Wanted: New Handbag & Your Vote

September 29, 2009

Perhaps you’ll recall my spring handbag dilemma where I wanted but couldn’t choose a yellow handbag.  I eventually found a Nine West croc bag on sale for $45 dollars at a local store, and I’ve carried this bag since March.  It’s the perfect size.  Big enough to stash my wallet, Nikon camera, and the essential sippy cups and kid snacks.  Bonus:  it has a zebra print satin interior.  By now, there’s all sorts of coins, crumbs and ancient receipts crushed in the bottom of my sassy zebra print.  Sad, but true – that’s mommyhood for you.  But now the yellow is played, and it’s time for a new fall bag.   

Sneaky Mr. CG snapped this one a few weeks ago in Napa while we were waiting for lunch at Bouchon.  Nice indifferent expression.  Thanks hun.  It’s also a rare photo of me semi-dolled up.  But more importantly, it’s the only shot I have of the bag. 

yellow handbag I heart you yellow handbag, but it’s time to retire. 

Now that the seasons are changing, and I’m on the hunt for a fall and winter bag.  I’m a pretty practical gal when it comes to my daily tote.  In my pre-offspring days, I would rotate my daily bags.  Ha.  That’s funny to me now.  There’s just no time for that these days.

I prefer a stylish choice that I can carry all season long.  Preferably a hobo.  And I’m hyper focused on metallics right now.  So I’m calling on all of you friends to give put in your shiny coppery two cents. 

Get it?  Metallics?  Coppery two cents? 

Never mind. 


  1. Any of the bags over $100 dollars are just eye candy. 
  2. Indulge me.  Pretend you like metallics just as much as I do. 
  3. Help me narrow down the reasonable choices. 

Here they are ranked in order from outrageously delicious luxurious choices to the more reasonable in price. 

Christian Louboutin Marianna metallic hobo, $1,795

christian louboutin marianna metallic hobo

YSL Roady metallic tote, $1,495

ysl roady metallic tote

Jimmy Choo metallic hobo, $1,095

jimmy choo metallic leather hobo

Michael Kors Zuma satchel, $995

michael kors zuma lambskin satchel

Treesje Raine Haze hobo, $595

treesje raine haze lambskin hobo 


Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416

rebecca minkoff metallic nikki hobo

Kenneth Cole New York Pay Roll hobo, $328

kenneth cole ny hobo pay roll

B. Makowsky ‘Havana’ hobo, $298

b makowsky havana hobo


Coach ‘Penelope’ shopper, $275

coach penelope shopper

Calvin Klein glimmer hobo, $252

calvin klein glimmer hobo

Fossil ‘Marissa’ hobo, $102

fossil marissa patchwork

Jessica Simpson pearl hobo, $78

jessica simpson pearl hobo 78

Guess Luxe embossed croc hobo, $73

guess croco embossed medium hobo

Simply Vera by Vera Wang ruched hobo, $49

simply vera ruched hobo 


Roxy pewter handbag, $42

roxy handbag zappos 42

Roxy pale silver handbag,$42

roxy silver bag 42 


Spiegel metallic hobo, $39

spiegel metallic tote

Daisy Fuentes crocodile hobo, $38

daisy fuentes crocodile hobo kohls



Mossimo bronze hobo, $20

mossimo bronze hobo


Two questions: 

  1. If money grew on trees, which designer bag would you choose ? 
  2. Since #1 ain’t happening, which practical choice do you vote for ? 

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211 Responses to “Wanted: New Handbag & Your Vote”

  1. Bridget says:

    Jimmy Choo love !
    Roxy pewter is way cute.

  2. Suzan says:

    The Kenneth Cole bag if I were insane. Real life bag? The Roxy.

  3. Annika says:

    1. the YSL, so perfect!!
    2. the Roxy pewter of course

  4. Holly says:

    I went to a What Not To Wear event where the speaker is a Christian lady that is from south FL and was always in the fashion industry and made a living dressing rich prople. She also was called to dress clients for court. If you are buying one purse to go with everything you are to match your hair. She had girls get on stage and changed purses around. If the purse is in the same color group as your hair you look skinnier. It was so cool to see.

  5. Kate says:

    roxy pale silver for me!

  6. Deanna says:

    The Jimmy Choo made me do a double take… beautiful! I like the Roxy pale pewter bag (for the price) the best. My fav cheap bags are Kathy Van Zeeland… under $100. Heres two I like: http://www.kathyvanzeeland.com/shop/item.aspx?style=H40810 http://www.kathyvanzeeland.com/shop/item.aspx?style=H42425. $89/$99 and lots of pockets!
    You have amazing style!

  7. Charla Jones says:

    Good Morning! What fun it is to pick a new bag to “carry your life” around every day. If money were no object, it would be that yummy YSL one. In reality, I say the Daisy Fuentes hobo. I especially like that outside pocket to help you keep track of your car keys. In the bottom of some of those large purses, they seem to get lost. Of course, maybe I just have too much stuff in mine.

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. Wendy says:

    In a dream world…YSL Roady.

    Reality check – Roxy pewter.

  9. Oh I LOVE bags! Here are my two choices (I just scrolled down to the $100 limit part). No reason to torture myself. I am a HUGE fan of Guess bags. Their style, function, price and construction are wonderful.

