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Best of August!

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Happy Labor Day everyone!  We’re taking one more day of leisure here in San Diego before heading home, but it’s a new month which means it’s time to share the best of the last!  Here are the top ten not-to-miss posts from August.

best of august 1

1.  The family computer armoire got a makeover; 2.  There’s a new painted étagère in the master bathroom; 3.  the junk drawer is organized again, and 4.  the lawn got a lot greener in two short weeks! 

best of august 2

5.  We changed the wall map in the study; 6.  our trip to Montréal was fantastique!  7.  a tour of the rugs in our casa; 8.  Québec City has some beautiful doors; 9.  we’re on the hunt for a trestle table; and 10.  the kids got to be boss for a day

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, be back tomorrow !



Best of June!

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

It’s the first of July so it’s roundup time!  Here is the list of the top ten not-to-miss posts on CG in June! 

best of june 1

1.  We built a window seat from IKEA cabinets!  2.  What I did with the dog eared pages.  3.  It’s a DIY high heel shoe rack!  4.  Growing healthy hydrangeas.

best of june 2

5.  Relaxing on our blue balcony   6.  Office upgrades + easy rod pocket panels   7.  Don’t miss this list of fabulous online fabric sources  8.   Picnic placemats with utensil pockets.  9.  Yummy yum, time for tropical summer sangria.   10.  Grafting Pinot Noir grapes.  

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Enjoy your day!

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