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Where Do You Blog? Party

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hi all, how was your weekend ?  Ours was go go go, but we accomplished a lot.  We had a successful yard sale (I made $480 ~ yes!) plus I cleaned out my garage in anticipation of a huge project I’m planning, plus kept five children (including my own, and my nephews and niece) fed, clean, and entertained.  Whew !  Busy busy.

So . . . . last week I had a spontaneous idea to have a ‘Where Do You Blog? Party ~ I hope there are some of you who are ready to link up your spaces !

As for me, I spend most of my morning and weekend blogging hours in my home office, but when the kids are home from school, many afternoons I plug in at the island in our kitchen in order to check emails and keep an eye on all the activity in our home, plus prep dinner and check on homework progress.  Yes, I move back and forth, but it works for me !

cg where you blog

What about you?  Where do you put in most of your blogging hours?  At the kitchen table?  In a home office ?  Have you claimed a desk, closet, or room and styled it with your favorite things?  If you work outside the home, how is your office space organized?

What corner of your world have you dedicated to spending time online?

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Link party will be up through the end of Wednesday Sept 1st.

Go ahead and link up your space for all to see !



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Impromptu Invitation: Where Do You Blog?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Did you know that the average person spends 13 hours online every week?   The average person, not blogger.  13 hours online is an extremely low figure if you do happen to be a blogger.  I imagine most full time bloggers spend three to four times that amount online each week, perhaps more.  Why do I mention this ?

Because just like where you sleep, where you spend a healthy amount of hours staring at a computer screen is a reflection of who you are.   Yesterday, I tweeted a question:  who is interested in a “Where Do You Blog?” linky party where you show your little nook or corner of your home or office?   Plenty of peeps replied “Me!”

I find this question fascinating, because we are all so different, we have various lifestyles, and yet we all have a certain place we’ve reserved where we connect online with each other.

Where do you sit down in front of a screen to connect with of the rest of the world?

So here is the challenge for the weekend:

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Linky Party on Monday August 30th !


Have you carved out a little space to call your own ?  Perhaps you dream of a perfect closet space like this one from Country Living.


Perhaps you’ve styled an amazing space you’d love to share!  Or perhaps you simply belly up to the dining room table with a hot cup of tea.  Great !  Cause guess what?  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  As much as I love my home office, and even though I spend most daytime hours and late night hours writing in this space . . .


cg desktop


. . .  when the kids are home from school I find it works much better for me to plug in my laptop on the kitchen island.   It’s the one place I can prep dinner, check emails, monitor homework, raise my eyebrows at any child attempting to raid the pantry, and play referee during TV hour.

What about you?   If you’re a busy multitasking mom, where do you steal a little time online?  If you’re a career gal, how have you personalized your office space?  If you’re a part time or full time blogger, what are your tips for a comfortable workspace ?

Snap a photo and tell us your story !

Tell us not only where you blog, but why  you blog in that place.  What makes your space special to you?   What would you improve?   If you hate it, what are your plans for improvement? If you love it, why?

I’ll put the linky party on Sunday night for everyone to link up their little office nook, large, or small, simple or grand.    If you’re not a blogger, feel free to post a picture of your workspace on my Facebook Fan Page, I’d love to see it !

Sound like fun ? 

I’ll post the linky party Sunday evening.

A very sweet giveaway coming later today . . . here’s a clue: she’s a character from Charlotte’s Web.  Intrigued ?  Stay tuned !