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Four Years Old!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

number fourHey there friends, today CG turns four! February 15th marks the day four years ago I logged into Blogger, picked this url, and started this adventure as a hobby in the beginning and now it’s a job, I never would have imagined such a thing could happen.

Along the way I’ve made some amazing friends and been blessed with incredible opportunities, I’m so grateful for each one, but I must say the thing that keeps me coming back to the keyboard each day is you and I mean it with all sincerity.

Your comments motivate me to share my ideas, designs, and thoughts on a regular basis so I have to start with a big thank you to all of you who continue to read each day. I’m not going to analyze the blog traffic in numbers but I will say they long ago exceeded my expectations.  

Every year I write a summary of what I’ve learned so I’m doing it again this year but first I thought it would be interesting to see what four years into this gig the readership looks like – thanks to thousands of survey answers, here’s a breakdown of the numbers which reveal who YOU are.

This cracked me up but I really wasn’t surprised. Hello to you male readers out there, I love when you comment!

male or female


In the age group, I broke down the younger crowd into 5 year categories but then mistakenly grouped the over 40 crowd into 10 year groups (gaffe!) and you all left some great comments about that!  

age of cg readers


A majority of you have college degrees, you smart people you, and I love when you catch my typos and grammatical errors, which is at least one per post. 



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Tell Me About You

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Well friends, I’m so glad to be home after traveling alone for a few days last week.  I missed my man and I missed my kids, but I had a great time at ALT, and like any good conference you come home exhausted with your head full of ideas and I’m still processing them all.   It was a great time, but for two embarrassing incidents – I’ll share some reflections and those regretful moments later this week. 

Mostly, I was happy to spend some time with sis who relocated to Salt Lake City with her husband last year and we had some good times together.  One night we went out to a piano bar downtown (you know those places where two piano players duel back and forth with melodies on grand pianos) and unlike all the people who submitted cool songs, we competed against each other to see who could come up with the most painful song for the piano player to sing to the crowd.  It was a toss up between “We Are the World” and “Against All Odds.”  Yes, we’re weird like that, but our plan backfired and everyone got into the songs – who knew deep down everyone really loves a Phil Collins ballad?   But I digress. 

Anyway, I’m taking the morning to play catch up and I was hoping you’d be so kind as to answer a few questions for me.   I’ve been horribly lame in not posting a survey here on the blog, and so today I’d love if you could take 2 minutes to answer these quick and easy questions.  Fear not, YOUR ANSWERS ARE 100% ANONYMOUS! 

I’m not tracking you or anything weird like that, I just really want to know more about you, what your interests are, and what you like about the blog or want to see featured here. 

So please tell me about you!


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