    Guess Luxe embossed croc hobo, $73
    Spiegel metallic hobo, $39

  10. Quinn says:

    1. Jimmy Choo
    2. Vera Wang

  11. Liane says:

    In a world of dreams, I’d be leaving the store with that Calvin Klein glimmer hobo. LOVE. :) In the real world, I vote for the Roxy pale silver handbag- it’s huge which I love (I don’t have kids, but I’m a nanny, so there’s constantly goldfish crackers and pacifers floating around the bottom of my purple hobo :) ) and I like the muted silver instead of it being super shiny. Have fun shopping!

  12. Beth says:

    Since I have NO style, I’d look like a hobo playing dress-up if I carried any one of these but you’ll make any of these bags look cool. So, really, it just matter. I don’t like the daisy fuentes, though.

  13. I’d go with the Roxy pewter bag myself.

  14. Ana says:

    I think either of the Roxies will serve your purpose, the others look small for your needs, don’t they?

  15. Fantasy bags: YSL Roady or Jimmy Choo
    Reality bag: Roxy Pewter

  16. Dana says:

    Dana here: I must admit I was a Coach girl all the way… in my earlier years… HOWEVER, I am disappointed to see Coach’s metallic bag… way too much “ebellishment” as they say today! I would go with a more classic style, since you like the hobo bag, I would pick the Fossil- “marissa”. There is more structure to the bag than the other wrinkly, skrunchie looking things, and the leather stiching is way cool! (But of course, my brain is still high on chemicals with all of the refacing of my bathroom vanity… still working on that new espresso look, that all started back with those darned stairway handrails from earlier this summer!)

  17. Tracychele says:

    1. Guess
    2. Roxy Pewter

    I LOVE the guess. I may have to find that one! You just turned me to metallics! Have a great day and happy choice-making.

  18. Tracychele says:

    Ok, it is early still. All I had to do was click on the name and it took me to Macy’s! Thanks!!

  19. Love the Jimmy Choo metallic hobo and the come-back-to-the-real-world choice would be the Roxy pewter handbag. I like my bags to hold a lot too without looking like an airline carry-on. I remember those days of changing the bag out daily to go with the work outfit and shoes. You’re right ~ they’ve been long gone for a long time for me. If I change it out every 4-6 months that works for me.

  20. Elizabeth K says:

    I like the Jimmy Choo if money were not an issue. I got a silver hobo at the Coach outlet store for under $150, so if you are near one of those you might try there. Mine is several months old and I’m already tired of it. Time for something new!

  21. Erin says:

    I heart the Roxy Pale Silver Handbag, I will now go buy it for myself, my wardrobe thanks you, my husband probably doesn’t :)

  22. Natasha says:

    Ohhhh, the Rebecca Minkoff Hobo is to die for! In reality the Roxy one is pretty darn cute. I’m also a sucker for an oversized hobo, have you seen the Poppy collection from Coach this season, they have a ton of metallics too! A girl can dream right?

  23. QueenieEileenie says:

    You can’t beat the rich color of the YSL bag and also like the Roxy Pewter. But let’s get down to the bottom line…how does the bag feel in your hands? What’s the storage like and durability on the inside? (That’s the problem with website shopping!) I have carried a well made faux LV for the past three years every day…it’s always in fashion and always makes me happy to grab it. When my kids were younger, I loved to shop the bargains of a TJMaxx bag and would get a spring/summer and fall winter bag. Not having to make those decisions anymore!

  24. Shanda says:

    1. Micheal Kors fo sho!!
    2. Daisy Fuentes is a great practical option and cute.

  25. Cheaannette says:

    I would sell a Kindney and get the first one!

  26. EB says:

    1. The Jimmy Choo is gorgeous!
    2. I really do love the Roxy pale silver. In fact, I may just order that one for myself! Thanks for the idea. :)

  27. Vanessa says:

    Whew! Though decision… they’re all very pretty but the second bag has my heart! It is the most beautiful of those bags shown on this post. Pricey, but definitely worth it! Simply amazing!!

  28. carnan says:

    I love the Jimmy Choo for dreamin’ and then for real life I like either Roxy bag. Umm, makes me want to do a little bag shoppin’.

  29. Sarah says:

    Daisy Fuentes! Big, classy and sassy!

  30. karol says:

    Love both of the Roxy bags (and now think I may need to go purchase one of them) as well as the Daisy Fuentes bag.

  31. Misty Maddox says:

    1. Jessica Simpson -if you have a loud personality
    2. Daisy Fuentes – more suttle

  32. Jules says:

    Daisy Fuentes crocodile!

  33. Tammy says:

    1. Jimmy Choo
    2. Roxy or Spiegel !

  34. Leslie says:

    Hi, my two choices for purchase would be the Guess or the Spiegel. But its so fun to check out the designer bags!!!!

  35. Marla says:

    Aside from the Jessica Simpson being trashy flashy, they are all great bags. It’s all in the handle for me plus the metallics will dress up any outfit. You’ll look great even going to the gym.

  36. anh says:

    kenneth cole and roxy are my choices for cute on a budget (on a budget should be my middle name :D)

  37. 1. Jimmy Choo, for sure!
    2. Roxy or Spiegel…looks like I could cram more stuff in there. ;)

    Good taste :)

  38. rebekah says:

    What is it saying about me that I like the less expensive bags the most….even without regard to price!! – I love the Spiegel bag! I think I would go for that one in a second! – Have fun in your hunt!

  39. Nancy says:

    The Daisy Fuentes looks like a grumpy, sad-mad face to me. :(

    I like the the Spiegel or Roxy.
    Would NEVER spend that kind of money on the upper ritzy ones.

    I am thinking metallic this fall too. Thanks for some choices!

  40. Nancy says:

    /\ Just to clarify, I like the silver Roxy….the other one looks too small.

