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Weekend Reading

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Hello ! Thanks for your patience with my lack of posts this week, I was able to catch up on some backburner things with those few days away from the computer. I’m excited that we harvested our Pinot Noir grapes and the crop looks good, every year with the help of a winemaker we make vino to drink and give away to friends. Have you read the story of how we grafted our vines? The process is still so fascinating to me.

We hired a contractor and selected cabinets and a backsplash for grandma’s upcoming kitchen remodel and will be submitting plans to the HOA board for approval next week, so that project is moving along. Also I’m working with our local Committee on the Shelterless (see the Alma Project posts for the backstory) to pull together a professional clothing work closet with some donated commercial space in my hometown. Skim coating the drywall starts next week then we will be installing partitions, display cases and garment racks, it’s a space with a lot of potential and the cause is a great one, I’ll have more to share on that soon.

For your reading enjoyment, some of my favorite links from the week!

gray and white kitchen

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My town is in the press lately as a #1 tourist destination and also #7 for antiques shopping, don’t everyone come at once :) 

Also don’t miss the 20 inspiring projects from the Summer Blog Hop. Over at My Colortopia, I wrote about Choosing the Right White Paint.


See you all back here on Monday!  .

Weekend Reading

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Hello! What are you all up to on this long and last weekend of summer? I’m packing up today since we’re headed back to Las Vegas for a few days to work on the house and soak up some sun. Here’s a short list of links loved from the past week.

gallery wall erika brechtel

How to build a gallery wall (5 excellent tips).

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Ten clever ways to use stock cabinets around the house.

Give me gratitude or give me debt (fresh “perspectacles”).

Why we humblebrag about being busy.

How nice to see my fabric patterns appear in other homes, thanks Sharon!

Wow, I’d love to hang out in this floating hotel

Back to school: the 70s v. today (funny!)

And my writing at Lamps Plus, Get the Look: Autumn Interior Accents


Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, enjoy!