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Weekend Reading

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Weekend hellos! June is flying by isn’t it? I confess I’m in full summer mode, the fans are whirring around the house, the mornings are a bit lazier, and the evenings are relaxed and thankfully event free.

As a result, I’ve been completely hooked on Grand Hotel on Netflix, have you seen it? I cannot stop watching! I’ve finished Season 1and I’m looking forward to Seasons 2 and 3, the TV series is set in Spain in 1905, the details of the hotel are beautiful inside and out, you catch glimpses of the spaces behind the activities of both sweet and sinister characters interacting together, it’s a bit soap opera at times but I just love it.

seaside chic living room


Favorite links from the week…

Seaside chic: the most lovely house tour.

Design inspiration: ginger jars.

Also ideas for decorating a skinny hallway and setting an outdoor table.

Two students’ anonymous encouraging words on Instagram and Twitter.

The wall of “If I knew then what I know now.”

Fitness experts share what they eat after a workout.

But no matter your size or shape in a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit, you’re fabulous!

Interesting read: the outrageous reality of our universities.

Meet my new morning coffee mug.

Love these renamed paint colors.


Enjoy your weekend!

Weekend Reading

Friday, June 12th, 2015

The last few days have been a medley of fun by the pool and work behind the scenes, hence the slow blogging this week. The family is in Las Vegas while I’m working on the house before my aunt moves in next month. I’ve been all over town picking up tile for a backsplash and light fixtures too, the kitchen appliances arrived today, hooray! I’m headed back to California on Saturday but will return in a few weeks to wrap up the project – I’m excited to feature the completed master bathroom and kitchen at the end of the month!

beach house


The favorite links from the week . . .

Eye candy: a Brisbane based designer’s portfolio including this beach house.

A fab kitchen remodel that started with removing a wall.

Two favorite paint colors together: Sea Salt + Coventry Gray.

Golden age of Hollywood beauty secrets.

Lunching tips to learn from the French.

A great list of summer books to read.

Just as awkward as us: celebrities at their proms.

Great travel advice for road trips with kids.

Stunning photographs of dancers.

Yes to hand embroidery.

Pretty pretty ring dishes.

It Is Love.


Have a great weekend !