  41. Lisa S. says:


    Since we’re voting, I realistically would chose the Roxy Pewter bag. Classic lines, very chic. If your last name was Onasis, I’d go for the Jimmy Choo! ;0} Good luck sister, bags are my weakness too!

  42. Morgan says:

    Loving the Roxy bag!

  43. Cheri says:

    Jimmy Choo or Roxy Pewter

  44. suzanne says:

    Well, if money were no object, I might choose Jimmy Choo; it’s my favorite shape. So then for practicality, I’d go with the Roxy pewter……

    You are so cute and stylish! ;)

  45. LIsa says:

    YSL and Rebecca Minkoff….but in the real world the both Roxy bags are great. I think I will get the pewter one……..Thanks Kate!

  46. Dawn G. says:

    in my pretend life, the YSL I love the Roxy pewter bag-I may have to look at that myself :)

  47. Jessica says:

    YSL metallic, ohhh. Reality? Roxy pewter.

  48. erika says:

    Kors–perfect shimmer and shape. Yummmm.
    Roxy–great style. great price.

  49. Esther says:

    1. Michael Kors Zuma satchel – <3 it.
    2. None of those really caught my eye, I guess…
    Good luck!

  50. Amber says:

    First off I cant believe bags out there cost over $1000 bucks!! I hate spending over 30 fo a bag!!! LOL. I LOVE the Guess Luxe bag though.

  51. Brittany says:

    1. YSL Roady Tote
    2. Roxy pewter!

  52. Res says:

    I’m all for the Roxy in pewter. Same look as the high end, but without the guilt.

  53. Leanne says:

    I love the Jimmy Choo, but would in reality choose the Roxy Pewter. Good Luck in you decision!

  54. Ashley says:

    #1 = Treesje Raine Haze hobo (omg, this is divine!!)
    #2 = Roxy pale silver handbag,$42 (actually really like this one, would look hot with jeans and just about every top you could imagine)

  55. Mary B says:

    Love the Makowsky Havana if money were no object, but since it is… I’d go for the Vera or the Spiegel. Good luck deciding… I’d have a hard time retiring the yellow bag, it’s awesome!

  56. I am looking for a new Fall handbag as well. I don’t have time to change bags with every outfit. I am like you and pretty much stick to the same bag for a whole season! I love the Coach Penelope Shopper if I had unlimited funds and picked the Speigel Metalic Hobo bag for more practical purposes!

    Good Luck!

  57. Sindy says:

    1. YSL Roady metallic tote <3
    2. Roxy (either one) <3 & <3
    and. . .and. . .I like the color on the Mossimo bronze, it sort of, you know, has a coppery-bronzy metallic flavor!

  58. LindaSonia says:

    I would choose the Spiegel bag for $39! In fact, I’m SHOCKED how good it looks for that ridiculously inexpensive price. I may have to get it myself. LOL!!
    p.s. Loved your yellow bag. Very chic!

  59. Julia says:

    The Roxy pewter is most akin in shape to the gorgeous YSL bag. The pewter tone may be a bit off though. I love the rich bronzes, and find them to be very fall like. But I like the shape of the YSL and the Roxy, which to me is more important than color…

  60. Rebecca says:

    Oooh. Unlimited funds I would go for the Jimmy Choo.

    Real world choice: The Roxy Pewter Handbag.

    And thanks. I think I’m about to spend $42 on that bag myself. Didn’t know I needed it until I saw it!

  61. Rachel says:

    1. Jimmy choo!
    2. Roxy pewter! Esp. since you’re a mother, I like the darker color of the pewter more than the silver. I might have to pick one of those up for myself!

  62. Melissa C says:

    1. B. Makowsky ‘Havana’ hobo
    2. Roxy Pewter

  63. deezie says:

    Oh my they are all so pretty,
    I really love the Coach Penelope Shopper for 275.00 and the Spiegel Metallic Hobo. Love that one I think the best
    good luck deciding

  64. Christine says:

    Purses are my obsession, and since I am also on the hunt for a new bag, I will live vicariously through you…

    Dream bag: Jimmy Choo
    Actual bad: Roxy – it is just a perfect color that will coordinate with all fall/winter wardrobe colors.

  65. Brittany says:

    1. Jimmy Choo!!!
    2. Roxy pale silver. Loved it.

    BTW, I just cleaned out all of my smashed receipts, crumbs, stray crayons and coins last night. Wonder how long the neatness will last?

  66. pk says:

    Like both of the Roxy’s!
    pk @ room remix

  67. Amanda says:

    YSL–fave splurge
    Roxy Pewter–fave buy

  68. I love the B. Makowsky Havana bag and the YSL Roady keeps getting my attention too! I love metallics right now too and my purse HAS to be BIG! I love BIG purses! Good Luck finding the next great handbag!

  69. Alexandria says:

    Both of the Roxy bags are good! I like the pewter one a little bit more than the pale silver one….

    Oh and hello Jimmy Choo bag…you need to move in with me. You can hang with my awesome new Jimmy Choo glasses…alas I will NEVER spend that much on a bag…but a gal can dream can’t she?!

  70. Amber says:

    1. the YSL Roady tote or the Jimmy Choo hobo. They’re both FABULOUS!
    2. Either the Roxy pewter or the Roxy pale silver. They’re both gorgeous. The pewter may be better for fall, though.

