those cabinets made all the difference! I love that little blue edge you put on the front of the shelf. It’s a little detail that made a big impact. It all looks so fresh!

  54. just beautiful!! so bright and airy, now!
    and i must add that i am unbelievably jealous of your space – we have the TINIEST laundry room ever, hence the reason our clean laundry is always piled up on our living room sofa.

  55. Rebekah says:

    I have those exact cabinets in my kitchen. Every once in a while I entertain the possibility of painting them…. right now is one of those whiles. I’m so jealous of you lucky homeowners who have an actual LAUNDRY ROOM. All we have is a tiny closet in the guest bath. How I loathe that tiny closet! But it can’t be helped. I’ll just have to close my eyes (figuratively) and pretend I’m in your lovely, lovely laundry from now own. :)

  56. This is amazing will you come and makeover mine now? I would do laundry all day in that room :)

  57. shauna says:

    Looks great…Can you post how you made the delicate drying rack? I’m sure it’s very simple…but I need directions. This room makes me want to get a new washer and dryer…redo my laundry room and go to the beach….because of the beautiful colors.

  58. I love this COLOR ! Really makes you want to just be in this room and do laundry all day !!
    Thanks for the picture :)-

  59. Amber Polk says:

    It looks amazing! I want a drying rack like that and those curtains! I can’t wait til you give a tutorial on them. It really looks beautiful.

  60. Clunk. That’s me falling on the floor. I love it! The teal rug and window valance really took it over the top. Gorgeous!

  61. pamela says:

    Oh, Kate, you did it again!!! So fresh and clean and beautiful!! You are amazing, and quite the talented one!! What a joy it would be to do laundry in that room!! Love, Pam

  62. This looks great!! So refreshing and bright :-) I’ll bet it makes doing laundry… easier??

  63. It’s so, so lovely and pretty now! I love the zinnia stepping stones too–fab idea!

  64. Monique says:

    Wonderful Job!

    I love the trim you added to the uppers. A perfect touch. I can’t wait for the steps to create that shade. Wow! This truly is inspirational.. I think I’m going to go grab a brush right now! :)

  65. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the beachy feel of the room. Makes you think you’ve taken a vacation…to do your laundry. :) I love all the cabinets and shelves. I have to find a way to work around my water heater, breaker box and an ill-positioned window to create a laundry vacation spot in my house…but I’m determined to do it. Thanks for another inspiring post!!!

  66. You never cease to amaze me. I LOVE your laundry room! You did such an amazing job. I am still dreaming about a washer and dryer set like yours, one day. ;)

    I love all of the colors you chose and that drapery valance fabric is so pretty! I love those stepping stones!

    Enjoy your new laundry room!


  67. I’m so jealous. My ‘laundry room’ is in the corner of our garage. I usually have to crawl over my hubby’s welder, tubing bender, scrap metal and a ’48 Ford truck cab just to get to the washing machine. No wonder I hate laundry as much as you did. Hopefully someday I’ll have an 8×8 to decorate. Btw, I just realized our master bath is 8×5…seriously, what were they thinking when they built this house???

  68. Lady Hatch says:

    I LOVE the lonely sock bin, I will definately be implementing the idea asap! You did an amazing job, I want to hang out in your laundry room!

    Lady Hatch

  69. Oh I could so be inspired to do laundry in this room! Well done.

  70. Love it!! I would want to do laundry all the time now too!

  71. This is just beautiful, Kate! I am really interested to hear about the cabinet painting. I’m still hunkering to have my oak kitchen cabinets painted, but I’m dreading removing doors and drawers to do it. Maybe I’ll feel more inclined after reading your post on that! Love the shade and its fabric, too.

  72. Katherine says:

    I love the chandelier!! – where did you buy that beauty??

  73. I think I would like to just come and sit in your laundry room. It is THAT pretty! ;) Only Centsational Girl could make laundry look like fun. Can’t wait to see how you made that fab shade! Two thumbs up, friend!

  74. Nadir@hodgepodge says:

    It’s gorgeous! Just beautiful, elegant & clean! :-) Beautiful job!

  75. Nancy J says:

    wow that is such a transformation, I bet you actually want to spend time doing laundry now, I know I would!

  76. Sheila says:

    Gorgeous! I also want to know where you found the adorable chandelier!

  77. Jennifer says:

    Love it ! so pretty

  78. Shannon says:

    Gorgeous! I with I had a space that big to do laundry!

