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Favorite Things

Friday, November 19th, 2010

My friend Melissa at 320 Sycamore is having a ‘Favorite Things’ party today ~ here are some of my favorite things from just today!

1.  A latte from Peets to go.  When you’re a volunteer at your kid’s elementary school, you need caffeine!  Lately I’ve been treating myself to a latte on Fridays from my favorite coffee shop.  Love!

peets latte


2.  Arbonne makeup primer.   A friend introduced me to this a few months ago, and I’m totally hooked.  I’m cheating on my other favorite skin primer because Arbonne makeup primer is less expensive, and therefore quickly taking its place.  No one pays me to say it, I just love it!  Under tinted moisturizer, it makes me feel (and almost look) ten years younger.  I now use it every time I leave my house. 

Less visible pores and lines?  Gimme.

  arbonne primer


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Glitter Leaf Hurricanes

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Happy Veterans Day all!   A big salute to the veterans and troops today!  Did your town have a parade?  Ours did, and so many came out to pay tribute!

I’m working my way through my list of holiday crafts, and I finished up one half of a project today!   We’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I am helping with the table setting, so here’s one of my contributions: glitter leaf hurricanes!  Or should I say hurricane singular . . .  I still have to finish the second one, but no worries.  This is such a simple and quick project anyone can finish in under an hour.

  cg glitter leaf hurricane 1

What you’ll need:  pattern or design of choice; glass candle holder or vase; spray paint; glitter; adhesive vinyl; cutting board; box cutter or X-acto knife; cotton swabs; mineral spirits or paint thinner (for cleaning up with spray paint).


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