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Weekend Reading

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

** Monday Morning Update: I’m putting the finishing touches on the Lookbook for the Summer Fabrics, check back later today for the images and new collection!

I’ve got two big things I’m working on this weekend and I’ve got to take a few days to concentrate on them so I’m posting a weekend roundup early. 

Today is my Mom’s 60th birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and for a present my Dad had the idea to have all of her friends and relatives from nieces and grandchildren to parents write a letter sharing stories about her or telling her how much she meant to them. I helped him assemble it (the personalized album is from Exposures) and he gave it to her today and of course she cried and laughed for hours reading the album of collected stories and sentiments. a1

One amazing story (bottom right) is a newspaper article published the day my mom was born. It tells how my mom’s father and his brother who were fraternal twins became proud parents on the same day as their wives gave birth in the same hospital within an hour of each other on May 29, 1954. How’s that for small town excitement! 

Beautiful Maya Angelou passed away yesterday, she was such an inspiring woman who spoke with compassion and encouragement – my Mom is like that, always filled with kind words for people and as Maya said people will always remember how you made them feel. I’m trying to remember that in my daily interactions, to remain positive, encouraging, uplifting, gracious under pressure. In a world with too much criticism, anger, and hate, both Maya and my mom are beloved role models in that way that they always make people feel better about themselves, a great legacy to impart. 

Two big exciting things are happening next week, we are finally closing escrow on the house we’re buying and I’m releasing my summer fabric collection. I’ll have more information on our home purchase experience next week (it’s been a looooong one!)

I’m putting together a Lookbook of the Summer Collection fabrics and I’m excited to share them with you, but I’m always anxious when releasing new patterns. Like Maya says you’ve got to grab the world by its lapels and put yourself out there so I am! Here’s a sneak peek of one of my new summer prints, all twelve of the new patterns including this one will be available on Monday.

summer starburst print on beach


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Have a fantastic weekend !


Weekend Reading

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! We’re starting on a new DIY project this weekend and these little furniture feet will be part of the creation. How funny that some of you thought they resembled silver julep cups, so did I! I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby but it’s on my “things to experience in life” list – anyone attending the events year?


In lieu of a trip to Churchill Downs, join in on the fun with a trio of mint juleps like these three versions!

A few links I enjoyed this week . . .

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Wishing you all a blissful weekend!