  79. kimberly says:

    LOVE IT!!! I wish I had all that space in a laundry room. The chandelier is a beautiful unexpected touch to the room.

  80. judi says:

    WOW WOW WOW! A-MAZ-ING what a bit of paint and color can do for a room. love this! thanks for the great ideas. my laundry room is on the to do list in countdown….4 days (plus the weekend) when hubs is officially retired! woo hoo….honey do list, here we come!

  81. Sherry says:

    Kate’s rockin’ the paint again!! What a transformation a gallon a good white can hold! And the trim at the top was icing! Well, the knobs too. I never could understand what the appeal of knob-less was? Cost savings is overrated leaving those off! The stripe fabric on the wall looks great, curious about how you have it hang there? It looks kind of free hanging? Well done! OK, now get something dirty so you can wash it! It think I’d move my computer into that space, to just be able to hang out there! GOLD STAR for you!

  82. Leida says:

    I’ve been following you for a while. I’ve even emailed you for suggestions. You are so crafty and brilliant. I’ve noticed there’s a color theme through out your home, which makes it feel cool and relaxing. Do you mind sharing those colors?

  83. Kelsey says:

    Omigosh Kate you ROCK! That looks incredible!!!!!!! I love me some beach glass too and all the colors that you used go so well together. I have to know something though….that shade….that fabric…YOU MUST TELL ME HOW TO COPY YOU! We just moved into our new place and our bedroom windows have a large dresser in front of them which makes shades a necessity instead of long drapes…so I want to use YOUR shades for them and hang dummy panels to the outside of the dresser on the sides of the window. Can’t wait for the tutorial!!!!!! Great job!!!

  84. Kim says:

    That is my dream laundry room. Really. My laundry “room” is the unfinished part of the basement, which I share with the cat, the cat box, and the storage. I’ll just keep looking at your photos & dream. :)

  85. Peggy says:

    I would have your “before” laundry room any day (my laundry room is in the garage – ugh) but the new and improved laundry room is gorgeous. Yes, even I would look forward to doing laundry in your space. And I will say it again, where do you find the time??

  86. Tricia Rose says:

    ‘Lonely Socks’ – wonderful!

    You’ll have fewer of them with that pretty new shelf above the washer and dryer – less chance of things falling down behind.

  87. Leah says:

    Wow, this totally turned out amazing! I love how bright and cheeful it is!

  88. Courtney M says:

    I’ll come over & do your laundry in this room!! Gorgeous!
    Do you have a counterpart that lives in Chicago that can come help me with projects around my house as beautiful as yours??

  89. Shea Lynn says:

    You did it again Kate! It’s spectacular and I will even come over and help you fold if oyu need a hand ;). I only wish my laundry room wasn’t just a closet…………heavy sigh. I love it!!

  90. it was a nice space before, but what a fresh look now. very pretty.

  91. Kristin says:

    It gorgeous Kate!!! I love the colors and love how you hung the chandi in the room :) It looks so bright and airy, wonderful job!

  92. I am in {{LOVE}} with your laundry room!!! you did a great job!!

  93. Kacey says:

    My laundry room wants to be like your laundry room! It’s fantastic! What a serene space.

  94. Your laundry room is just gorgeous. I love the white cabinets. I so agree that a pretty laundry does make doing the chore a lot easier. I don’t mind my laundry room at all since I decorated it. Hugs, Marty

  95. Desiree says:

    wow! just incredible. can’t wait to find out how you did the cabinets. everything is just lovely. i’ve begun redecorating my bathroom with this same color scheme, also inspired by sea glass and everything beachy!

  96. Haley says:

    I am in love!

  97. It’s gorgeous! Can I just live in there for a while – I’ll even do the laundry for you. I’ll be your own personal human robot! Man, you get some great light in there. I’ll make sure to bring my own sea glass collection, too! :)

  98. Cass says:

    Beautiful, Stunning, Gorgeous…I am left in awe, as usual. The blue with the white is absolutely fun and inviting. I wouldn’t want to leave my laundry room if it looked like this. I have been trying to come up with a fix for my “blah” laundry room and I think I know what the problem is. I need a fun drying rack (like yours) and a folding station, oh and a door to close it off from the rest of the house when it looks terrible. Let’s be honest…mine looks dreadful more often then not.