  71. jessica says:

    1. I love the YSL Roady metallic tote!
    2. I love the Roxy pewter even more because its $42

  72. Jamara Robinson says:

    Of the $100+ bags I actually like the Coach bag the best. I know it’s not crazy expensive but it’s my fav.
    In the world of loose fruit snacks, pennies & receipts I would go for the Pewter Roxy bag. Cute & sensible or should I say “centsible”!

  73. stacy d says:

    Well, if money grew on trees I’d be all over the Jimmy Choo. LOVE it! The YSL is gorgeous too.

    Realistically tho, I really like both the Roxy bags. I think I’d go with the pewter Roxy.

  74. Love the Michael Kors version, but I also like the Roxy pale silver one.

  75. Holly says:

    Lovin’ the YSL Roady Metallic Tote. At a whopping $1495, I’d have to settle for the still fabulous, yet totally affordable Roxy Pewter Handbag. Love it!

  76. nancy says:

    1. Coach
    2. Guess

    Jessica Simpson can be found at Gordman’s for a decent price. Also, Kathy Van Zeeland’s are sold there for less than dept. stores. But you didn’t list a KVZ purse, so maybe you don’t like her designs. Hers are quite shiny and blingy.


  77. Teri says:

    Maybe it’s the price tags that keep from being able to fall in love….cause I really think of all of them the the Makowsky and Spiegel bags are my favorite. I do like the Michael Kohrs, but not as much. Something about the scrunciness of all three is attractive to me…

    I too used to switch bags on a daily basis…with a kid in tow, there is no way…whether it’s because of time or not wanting to ruin more then one bag at a time…who knows…but it is sad!

  78. Angela says:

    I really like the Roxy pewter handbag – I have a brown wanna-be-leather hobo from Roxy and it’s quite durable. Plus the pewter color is really in right now!

  79. hayley says:

    Roxy Pewter :)

  80. Megan says:

    Roxy pale silver handbag,$42 This is my vote

  81. Sarah says:

    Practical choices:

    Simply Vera by Vera Wang ruched hobo
    Roxy Pale Silver
    Daisy Fuentes Croc
    couldn’t pick just one :)

    I like these all better then the more expensive ones.

  82. mel says:

    1. Jimmy Choo
    1. Roxy Pewter (might have to get this one for myself)

  83. Carol in Indian Springs Village says:

    YSL Roadie is beautiful and simple.
    I vote for Roxy Pewter…

  84. Rita says:

    Love the Calvin Klein Glimmer! ALMOST worth it.

    Realistically, if it were me, I’d go with the Guess Bag Best.

  85. Emilee says:

    If money was no object, the Jimmy Choo would be mine. Since it is–go for the Roxy. I love it.

  86. Karin says:

    The Jimmy Choo is the definite high end choice.

    The Roxy pale silver is definitely the one you should buy – it may also be the one that I should buy! My bag is full of kid crumbs too.

  87. Amber says:

    My impractical, expensive choice: Treesje Raine Haze hobo
    My practical and affordable choice: the Roxy pewter

  88. I’d do the Simply Vera. It’s actually my favorite of them all!

  89. Megan says:

    1. Michael Kors Zuma sachel
    2. Roxy pale silver…LOVE it!!

  90. Kori says:

    This one! Roxy pale silver handbag. I want one, too!!!

  91. Sue says:

    I keep my purses under $100 as well. I will say that I’ve carrying a Michael Kors $398 number that I picked up at TJMaxx for $49! It was double clearance priced. They have some wonderful deals on bags if you have one near you. I love the metallics. I’m currently carrying one that is similar to the Nikki bag, but it was lots less. It goes with everything.

    Just thought I’d add…when the kids are grown, you still need a big bag. I carry my glasses, my non-prescription sunglasses that are really dark, my reading sunglasses…various pills and supplies for the joys of the changing hormones. I have more crap than when I had little kids!

  92. Beth says:

    I have handbag envy…..my current handbag is a lovely diaper bag. They’re the latest trend, haven’t you heard??
    I looove the Roady metallic bag but HATE the price tag!
    Good luck.

  93. Amy says:

    #1 = Treesje Raine Haze hobo
    #2 = Roxy pale silver handbag

  94. Yolanda says:

    1. Coach ‘Penelope’ shopper
    2. Roxy pewter handbag

  95. brenbren says:

    well, for eye candy, defiantly go for the B. Makowsky ‘Havana’ hobo, $298
    for practicality, I like the Spiegel metallic hobo, $39 best!

  96. 1. YSL Roady Matallic
    2. Coach Penelope Shopper

  97. Kate says:

    #1. The YSL
    #2. Either of the Roxy bags.

  98. Tiffany says:

    1. rebekah minkoff
    2. roxy pewter

  99. Cassie says:

    I LOVE the Michael Kors & Kenneth Cole. BUT the Roxy is VERY cute, and for that price who could say no?

  100. Laura says:

    I’m loving the Roxy pale silver handbag,$42!

  101. Julie says:

    Well to be honest my favorite one even with out considering price at all is…Roxy Pewter Handbag $42. I like it the absolute best out of them all! but then a bag is such a personal choice! And you have to make sure the inside works for you too! Good luck!!! I don’t envy you your search.

  102. Jessica C says:

    My favorite budget: Spiegel metallic hobo, $39 or Roxy pewter handbag, $42
    and my favorite not so ecconomical: Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416

  103. If money grew on trees…I’d grab that Jimmy Choo in a heartbeat. Runner up? Rebecca Minkoff.

    Since you have to deal with the sad reality that is known as a “budget'” I’d vote for the Roxy Pewter with the Spiegel as the second place choice.

    I like all of the above because they are more simple, and therefore more classic.

