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Weekend Reading

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! We’re starting on a new DIY project this weekend and these little furniture feet will be part of the creation. How funny that some of you thought they resembled silver julep cups, so did I! I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby but it’s on my “things to experience in life” list – anyone attending the events year?


In lieu of a trip to Churchill Downs, join in on the fun with a trio of mint juleps like these three versions!

A few links I enjoyed this week . . .

5 great remodeling tips from a kitchen makeover

Oh what beautiful book covers!

 This story of perseverance.

Beauty “secrets” of French women.

Derby hats!

The confidence gap.

What would you look like in different decades?

Cell phones are the new smoking

Wanna dance? I’m digging this MJ + JT remix.


Also this article & interview …

a touch of tropical

pb qanda

A Touch of Tropical

Q&A with Pottery Barn

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Wishing you all a blissful weekend!


Weekend Reading

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Ugh, the last 48 hours have been so emotionally draining. Between the sad passing of a family friend and more site security issues, I’m feeling so so worn out. I want to go into detail about what’s been happening with the site, it’s an awful thing and a very sophisticated attack but I’d bore you with the coding issues. I’ve got people who know a lot more than me helping me figure this out, I really appreciate your patience.

I’m trying to stay positive – at least my favorite viburnum bush is in bloom, and I look forward to the bouquets every April. The puffy blooms inspired a little vignette with some new watercolor art and favorite baubles from the past: sea floats and shells.

spring green vignette


Here are some of my favorite links from the week…

I want to attend Matthew’s Easter dinner

10 great IKEA wardrobe hacks

A really fun design challenge

I love these origami egg holders 

Etsy will now offer wholesaling

Some of the best Mad Men fashion

Which sitcom characters can actually afford their housing?

Steal, don’t invent

A blogger faces her critics

Are you who you want to be?


My posts this week at My Colortopia and BH&G Shop:

diy striped planters

outdoor shopping picks

Easy DIY Striped Planters

Summer Outdoor Accessories

Wishing you all a lovely Easter!