  99. It’s so fun! I love the shade. Pretty…

  100. Cat says:

    Wow! What a fantastic transformation! I adore the blues and whites…so very cheerful. If anything can get a girl excited about doing laudrey this will :)

  101. Decorchick! says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful!! My laundry room is on the to-do list. Your makeovers are always stunning!

  102. April says:

    OHMYGOSH. So jealous of your “after”. Heck, I’m even jealous of your “before”. My “laundry room” for lack of a better word is a dark, dirty corner of an even darker, dirtier garage. Concrete floors, walls half covered in 70’s paneling and black papered drywall. (Where do you even GET drywall backed with black paper?) The other half bare studs which are open and backed the wooden cladding OUTSIDE the garage. You can’t even get there from inside, you have to trudge through the backyard.

    And the piece de resistance? My Washer/Dryer are topped by a shelf my grandfather rigged up out of old 2x4s and an appropriated (read: stolen) political campaign sign from the 70s.

    Oh, yeah, and did I mention the hot water heater on a table right NEXT to the washer/dryer? Truly lovely.

    So appreciate what you have. And even appreciate what you had before!!!! Some of us aren’t just dreading doing laundry, some of are actually AFRAID to go do laundry….

  103. Jen says:

    As an apartment dweller who currently shares a positively prehistoric coin-op washer and dryer with seven other apartments, this post made me swoon. Gorgeous and functional as always, Kate! Bravo! I can’t wait for the days when I won’t have to hoard all my quarters!

  104. I would be delighted to do laundry in there! It has amazing energy and is a breath of fresh air. I adore the transformation.

  105. You are a genious Kate!! LOOOOVE it!! I adore your color scheme…and the lonely socks basket is perfect…it’s like a spa where you wash clothes…oops, I mean where robot-armed washing machines wash clothes. LOL!

  106. Richella says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! (Sorry. . . that sounded a little like Lawrence Welk.)

    Kate, your space looks glorious. This is the washroom that dreams are made of!

  107. Rugger says:

    Amazing transformation. How much did it all costs?

  108. googiemomma says:

    WOW!!! This looks incredible! What a transformation! *I* want to come do laundry at your house!!
    And I love the lonely socks basket…except if I did one it would have to be MUCH bigger!! hehehe

  109. Emily L. says:

    Now that’s the perfect laundry room!!

  110. Shari says:

    Are your cabinets and walls the same white? I have been wanting to tranform my laundry but can’t decide what I want to do in there. I wish I had gone with white front loaders instead of red. It has made things harder!!!

  111. Robin says:

    So very lovely. I really like the colors you picked out, oh and the fabric for the roman shades, and the chandler, and the painted cabinets – – OK there isn’t a single thing I don’t like! Beautiful job!

  112. Jennifer says:

    Ah-Mazing! I have a blah laundry room that is the entryway to the garage with no space and I really like your little space inbetween the washer/dryer and the cabinets I might have to do that too!

  113. Julia says:

    Love it! So fresh! So clean!

  114. Helen Joy says:

    Oh it is so magical! I love it!

  115. Shelia says:

    Oh, Darlin’, your laundry room is smokin’! I love it. What a difference your little touch has made. The painted cabinets are so pretty painted white! Love your accent color and your new machines are beautiful! I’m not jealous, no no Nannette…well, maybe a little bit! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  116. Amanda says:

    Swoon! My sad little laundry room wants to be your beautiful pretty laundry room when it grows up.

  117. Karen says:

    What a beautiful room! I love the Lonely Sock basket, I have had a sad little cardboard box for years that says “Lonely Sock Club” on it, but now I think I may have to upgrade to something prettier like yours. Well done!

  118. I love the chandy in the laundry room!

  119. Gosia says:

    Amazing space. Every detail is so perfect. And the Lonely Sock Basket stole my heart!

  120. Angel says:

    You’ve just made me realize how boringly drab my laundry room is, lol. I love what you did to the space. It’s breathtaking. :)

  121. KatieC says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can’t wait to hear all the details!

  122. Morgan says:

    WOW!! This turned out so so great! Super jealous!! Can’t wait to hear how you made the shade!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  123. Alice A says:

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH…. Scarlett;
    “Ah Do believe Ah’ll retire to the LAWNDRAAY Fo some BLiss!

    Truly Awesome redo…. Love the cool colors and the Roman shade- perfect pattern and colors! Swoons all around, and pass the mint juleps, Sugar, hear? Ah don ‘spect they’s any more towels need washin, now do they?