  104. angela says:

    $$$ no object: the Jimmy Choo hands down! with the YSL as second runner up!

    budget savy my vote is for the Roxy Pewter then the Pale silver. I think I just might have to partake! thanks

  105. sarah says:

    I LOVE the YSL. You could never go wrong with it – if money grew on trees.

    Since it doesn’t – my money would be on the Roxy pale silver handbag. By a landslide!

  106. Dawn says:

    Hi, de-lurking to add my shiny two cents. ;)

    If money was not an obstacle I’d go with Jimmy Choo’s metallic hobo, but since it normally is with so many I’d say that the Roxy pewter handbag is the way to go!

  107. Catherine says:

    I like the Guess Luxe and Daisy Fuentes bags best if restricted to the under $100.

  108. Michael Kors, but way too $$$ for real life. I vote for the Roxy or Spiegel depending on the interior.(pockets, zips , lining etc)

  109. margaredt says:

    I’ve gotta say I love the Zuma, then the Fossil and the pale silver Roxy.

  110. Miriam says:

    Jimmy Choo it looks awesome. But in reality land I would go for the Roxy Pewter it just looks fantastic

  111. Sarah says:

    My vote for the Spiegel Metallic hobo. Check out TJ MAXX. They always have terrific purses for a steal.

  112. Jessie says:

    If money grew on trees, I’d pick Rebecca Minkoff’s Nikki hobo. I absolutely love, love, LOVE that bag but alas, I really cannot justify spending that much on a handbag. However, the Roxy Pewter is a fantastic budget choice. For me, it’s perfect in shape, size, color and, most importantly, price. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated-looking handbag from a teen brand. I think I may have to go buy it now…

  113. Hands down, Rebecca Minkoff. But that Roxy silver bag is so cute! And much more practical.

  114. Janet says:

    i have to say, i love the roxy handbags best. not b/c they’re cheap, they’re just more chic and stylish and i can see them being used as an everyday handbag. now you got me thinking i should get myself one for my bday! ha!! good luck. – Janet (from NY)

  115. Tanya says:

    Definetley Jimmy Choo …. LOVE IT!! Realistic choice …. Roxy Pale Silver. Fun! :)

  116. Maddy says:

    I say you take all the money you save on your DIY projects & treat yourself to the Rebecca Minkoff bag. But if you must get something under $100, my vote is for the Roxy pale silver bag. But I say, it’s ok to splurge once in a while ;)

  117. Lauren says:

    If I had the money I would go for the Rebecca Minkoff… but the pale silver Roxy bag is a fab find for the price, and I vote for that one!

  118. Bonny says:

    I’d definitely go with the Roxy Pewter bag. It looks like it could actually sit without toppling over, making searching for bobby pins on the bottom much easier. I switch bags about weekly, but since they’re all of the “hold my entire life and be able to endure lots of punishment” category, they’re nothing special.

  119. Allison says:

    If Money were NOT an object, I’d choose YSL! For the more affordable option, I choose Roxy Pewter. Adorable! can’t wait to see what you pick!

  120. Jessica says:

    You dont have a money tree at your house!?! Man, I guess I better share mine! … Yeah right!
    IF that were the case.. the Jimmy Choo wins my vote in a hearbeat…
    BUT.. back to reality.. the Roxy Pale Silver is the winner in my book!
    Good luck!

  121. Love the Roxy Pewter- great shape and color. The Jimmy Choo would be my “If only!” choice. :)

  122. stephanie says:

    i actually prefer the Minkoff out of the pricy range…for the ones that’s within the preset amount…either one of the Roxy’s

  123. Carrie says:

    Michael Kors Zuma in dreamland, but Roxy pewter hands down!

  124. Janice says:

    ooh the Kenneth Cole is gorgeous and budget priced Spiegel would be a good choice.

  125. Prairie.rd says:

    Roxy pewter for $42

  126. Emma says:

    The Roxy. It’s gorgeous, practical and you won’t have to hand over your arm and leg when paying for it! It’s such a personal thing with bags, but my thing is to sling it over my shoulder, and see if it makes me feel fabulous. If it does, it’s coming home with me!

  127. randee says:

    i’d pick the jimmy choo if money grew on trees & might go looking for the roxy pale silver for myself. actually, i think i like the roxy pale silver better than any of the expensive ones.

  128. Emma says:

    I meant the pale silver roxy. The square-shaped boxy one. Oh, and love the photo of you. You look stunning!!

  129. Suzanne says:

    If money grew on trees, I think I’d go for the Kenneth Cole bag. But since it does not, I really like the Vera Wang bag. But the Daisy Fuentes is cute, too.

  130. Kimberly says:

    1. Jimmy Choo metallic hobo
    2. Roxy pewter handbag

    Thanks, I think I may be purchasing a new purse this weekend! I am currently sporting a super cute plum clutch (with hot pink lining), which I found on clearance, but I need a larger option too.

  131. Erica says:

    The Roxy pale silver is cute. However just to add one to the list Chico’s has a pewter bag that has a design stitched in it that is really cute. It is $89 but after two days of longing for it I broke down and bought it. I adore it and carry it with everything. It is plenty big for all the things you need to put in it. Just another idea.

  132. Angela Smith says:

    Okay, If I had no budget, I’d pick the Jimmy Choo bag. Gorgeous!
    Of the more affordable ones, the Roxy Pewter is my choice.

  133. Melissa says:

    It’s so funny you posted this! I just seen the roxy pewter handbag in the store over the weekend, it was beautiful and so soft! I’d definitely pick that one!

