Wanted: New Handbag & Your Vote

September 29, 2009

Perhaps you’ll recall my spring handbag dilemma where I wanted but couldn’t choose a yellow handbag.  I eventually found a Nine West croc bag on sale for $45 dollars at a local store, and I’ve carried this bag since March.  It’s the perfect size.  Big enough to stash my wallet, Nikon camera, and the essential sippy cups and kid snacks.  Bonus:  it has a zebra print satin interior.  By now, there’s all sorts of coins, crumbs and ancient receipts crushed in the bottom of my sassy zebra print.  Sad, but true – that’s mommyhood for you.  But now the yellow is played, and it’s time for a new fall bag.   

Sneaky Mr. CG snapped this one a few weeks ago in Napa while we were waiting for lunch at Bouchon.  Nice indifferent expression.  Thanks hun.  It’s also a rare photo of me semi-dolled up.  But more importantly, it’s the only shot I have of the bag. 

yellow handbag I heart you yellow handbag, but it’s time to retire. 

Now that the seasons are changing, and I’m on the hunt for a fall and winter bag.  I’m a pretty practical gal when it comes to my daily tote.  In my pre-offspring days, I would rotate my daily bags.  Ha.  That’s funny to me now.  There’s just no time for that these days.

I prefer a stylish choice that I can carry all season long.  Preferably a hobo.  And I’m hyper focused on metallics right now.  So I’m calling on all of you friends to give put in your shiny coppery two cents. 

Get it?  Metallics?  Coppery two cents? 

Never mind. 


  1. Any of the bags over $100 dollars are just eye candy. 
  2. Indulge me.  Pretend you like metallics just as much as I do. 
  3. Help me narrow down the reasonable choices. 

Here they are ranked in order from outrageously delicious luxurious choices to the more reasonable in price. 

Christian Louboutin Marianna metallic hobo, $1,795

christian louboutin marianna metallic hobo

YSL Roady metallic tote, $1,495

ysl roady metallic tote

Jimmy Choo metallic hobo, $1,095

jimmy choo metallic leather hobo

Michael Kors Zuma satchel, $995

michael kors zuma lambskin satchel

Treesje Raine Haze hobo, $595

treesje raine haze lambskin hobo 


Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416

rebecca minkoff metallic nikki hobo

Kenneth Cole New York Pay Roll hobo, $328

kenneth cole ny hobo pay roll

B. Makowsky ‘Havana’ hobo, $298

b makowsky havana hobo


Coach ‘Penelope’ shopper, $275

coach penelope shopper

Calvin Klein glimmer hobo, $252

calvin klein glimmer hobo

Fossil ‘Marissa’ hobo, $102

fossil marissa patchwork

Jessica Simpson pearl hobo, $78

jessica simpson pearl hobo 78

Guess Luxe embossed croc hobo, $73

guess croco embossed medium hobo

Simply Vera by Vera Wang ruched hobo, $49

simply vera ruched hobo 


Roxy pewter handbag, $42

roxy handbag zappos 42

Roxy pale silver handbag,$42

roxy silver bag 42 


Spiegel metallic hobo, $39

spiegel metallic tote

Daisy Fuentes crocodile hobo, $38

daisy fuentes crocodile hobo kohls



Mossimo bronze hobo, $20

mossimo bronze hobo


Two questions: 

  1. If money grew on trees, which designer bag would you choose ? 
  2. Since #1 ain’t happening, which practical choice do you vote for ? 

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211 Responses to “Wanted: New Handbag & Your Vote”

  1. Michelle Marsh says:

    I love them all, but as much as I LOVE the pricey brand name bags, I too am a mom of 2 preschoolers. I just can’t justify the sort of cash for these bags when I will surely destroy one with kiddo items stashed inside! That’s just me. I do love to follow http://www.pennypurses.com. Perhaps you will find one of your dreams there and bid on it. Just a thought. They mainly offer Coach. I do love Guess in terms of brands since I do have several of their items which actually do hold up. Their prices are somewhat reasonable and the variety is nice. BTW, I heart your yellow bag!! Please do share your final selection with us.

  2. kerry says:

    First of all, I love your website! I am also a diy-er with a taste for the very expensive/out of my range style. I have been designing handbags for 10 years, most of which are leather, b/c of my love for expensive things. I have learned out of reach expensive designers are often using the same quaility that the lesser known designers use. I am huge proponent of going with a leather that feels like quality, regardless of the price. My vote is the Coach, Roxy Silver and Daisy Fuentes. I am now carrying my own bag that is purple/cream metallic alligator hobo with a purple leather tassle closure. No one would know that I purchased the leather locally and designed it myself. The leather is a quality that you would find on many of the designer bags. It cost me about $75. My point is, don’t be influenced by the price, and mistake it for better quaility or more ‘stylish’ just b/c of the price. put it on your shoulder, have a friend put it on their shoulder and pay attention to your first impression when you see her wearing it. As you know, you can get bags on ebay that are designer and used. So what if they are used, if you get a $1000 bag for $200?

  3. Andrea says:

    Honestly the one I like out of all of them is the Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416. It pricey enough to be good quality but on the lower end of designer. Go for it! ;-)

  4. erin says:

    if money were no object, i’d go with the jimmy choo metallic hobo–i feel like the darker color would go great with just about any outfit, and i love the shape. but to be on the practical side, i would rock the roxy pale silver handbag, which has a very similar shape to the jimmy choo. with both of these handbags, i like that they’re metallic, but not TOO shiny, as that seems to bridge the casual to dressy gap a little better and, in my opinion, those will survive a little longer, even if the metallic trend starts to die out. (uhh, even though metallics seem to have been on trend lists for about eight years running, haha.) no matter what you pick–i think these all look great! and i love the soon-to-be-retired yellow purse too!

  5. Melissa says:

    Kenneth Cole! Otherwise its between the Roxy and the Spiegel. Love your style!

  6. Vania says:

    For 1. I love YSL, so for designer bags, it would be the YSL first and the Jimmy Choo second.

    For 2. For the mid-range bags, definitely the Kenneth Cole. For the lower end stuff, the pale silver Roxy looks great and for a bit more structure, the Pewter Roxy bag is good too.

    Too much detailing on bags makes it look cluttered or cheap, like bows…uggghh! Go for something with clean lines and it’ll go with anything.

  7. han says:

    b. makowsky…i love the feel of their bags…all of mine have held up marvelously.

  8. Sarah W. says:

    I love the Roxy pewter bag – clean lines, classic shape, good go-with-anything metallic. It’s late Feb. now…so which one did you choose?

  9. Lisa says:

    I just bought the Daisy Fuentes bag TODAY at Kohl’s for 90% off!!! I love it!!!

  10. Constar says:

    I like the Guess bag…I buy Guess bags often because they are still stylish, they are trying to compete with larger fashion houses, they understand the concept of storage in a purse and not to mention they stand against wear and tear.

    I’ve had a guess purse that is a satchel style for like three years…and the purse still looks NEW!

    I’d go with the guess…..it’s what you want and it’s still got the style you need.

  11. Julie says:

    Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416

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