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Goblets and Glasses and Ceramics, Oh My

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

It is rare, and I mean rare with a capital R, that I find good glassware at my local Goodwill. Most of what I usually see are those clear uninteresting florist vases or mismatched glasses of mixed variety and low quality. Yesterday was different. Very different. It was like Macy’s unloaded their stock that day. I was delighted bring home a few lovely little gems to add to my collection.

I am a complete sucker for colored glass. My eyes are always drawn to it right away, so when I saw the selections available, I made a bee line for the glassware section.

Check out these foot tall tea light candle holders I picked up for $2 each. They are perfect for adding height to a dining table, and will come in very handy during the holidays when I put candles on just about every surface in my house.

glass tea light holders

Ooooh, I just love that sparkle.  

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Proving Myself Wrong

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I once publicly proclaimed that I would never buy a sofa second-hand unless I knew the owner.  I declared that if I was going to lay my head on it, well then it would certainly be new.  Kind of like that time I said I didn’t like burlap, but now find myself completely fixated on it. 

Funny how sometimes when you draw a line in the sand, you get that sand thrown in your face. 

I confess I have browsed at used sofas on Craigslist, but was always afraid to invest in someone else’s rejected couch.  In fact, I skip merrily past the sofa section at the local thrift stores, because “Ewww” is all I have ever seen in that department. 

But as fate would have it, I was at the St. Vincent de Paul last week

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