  134. gayla says:

    I would totally choose the YSL metallic bag. I LOVE METALLICS as much as you! YAY.

    My thrifty choice would be the Roxy Pewter one. LOVE these. Yay.

  135. kris says:

    i’d pick the Roxy pale silver handbag,$42 no matter how much $$ i had :)

  136. Veronica says:

    Roxy Pale!

  137. Wendy says:

    Ack, I like the Daisy Fuentes & the Spiegel ones the best. Or the Guess. I dont know which I’d pick! Honestly, the super pricey ones dont do it for me.

  138. Theresa says:

    Rebecca Minkoff’s Nikki hobo if money wasn’t important. Roxy Pale Silver is really cuter than the more expensive one’s!

  139. Bethany says:

    Love the Roxy bag. It caught my eye right away and I decided I liked it enough to buy it for myself! I googled it and came up with it even CHEAPER. :) Here is the site, it’s some kind of surfing site so don’t be scared of the address. http://www.killerdana.com/killerdana/product.asp?pf_id=10139259&s_id=0 I’m totally thinking of ordering it for myself. . . probably now that I post it, it will sell out!!! I see just about everyone picked it as their fave!!! It looks like an awesome combo of a gold/silver metallic.

  140. Rebekah says:

    If I could have *any* of those, regardless of price, I’d pick the Coach “Penelope.” but in real life the $38 Daisy Fuentes bag is more my speed.

  141. Nicole says:

    I absolutely adore the Jimmy Choo…oh, if only money did grow on trees! Realistically, I am really loving that Vera Wang!

  142. Erin says:

    Have you tried etsy.com? You could get something for less than $100 and it would be handmade!

  143. Pam says:

    Love the Roxy but if you have kids – Daisy Fuentes – reminds me a lot of your yellow bag!

  144. Tracey says:

    I love the Roxy Pale silver $42.00. I would even buy that. Where did you find it?

  145. Melissa says:

    If I could indulge it would be the Jimmy Choo but on a under $100 budget I would go with the Roxy pale silver.

  146. Dianne says:

    1. Roxy Pewter (if the Roxy pale silver only had 1 strap I would have chosen it)
    2. Kenneth Cole

    I had to laugh about the memory of changing your purse every day! I also used to have lots of pretty undergarments in many colors and would match them to my outerwear-in my pre mommy days….

  147. Wendy says:

    1. K.Cole
    2. Roxy

  148. Gena says:

    If money were no object: Christian Louboutin Marianna metallic hobo
    In reality: Roxy Pewter handbag.

    In fact, I love that Roxy bag and think $42 is pretty sweet. It looks incredibly similar to the one that I would never, ever spend that much money on.

  149. Realistically — Vera Wang!

  150. Leigh Ann says:

    I choose the Roxy Pewter, definitely!!

  151. Esther says:

    Coincidentally I’m having a giveaway at my blog of a handbag. But sadly it’s vintage fabric chic not metallic chic. Probably not your style.

    Out of your choices, I’d probably go the Vera Wang or the Roxy pale silver.

  152. Christina says:

    $$$$$- Rebecca Minkoff; $- Spiegel

  153. Brenda J Moore says:

    Guess – luxe croco
    Roxy- Pewter.

    – large without banging people in the back,
    – metal not blinding! [ I LOVE METALICS]

  154. SHERMI says:

    My money no object pick is the YSL bag, but for my reality check it is definitely Roxy Pewter bag.

  155. ashleyD says:

    i’m a big jessica simpson fan, but i don’t care for that bag. i have it in the “signature” fabric in medium and love it, there’s something about that metallic that makes it look cheap though.
    my vote is for the roxy-pewter or roxy-pale silver!

  156. Jamie V says:

    I’d take any one.. or 5 of these.

    My vote goes to the Guess croc. Looks big enough to hold mommyhood necessity items and Guess bags almost always have a fun interior fabric.

  157. Alli says:

    I would go with the Roxy pale silver bag. Some of the other ones that look nice have rolled handles would be so uncomfortable on the shoulder and I wouldn’t be able to just carry it in my hand everywhere. Also, have you tried etsy to see what’s on there? there were a few cute ones all under 100.

  158. Kristin says:

    $$$$$ Jimmy Choo

    $ Spiegel

  159. Juice says:

    Spiegel. But of course I’d first have to check out Marshalls. You never know what you might find. And I love the idea of a coppery bag!

  160. Rugger says:

    The Marissa is my pick.

  161. Yocelyn says:

    My love is MK, but since I can not afford that I am def now in love with the roxy pale silver. I love big bags and it looks like I can add a ton of my stuff to it :)

  162. Heather says:

    i would go with one of the roxy’s – they look like the roomiest and best value

  163. Heidi says:

    Coach penelope for sure!!! I love it!

  164. montanna says:

    I am totally getting the Roxy! I am in need of a new bag too! I vote Roxy!

  165. Amber says:

    So many beautiful treasures! My favorite idea is the entry bench made with a cabinet and and a door!

  166. Em says:

    My #1 designer off your list is for sure the Jimmy Choo.
    For the affordable?? :) The Roxy Pewter or the… nope, just the Roxy Pewter.
    I found a couple cute ones last year (just for fun of course): The Botkier “St. Tropez Metallic Nylon Tote”, the 7 for all man kind “Bronze Metallic Pleated Straps Satchel” and Susan Farber “Small Riley Metallic Grunge with Bow” Those don’t help much this year tho. Sorry! :) I wish I would have gotten mine last year, Khol’s had a pretty cute Vera Wang metallic hobo on sale for dirt cheap, like $24? Yah, unfortunate.

