Living Room Inspiration: I Need You

April 22, 2010

So I’m knee deep in the middle of sprucing up my son’s room.  Poor thing -  I never ever really decorated his room when he was born due to 1) exhaustion and 2) ongoing remodel.  But don’t feel sorry for the lad, he had some cute plaid linens when he was still in the crib.  And pale blue walls.  Yay, I did something. 

Anywho, I recently painted his room a very bold color and am still waiting on a few accessories but I’m impatient when it comes to decorating around my house and I can’t sit twiddling my thumbs to wait for a few accessories, no sirrrrreeeeee  ! 

I have now turned my attention to the living room.  I’ve never really featured this space because it’s a little hum drum too traditional for my changing taste.  Yes, I’m feeling the need, the need for some ooh la la moderne décor.  I’m inspired to start a makeover, just needing to figure out how to do it in a cost effective way !  ‘Diamond style on a dime’ – that’s what I always say.   Hey, that rhymes.

So here are my inspiration photos, and you’ll spot our living room as it is way down below.  Notice the colors I’m drawn to are this cool blue and warm gold mixed with cream to lighten and brighten up the space.  I’m terribly addicted to this color medley right now.  I must have it. 

Loving these botanical prints with moss velvet gold leaf settee. 

070044_EGDines_Morgans_LizWilliams Liz Williams


Here’s what I say to this turquoise lamp.  “Hello lover.”

thibaut and lamp Thibaut

I heart wainscoting.  And bold n’ gold starburst mirrors. 

blue and gold thibaut Thibaut


Pretty pretty wallpaper.  Again, loving the wainscoting. 

thibaut wallpaper Thibaut


Icy blue velvet and a gold chandelier.  Yum.

Elizabeth Dinkel


Here’s a bedroom, but in those colors I adore. 

southern living blue and gold bedroomSouthern Living


Another bedroom, but check out how lovely the cream and gold table looks up against the blue.  LOVE.

 blue and gold annette tatum Annette Tatum


Hmm.  A vibrant accent, like deep red?   Interesting.  Love the chandy.

southern living gold blue red bedroom Southern Living


Another fabulous color combination.

elizabeth dinkel bedroom Elizabeth Dinkel


Here’s an example I like of mixing traditional with modern glamour.

style at home dining room Style at Home


Dining room perfection in my eyes. Love the mix of fabrics and wood tones. 

liz dining room Liz Williams


So those are my inspiration photos. 

Here’s the space I feel needs some sprucing !

Here’s the living room from last autumn with its warm tones and too traditional decor for my taste.  Please forgive the bad lighting.  It’s a little cluttered, so it’s time to streamline. 

cg living room fireplace

cg living room piano 

Here’s a few things that will definitely stay:  1) the piano of course !  It’s a family heirloom given to us by our gracious grandmother.  2) The cream rug because I can’t afford another right now (unless you find one for me!).  3) The chocolate velvet settee which fits the wall perfectly.   4)  The bronze silk curtains   5) The vintage blue glass lamp in the corner and 6) the little white French style chair I redid last year.

Everything else is pretty much fair game !  I especially don’t like the beige bench under the window.  So here’s the plan so far:  I’m definitely installing some DIY wainscoting around the room and I’ll be painting above (or perhaps wallpaper?).   I think I should slipcover the sofa.  I need something completely stunning under the front window.  Maybe I should bring the cream cabinet downstairs and put it there?  I also need some new or rearranged art.  Perhaps some DIY patterned pillows ?  A new chandy splurge ? 

What do you think ?  Are you digging the blue and gold medley I’ve chosen?  Know of any reasonably priced décor or fabric that this space is screaming for ?  Got some ideas or links to fab décor ?  Bring it darlin’ !  Help a girl out. 

I would love to hear what you think ! 

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