  124. Sheila says:

    Please share where to get the chandelier. I’m hoping is it not an expensive one as I am totally going to copy you!

  125. pam says:

    this is gorgeous!

  126. Lori says:

    Very pretty, it looks like a wonderful place to do laundry now. You are always so inspiring.

  127. Amanda says:

    I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got those flower stepping stones, they are so pretty! Love the remodel!

  128. Christy says:

    Whoa! It’s awesome!

  129. kate says:

    What a great make-over. Everything looks great, love the color choices. I am so jealous of your washer/dryer, mine are still in good shape, so I don’t have any excuse to get new ones, but I may have to steal some of your other ideas.

  130. I cannot WAIT for the directions on how to make the shade. I have been wanting to do a shade like that in my kitchen for a while now!! It looks amazing!!

  131. Holly says:

    Oh gosh, I love it. With a room that fab, I might even offer to come do your laundry!

  132. Tamara says:

    So Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing all your inspiring work!!! :-)

  133. Omg! I adore this! Our laundry room is in a closet in a bathroom, so trust me, I even envy your “before”, but the “after” is AMAZING! Love the colors!

    So wonderful, thanks for sharing!

    Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  134. amy says:

    Please, please share where you got your chandelier! It’s gorgeous!

  135. Kate says:

    LOVVVVE this space!!! Love even more the painted white cabinets!! How do you paint them so quickly and effortlessly (or it seems, anyway)!?? Seriously! Write a post on how to paint cabinets, pleeeease? Do you do the inside, too? I need the step-by-step! :)

  136. Pam says:

    Wow…that looks so nice. Bright and cheery! Love it all….makes me want to see what I can do with my laundry closet…….shut the doors comes to mind! lol

  137. Laurel says:

    kate – you did it again. I’m going to study these pictures and see what I can do to help my little room! You are awesome!

  138. Condo Blues says:

    I have the same color cabinets in my kitchen. I want to light them on fire. Sadly I don’t think a new pretty kitchen will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Nice to know I can paint them though.

    I have an HE washing machine too. Does your washer’s final spin cycle shake the whole machine? I had nice pretty things (OK they were bobbleheads) that rumbled off the washer during the spin cycle and broke. One of the things I chose the HE washer and dryer for was the flat top so I could put stuff on it.

  139. AMY says:

    Beautiful!!! I adore that fabric you used on the windows! Where did you find it?

  140. Lacey says:

    Wow. You never cease to amaze. As always, I love the blues you choose.

  141. Randa says:

    Just lovely!! So bright and cheery! Can’t help but feel better when you’re stuck in there doing laundry I bet!
    Love your “lonely sock” liner…very clever. I too, have a lonely sock basket…mine, sadly, is much bigger ;)

  142. Melinda says:

    This room turned out so good. I LOVE it!! And your choice of turquoise is my favorite!!! Makes me want to run down and re-do my laundry room. Love & blessings from NC!

  143. Steph says:

    Great post! I love what you did!

  144. Susan says:

    I can’t wait to see you did those shades with the ribbon. My husband and I have a craftsman bungalow in Washington, and I’ve wanted to do something like that in 2 of the windows.
    The laundry room is just beautiful. If mine looked like that, I would probably do a better job keeping up with the laundry :)

  145. Susan says:

    Forgot to mention… I love that blue rug. It just pops. What a nice touch…

  146. Amanda Dale says:

    Love the fabric on the curtains! Do you have a tutorial on how to make a roman shade?

  147. Aubrey says:

    Um, yes please!!! My laundry room is a thouroughly depressing place right now and you have inspired me to spruce it up! Lovely.

  148. Bobbinoggin says:

    oh I’m in love. you really made color make a punch by giving it small splashes amidst lots of white. mmmmmm hmmm!

  149. Niki says:

    This weekend the hubs and I made a 3 page list of projects for our soon to be house, the laundry room (read: closet) was not even on the list. Thanks for reminding me of that oversight. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of developing the space.

  150. Lovely!! My favorite part is the shade’s fabric, but it all looks amazing. I so wish I had front loading machines so I could create some folding space! Paint makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

  151. Kathy says:

    I love the way it came out. I can’t wait to add cabinets to my laundry room. It seems to be at the very bottom of our list, though.

