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Weekend Reading

Friday, January 16th, 2015

There are few things I like about January besides awards show fashion and the NFL playoffs. It’s so gloomy and cold I have a hard time staying cheerful. Between being sick this week, gray skies and the unending chill, all I’m thinking is spring cannot come fast enough!!

I want to catch up on a few movies we’ve missed, the only film I’ve seen that’s nominated this year for Best Picture is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was quirky and fun. Which films do you recommend as a must see?

flowers in tray


Here’s the roundup of favorite links from the week:

A beautiful beach house tour.

Box it up: one smart way to become a minimalist.

I want to road trip with a tiny heirloom home.

So cool, a 3D printed dress (and it’s pretty too!).

36 questions that lead to love. 

Weight loss: why habits trump willpower.

Target is closing all stores in Canada.

Unexpected scented candles.

More honest cards from Emily McDowell.

Will and Kate are now on Instagram.


I’m off to buy tulips and fake spring indoors until it comes…

Have a great three day weekend!

Weekend Reading

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

I said farewell to my family today, they’re driving home to California while I stay here in Las Vegas for another week awaiting our kitchen cabinet delivery and finishing up other projects in the master bathroom and laundry room. In my spare time I’ll be shopping for tile for the kitchen backsplash, much to do in the week I’m still here but I’m looking forward to returning home. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments from my last post, I treasure every one. 

Here’s the short list of favorite links from the week, enjoy!

black painted vanity


15 beautiful paint colors from 2014

Great decorating advice from real spaces.

15 minute decluttering tips.

Helpful advice for home resale.

18 best libraries in the world.

Illustrated: film stars living in iconic residences.

Creative Samsung ads: famous artists taking self portraits.

Coming to NYC – a floating park on the Hudson River.

"Real" moments in parenting.


P.S. – I’m having LASIK surgery on my eyes tomorrow (eeeeek!) and feeling slightly anxious about it but so happy to be rid of glasses and contacts, wish me luck !