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The King’s Chair

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Several months ago, I found a cane arm chair at a thrift store and just had to bring it home.  Something about its shape spoke to me.  As I mentioned before, I had every intention of placing it in our master bedroom, as a place for ‘The King’ of this castle to take off his shoes at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, over the course of this makeover, ‘The Queen’ happened to fall in love with it, and thinks it might just belong downstairs. 

I stripped it down to its frame before the holidays began, but sadly, it was cast aside for the frenzy of Christmas crafts and holiday décor.  I tried to finish it before Christmas when I discovered how to make double welt cord, but then my last needle broke and the chair was returned to the garage.  This past weekend, I returned to this project, and finally finished it! 

Here is the chair ‘Before’:

chair before

And ‘After’:

camel velvet chair after

I kept it classic this time.  I didn’t pick a snazzy modern fabric or the latest geometric for the upholstery to wow you.  Instead, I chose a neutral camel velvet because I wanted it to be a timeless piece ~ one I could rotate throughout the house based on whim, feeling, and mood ~ all the things that dictate furniture placement in my home these days. 

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Thrifting at Christmas

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I had big plans yesterday, big plans to get a lot done.  I kinda sort of got a few things done.  Presents from Santa for the kids?  Thank you Toys ‘R Us.  Party ware?  Check.  Outdoor canopy rented for overflow because there’s a storm a comin’ and I just counted 80 on the RSVP list and need extra square footage pronto?  Check.  And gulp. 

Amidst the party preparations, I made a huge mistake.  No wait, not a mistake, a strategic detour.  Between retail stores, I conveniently found myself in the parking lot of the local thrift store.  It’s been over three weeks, how could I resist?

I spotted some fab tufted velvet chairs in shockingly good shape.  I especially love the office chair to the left.  Recovered in peacock blue, it would look so much like Emily’s

tufted chairs

This headboard rocked my world.  Oh how lovely it would be refinished in gray, black or cream.  Perhaps a touch of glaze in the crevices?  Gorgeous. 

headboard 2


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