    I also have a basket for lonely socks. I have been doing it for years. Works great! Since I fold in my laundry room, when the socks don’t have a match, they go in the basket. For the most part, they end up with their mate at a later date.

  152. Cindy says:

    Your makeover is so beautiful. I love the wall color, which I know was there before, but now is much more restful and calming with the white cabinetry. I just finished a major remodel on our family bathroom and there is nothing left in the budget to help the dark and dated laundry room. I am thinking of painting it a bluish color like BM-Silver Marlin and then repainting the horrible MDG cabinets and replacing the doors with shutter doors to freshen it up. Thanks for the inspiration. I am also keen to see how you made the roman shade as I need one for my kitchen too.

  153. Yesss, dressing up the laundry room really makes a difference. I painted mine about two years ago and made it pretty, the only problem is that half of that space is where my husband keeps his tools – so…..yeah.

  154. anh says:

    can we trade houses? i love the new laundry room. omgosh!

  155. Incredible!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the mixture of cottage with pops of bold vibrant color! So jealous :)

  156. I would love to do laundry in that room! What a fresh and pretty space. I’m going to link to it in my weekend round-up. Gorgeous!!

  157. It was a very nice, clean space before, but now it is also pretty! It really looks too nice for doing a mundane task like laundry…..

  158. Anissa says:

    WOW! Great space. You’ve got quite a few comments on this little makeover. :)

    I’m mostly interested in how you put up that chandy. I want to put a chandy in my master bath, in the place where a can ceiling light currently exists. Is this even possible? Maybe you’ve featured something like this on your blog before? If you ever have time to write about how to install chandeliers I’d be SUPER SUPER happy and grateful. :)

    Love your laundry room!

  159. jenjen says:

    Wonderful!!! My laundry room is at the top of the “to do” list this summer. I love the colors that you went with too. Very beachy and happy-looking!


  160. Gosh, Kate, it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love the color scheme, so fresh!

  161. Andrea says:

    Ahhhh……Nothing a can of white paint won’t fix! Turned out fab. Can’t wait to conquer my own drab less than inspiring laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  162. Marija says:

    Okay obviously beautiful. But the best part is your “lonely socks” basket. I am impressed that I have a basket but the cleverness of yours put mine to shame. As does your laundry room, really….


  163. Mei says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! We’re moving into a new home and your tips are a great, great help with our vision of a functional laundry room.

  164. Lucy says:

    WOW….. all I can say is…. BEAUTIFUL !

  165. Joanne says:

    Love it! So clean and fresh.. like laundry! :)

  166. Aleigh A. says:

    Love it!! The colors are so great and I love the stepping stones. Where in the world did you find those? Oh la la the chandy and the shade are my favs I must admit!

  167. Oh, those sea glass colors are gorgeous. Exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for a spa like master bedroom :) I adore that drying rack, the stripey sea glass colors on the wall beneath the cabinets and your cute baskets!

  168. […] Kate Gives Her Laundry Room a Fabulous Makeover: Centsational Girl. […]

  169. Maria says:

    Can’t wait for the shade tutorial….
    It makes me want to do laundry all day, Great work!!

  170. […] week, I finished the laundry room makeover, and many of you inquired about the window treatment.  Here’s the play-by-play on how I made […]

  171. Nimisha says:

    I absolutely love the fabric, where did you get this from?

  172. Wow! That transformation is enough to make me want to do some laundry. Seriously…well done. Your laundry room is a breath of fresh air & motivates me to tackle mine. (It’s primed & has been that way since we moved into our house 3ish years ago….I am so embarrassed to admit that. Oh well. ;) Great job!!!!

  173. Lauren says:

    I love this room!! You have inspried me to get creative in my home this coming week. :-)

  174. Louise says:

    I LOVE your laundry room! I have a new house & designed my laundry room with the space alloted to me so it’s new & nice but I have yet to pizzaz it up (lots of ideas though). I just want to say that I am loving your chandilier idea… I am mom to four little boys and always looking for a room or two to ‘feminize’ – other than my craft room, I think the laudry room is option #2 :) Well done & I would love to see some of your project ‘recipes’, especially the drying rack! I have a perfect spot for one & currently use the bonus room couch to drape everything on! I seriously adore your lonely socks basket too – how perfect :)

  175. Samara Link says:

    Gasp * Sigh * Tear. It’s awesome. What a beautiful room! Love the colors and the vibe. What a clean, bright, refreshing space! Super impressed and very curious what process you used for the cabinets. Amazing work and fabulous finished product!