    Have fun!!

  167. Sharon says:

    I love the Roxy Pewter and want it myself. Where can I get it!!! I love metallic for the fall!!!!

  168. Lani W. says:

    If money grew on trees I’d get the Kenneth Cole New York Pay Roll hobo but right now I would probably get the Daisy Fuentes crocodile hobo… good luck with your decision!

  169. So many great ones to choose from. I think I like the B Makowsy bag the most and the price isn’t that bad either! I take any of them though! You can’t go wrong, just broke! :)

  170. Mary says:

    Treesje Raine Haze hobo, and the Vera Wang.

  171. Amy says:

    1. Jimmy Choo Hobo… but since practicality typically wins out,
    2. Roxy Pewter


  172. Dacia says:

    If money grew on trees, I’m with ya on #1 for sure! But since it doesn’t grow on trees, I really like the Daisy Fuentes crocodile hobo, $38.

  173. Meg says:

    Guess Luxe embossed croc hobo . . . :)

  174. San says:

    #1: I love christian louboutin… Dun have the shoes, but if I had the money I’d get both! Hahaha!
    #2: The Guess bag’s pretty cute!

  175. Type A Mommy says:

    I’d have to vote (realistically) for the Daisy Fuentes bag, because it looks the biggest – and that’s always a huge factor for me and the sippy cups and toys I need to carry around. Good luck!

  176. Jeanette says:

    If money grew on trees The Michael Kors
    The practical – The Roxy pale
    But I usually guage which bag I’m gonna buy by the amount of pockets on the outside. LOL
    Visiting from SITS to say congrats on being the featured blogger today!


  177. Brit says:

    If money grew on trees, I would vote the Michael Kors or B. Makowsky bag. I love the “bunching” on them. BUT since money refuses to fall from the sky, I vote the Roxy Pewter bag. Update us on what you choose.
    P.S. Love that picture of you! You look so sassy, and boho chic.

  178. Amy says:

    I like the Roxy pale silver

  179. If all things were equal (pricewise), I’d go with the YSL first and the Jimmy Choo 2nd. On the more budget friendly end, you can’t go wrong with either Roxy.

  180. Christina says:

    I like the Michael Kors Zuma bag, but my vote is for the Roxy pale silver (I think the smaller one is cuter, but if you need space go for the big one).

    I’m currently working a beige (with silver chain strap) hobo, and I like that it acts as a neutral. Don’t have to change it to work with an outfit. ;-)

  181. if money were no object…Coach ‘Penelope’ shopper
    practical pick…Spiegel metallic hobo

    the more affordable bags are way cuter!
    happy SITS FB DAY!

  182. i have to say that the answer to 1 and 2 are the same. I just love the Daisy Fuentes crocodile hobo, $38

  183. Disney says:

    Ooooh I LOVE the Kenneth Cole New York bag. Yum, yum, yum!

  184. kelly says:

    ditto – i’m going for the crocodile hobo $38 happy SITS

  185. freckletree. says:

    LOVE the fossil, but I actually like the daisy fuentes (for the price– wha!).


  186. Well, Since Dave Ramsey won’t let me get the Micheal Kors, I guess it’ll have to be the Spiegel.
    Happy Hunting!

  187. Laura says:

    I may be an oddball, but I don’t carry a purse. If it doesn’t fit in my pants pocket, I don’t need it with me. But…if someone told me I had to buy a purse, I would pick Guess Luxe embossed croc hobo, $73.

  188. Sarah S says:

    I like both the Roxy ones and the Guess one is fab!!! The Simply Vera bag is nice too. The Jimmy Choo would have been my designer bag of choice. Also, I just wanted to mention, my new favorite lines at JCP are Genna De Rossi, I have had 2 of her purses and loved them and my other favorite is now Nicole Miller, I got a toile print in black and white satin that I just loved!
    Did you see this turned corner satchel by Apt. 9? http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/juniors/handbagswallets/PRD~489783/apt+9+TurnedCorner+Satchel.jsp
    Both colors are pretty.

  189. Katy says:

    I just found your site through SITS. I love it! If I had all of the money…I would definitely choose the very first bag by Louboutin. However, seeing as how I don’t think anybody should spend that much on a bag (no matter how delicious it looks!), I would go with the Jessica Simpson pearl hobo. I really like that one :)

  190. rj's mama says:

    i love big bags, but since we should just stick with <$100 — i vote for the Spiegel metallic hobo.

  191. Lynn says:

    Visiting from SITS. The Michael Kors Zuma satchel for no. 1 and then the Roxy Pewter for no. 2. Did you buy a bag yet?

  192. Cassie says:

    I don’t know if you’ve chosen already, but I came across this bag today and thought you might like it. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A94318.desc.KathyVanZeeland-Crinkle-Patent-Double-Handle-Medium-Tote

    Good luck in your search!


  194. Rebecca says:

    Ok, ladies, I became obsessed with the Roxy Pewter bag, which is technically called the Roxy Sweet and Tender bag in Metallic. So I poked around online and being the recessionista that I am I found it for $36, which I thought was good, more poking, wasting work time, I find it for $18.00 at http://www.killerdana.com, which is a surf company. $18.00! I’m overjoyed. So I poke around a little more, find a promo code (retailmenot has a bunch, had to try a couple) and get 10% off, taking it to $16.20! Yeah. That’s right! Cherry on the cake of my night? Free shipping! Now THAT is how you work a recession ! They have lots of colors on the site, just click on the bag in any color and watch the others that load on the side. The navy is really cute too.

