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Master Dresser Makeover

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

I wanted to share one more project I finished recently before going into full holiday decorating mode. :) In Las Vegas we’re furnishing the master bedroom with a bed, end tables, window treatments, and also a dresser we inherited from Matt’s grandparents.

We hauled the dresser all the way to Las Vegas over the summer where it sat in the garage for a few months. It’s a solid piece and perfect for storing clothes in the larger bedroom so I gave it an update to suit the space. I want this room to be soothing so I chose a shade of pale gray green for the walls, Glidden’s Quiet Light. I have a crush on all things tropical this year, so I also brought in a palm tree print from a photo I snapped in Hawaii and had enlarged on canvas (details below.)

dresser makeover lattice trim drawers

Since it’s such a large piece I liked the idea of having it blend into the room and not overpower the space with too much color or strong contrast. I’m a fan of all shades of green so I painted the exterior a barely grayish greenish white (Morning Mist) and the trim around the drawers a soft olive green (Dried Basil), both by Benjamin Moore. Their  Advance paint is a favorite of mine for furniture and kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Here’s the dresser before it was painted:

grandma before 2

The facelift included lattice trim around the drawers, two shades of paint, and new hardware, I just love it reinvented and repurposed in this space!

dresser with lattice box trim


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Online Shopping: Misfortune & Luck

Monday, November 10th, 2014

We went back and forth on whether we’d furnish this living room space in the house in Las Vegas. For months I hesitated but then decided that since I had scored two awesome blue velvet chairs for cheap from a thrift store many moons ago to go ahead and purchase an affordable rug and sofa to create a sitting room. We’re celebrating Christmas and entertaining guests here for the holidays and I can use the pieces for styling other flips so it made sense.

I do so much shopping online these days, and there are discounts to be scored when you do, but there is always a risk when you can’t inspect the piece in person so I rely on online reviews for other people’s opinions. I’m sure you do the same! In this room, I had some misfortune with online purchases but some good luck too, here’s the story of how the space came together.

living room gray and navy


gray sofa navy chairs


I ordered a basic coffee table from Joss & Main with saved up credit several months ago, at first for the family room but then when it arrived I didn’t like it at all so I ended up substituting something else in there.

This table sat in the garage for months and I debated returning it because it was not what was pictured, specifically the wood stain and finish. I saw a walnutish color stained top in the picture so I envisioned a walnut top, but I should have ignored the picture and read the small print where it described the top color as "distressed maroon." I usually pay more attention. I didn’t, ugh!! Why Kate whyyyy?

joss main coffee table

So when it arrived it looked like this which is not really maroon more weird red but whatever. Not what I wanted. AT ALL.   

weird red table


I decided I could still use it if I could only get red of the weird red coating. Over the weekend I gave it go, I sanded it off, stained it and waxed it and I’m happy to say I rescued it from its strange reddish top so it would fit the space. Not walnut, much paler since I sanded it to its raw state, but I do love how it turned out. 

refinished coffee table

Excuse the bad in process pics because mine is an older iPhone 4 but here’s how Operation Red Removal went down.        

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