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More Trellis Awesomeness

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I was oh so giddy to receive a note from a reader that he had recently stenciled his walls with an amazing trellis pattern in his living room just like I did in our master bedroom.  

Courtney wrote:

“I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love everything about it, and because you are in the Bay Area!  Your blog motivated me me to create my own Jonathan Adler "lite" lamp using parts from the St. Vincent de Paul store in Oakland and to do some plantings in my garden/patio.  However, when I saw you were stenciling your wall, I thought I would share a recent project I just completed for my living room.  While I was not as industrious as yourself in making my own stencil (I bought it online) our desire for a similar pattern is evident.”


trellis before


trellis after


Doesn’t his living room have that ‘wow’ factor with that amazing wall ?   I also love the gray sofa, the shag rug, and the Lucite coffee table.  Completely fantastic Courtney!

Courtney purchased a trellis stencil online ~ you can read his entire tutorial right here  including the paint colors and tricks he used to achieve this stunning effect, and the source of his fabulous stencil. 

Love it!


Painted Trellis Wall

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Hiya folks, hope you had a lovely weekend !  Today I’ll show you my step by step for the hand painted trellis pattern on our wall in our bedroom.

I wanted something elegant behind our headboard but also dramatic with a hint of shimmer.  My original idea was to use wallpaper with a subtle metallic pattern, but when I saw Kristen’s wall featured on YHL a few weeks ago, I decided to this was a much easier (and cheaper) way to add the large scale design I wanted without the expense of wallpaper.          

cg lattice painted wall


This 13’ x 9’ feature wall was not difficult, but it did take a lot of patience.  I created my own stencil, sketched the pattern on the wall, and then filled in the lines with acrylic craft paint, all in about six hours.  

Supplies: poster board; utility knife or sharp blade; silver colored pencil; level; painter’s tape; craft paint; artist’s Filbert paintbrush. 

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