    Happy shopping!

  195. wx says:

    I’d have to go with Guess Luxe or Michael Kors if I had the moola. Thanks for the headsup on killerdana :) Off to check out their stuff now.

  196. Jessica says:

    The Louboutin, even if you wanted to spend that much, would be VERY uncomfortable on the shoulder when weighted down with a camera, wallet, and various sippy cups. In your price rqnge, I like the Roxy pale silver the best, but my favorite metallic to carry is bronze/copper. It looks nice with so much! When you carry big bags that occasionally get very heavy, you need to take the straps into consideration! I know you’ll love whatever yo

  197. Jessica says:

    The Louboutin, even if you wanted to spend that much, would be VERY uncomfortable on the shoulder when weighted down with a camera, wallet, and various sippy cups. In your price rqnge, I like the Roxy pale silver the best, but my favorite metallic to carry is bronze/copper. It looks nice with so much! When you carry big bags that occasionally get very heavy, you need to take the straps into consideration! I know you’ll love whatever you choose…

  198. Teena says:

    I like the Coach Penelope shopper the best. The color is great, and I adore the Coach brand of handbags (when they’re not covered in the Coach logo, that is.) The price is a bit of a splurge, but $275 for a fabulous bag is not crazy expensive, either.

  199. Teena says:

    oh, wait. I didn’t read the directions. handbags over $100 are simply eye candy. (but very delicious eye candy!) so ignore my suggestion about the Coach bag. Of the bags under $100, the Roxy pewter handbag is my fave. It’s a great color and it’s a nice, simple shape. Too many times, inexpensive handbag designers try to do too much with a bag and add details that look tacky. The Roxy bag doesn’t do that and it’s perfect in its simplicity.

  200. Michelle Marsh says:

    I love them all, but as much as I LOVE the pricey brand name bags, I too am a mom of 2 preschoolers. I just can’t justify the sort of cash for these bags when I will surely destroy one with kiddo items stashed inside! That’s just me. I do love to follow http://www.pennypurses.com. Perhaps you will find one of your dreams there and bid on it. Just a thought. They mainly offer Coach. I do love Guess in terms of brands since I do have several of their items which actually do hold up. Their prices are somewhat reasonable and the variety is nice. BTW, I heart your yellow bag!! Please do share your final selection with us.

  201. kerry says:

    First of all, I love your website! I am also a diy-er with a taste for the very expensive/out of my range style. I have been designing handbags for 10 years, most of which are leather, b/c of my love for expensive things. I have learned out of reach expensive designers are often using the same quaility that the lesser known designers use. I am huge proponent of going with a leather that feels like quality, regardless of the price. My vote is the Coach, Roxy Silver and Daisy Fuentes. I am now carrying my own bag that is purple/cream metallic alligator hobo with a purple leather tassle closure. No one would know that I purchased the leather locally and designed it myself. The leather is a quality that you would find on many of the designer bags. It cost me about $75. My point is, don’t be influenced by the price, and mistake it for better quaility or more ‘stylish’ just b/c of the price. put it on your shoulder, have a friend put it on their shoulder and pay attention to your first impression when you see her wearing it. As you know, you can get bags on ebay that are designer and used. So what if they are used, if you get a $1000 bag for $200?

  202. Andrea says:

    Honestly the one I like out of all of them is the Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416. It pricey enough to be good quality but on the lower end of designer. Go for it! ;-)

  203. erin says:

    if money were no object, i’d go with the jimmy choo metallic hobo–i feel like the darker color would go great with just about any outfit, and i love the shape. but to be on the practical side, i would rock the roxy pale silver handbag, which has a very similar shape to the jimmy choo. with both of these handbags, i like that they’re metallic, but not TOO shiny, as that seems to bridge the casual to dressy gap a little better and, in my opinion, those will survive a little longer, even if the metallic trend starts to die out. (uhh, even though metallics seem to have been on trend lists for about eight years running, haha.) no matter what you pick–i think these all look great! and i love the soon-to-be-retired yellow purse too!

  204. Melissa says:

    Kenneth Cole! Otherwise its between the Roxy and the Spiegel. Love your style!

  205. Vania says:

    For 1. I love YSL, so for designer bags, it would be the YSL first and the Jimmy Choo second.

    For 2. For the mid-range bags, definitely the Kenneth Cole. For the lower end stuff, the pale silver Roxy looks great and for a bit more structure, the Pewter Roxy bag is good too.

    Too much detailing on bags makes it look cluttered or cheap, like bows…uggghh! Go for something with clean lines and it’ll go with anything.

  206. han says:

    b. makowsky…i love the feel of their bags…all of mine have held up marvelously.

  207. Sarah W. says:

    I love the Roxy pewter bag – clean lines, classic shape, good go-with-anything metallic. It’s late Feb. now…so which one did you choose?

  208. Lisa says:

    I just bought the Daisy Fuentes bag TODAY at Kohl’s for 90% off!!! I love it!!!

  209. Constar says:

    I like the Guess bag…I buy Guess bags often because they are still stylish, they are trying to compete with larger fashion houses, they understand the concept of storage in a purse and not to mention they stand against wear and tear.

    I’ve had a guess purse that is a satchel style for like three years…and the purse still looks NEW!

    I’d go with the guess…..it’s what you want and it’s still got the style you need.

  210. Julie says:

    Rebecca Minkoff metallic ‘Nikki’ hobo, $416

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