  176. Barbara says:

    Oh MY! Love it!

  177. Tasha says:

    Finally finished the laundry room makeover I have been working on since your glorious pics appeared! Here’s a link to the post I put on HGTV’s Rate My Space:–after/detail.esi?oid=16983387

  178. Tara says:

    This is beyond stunning. I just love your blog!! So inspiring. Great job.

  179. Sonia says:

    Gorgeous! Where did you get the lonely socks and Fresh & Clean baskets from?

  180. kate blue says:

    just wanna know if you can come over to my house??? Love the laundry room and wish I had a finished laundry room…{sigh}

  181. Beautiful!!! Having a pretty laundry room sure would make you want to stay in there a little longer!

  182. LoLa says:

    I LOVE it! Makes me really want to do mine over baaaad! :)

  183. Laura says:

    Love the roman shade and can’t wait to see your how to for this! beautiful job!!

  184. Maria says:

    Just Beautiful!!! Would you please share how you painted the cabinets??? I have the exact kind and color in my kitchen and can’t wait to paint them!! Would love your input! thanks!

  185. amanda says:

    where is the chandalier from?

  186. Courtney says:

    I LOVE this laundry room!! It is just beautiful. :) MY LR is also home to the furnace and water heater… totally unfinished – pipes and ducts everywhere, but it has cabinets and a counter. So, it works.. but will never be pretty. Boo.

  187. Christina says:

    Thanks for coming and linking your laundry room project up! Painting the cabinets white made a huge difference! And I love the “lonely sock” basket and the zinnia wall hangings. Gorgeous! I just recently redid my laundry room – But I would still love to add a cute chandelier – have my eyes peeled at Goodwill and yardsales for one I can transform.

    Love reading your blog!

  188. Teresa says:

    I only have a laundry CLOSET!! I need to do SOMETHING with it and am not sure where to start! Your room has given me some ideas, but it is still going to be one heck of a challenge!

  189. Maria Killam says:

    Kate you are so funny, I simply adore your sense of humour! Love this makeover, so, so beautiful!

  190. leanne says:

    LOVE this laundry transformation!!! I would love to do laundry in here!

  191. Krysti says:

    I absolutely <3 your blog! keeps me entertained for hours! my project list just keeps getting longer with all these great ideas!

    I have been looking for a tutorial for a while now on the roman shades – the ones in your laundry room look great! have you posted the tutorial on it yet? I cant seem to find it, but you mention it in the laundry room reveal – any tips for a newbie seamstress?

    Thank you much! Krysti

  192. mike says:

    Thank you for this blog.

    Oceanside Laundry

  193. Maria Trader says:

    i have laundry room envy. thanks for sharing :)

  194. Chessa says:

    LOVE your makeover! And the basket for “Lonely Socks,” so cute! I’m working on a laundry room re-do right now. I may borrow a couple of your ideas!

  195. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I just finished my laundry room and I totally used many of your great ideas!

  196. I LOVE this room! I linked to you in my new blog. We are refurbishing a 1958 cottage and looking for all the ideas I can get.

  197. nancy says:

    Cute, now if I only had a laundry room…. sigh, still in the garage…

  198. Morgan says:

    Love the make over for your laundry room. Totally rocks! :)

  199. Rene' says:

    Just found your blog — love it and LOVE this laundry room makeover. I’m finishing up an office re-do over Labor Day weekend, and I think the laundry room is going to be next. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  200. Pam in Colorado says:

    Beautiful. Beautiful!!

  201. Joni says:

    What a happy laundry room! Well done. Well done!

  202. Deneece Littin says:

    This is abolutely wonderful! I am definitely consdidering the drying rack. I have been looking at them for a long time. Like you the price was prohibative.
    Thank you for sharing! Deneece

  203. Heather J says:

    Where did you get the zinnia stepping stones?

    • CentsationalGirl says:

      At a local shop Heather, I haven’t been able to source them online, so sorry!

  204. Corinne says:

    Lovely! I am in the process of turning my laundry room to a beach oasis as well. We had the same color builder cabinets and want them white. How did you paint them?

  205. Liz says:

    Looks awesome! I love the chandelier, and my mom puts the single socks in the “Orphan Sock Bin”. Now I use that term at my house :)

  206. Annie says:

    Hi Kate. Do you remember where you purchased the fabric? I LOVE it!!

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