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Suits Me Fine DIY Pillows

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

I’ve been “hired” by my younger brother Nate to upgrade his bedroom in his bachelor pad that he shares with his roommates in San Francisco.   One of the projects I’m working on is a fabric covered headboard.  When I was at Joann’s Fabrics over the weekend, something in the clearance rack popped right out at me: some suit fabric on sale for $5 dollars a yard.  Score !  What better way to cover a headboard for a man’s bedroom than with material designed for a suit ?

Well of course the handsome lad must have a proper complimentary bolster to go with it.  Is there a better way to impress the ladies ?   So I whipped up a little accent pillow to compliment his future fabric covered headboard.  I was a little envious that he was getting a special pillow of his own.  After all, we gals love our stylish suits too.  I couldn’t help but select another suit fabric to create a decorative pillow for myself.  Equal rights !

Here is brother’s:

up close in living room

Here is mine:

plaid pillow in office

Here’s the skinny on how I made them.

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Pillow Spotlight: Fresh for Fall & Under Fifty

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

With the kids back to school, I can’t help but anticipate the changing of the seasons.  It’s still warm here in California, but when I take my daughter to school in the early morning, I can smell the crispness of the air.  Autumn is coming!   I really want to accessorize my family room with a few pieces for fall. 

Coincidentally, I received an email the other day requesting I feature some affordable décor.  So today, my mind is on decorative throw pillows, especially in warmer tones: chocolate browns, golds, burnt oranges, rich reds and olive greens. 

I thought I’d go browsing online to see what stylish pillows are available for the autumn season.  Here are some selections I found in earthy colors, and all under $50 dollars.  

From Target:

target pillows Dwell Studio lattice $24.99; Paisley toss brown $24.99;  Thai silk brown $49.99; Normandy Ciel $49.99

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