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Moody Monday: Mad Men Inspired Office

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Well last night was the last episode of Season 5 of Mad Men!  *spoiler alert, don’t read the text if you’re not caught up!* and even though the final episode was underwhelming, the two before it were fantastic!  Don is so great to watch, and Joan finally gained partnership (nevermind the means, ugh!) and poor Lane, his storyline was totally unexpected!   Again, we’re left hanging, wondering what will happen to our favorite characters and wanting more more more! 

Matt and I have been watching MM since it began and it’s a Sunday night ritual to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch it together.  There’s always something to discuss after the latest episode, but I always go back and skim through it again days later just to peek at the set design, I love all that 1960s style! 

All this Mad Men fever got me in the mood to do an office with Florence Knoll style chairs and a desk reminiscent of Milo Baughman, plus some midcentury Blenko glass!  I love all the muted neutrals, rich wood tones, and warm brass of the period, but in this space I added a little of Joan.  I used the colors of the period but took a cue from Joan’s wardrobe to bring in some colorful accessories to this Mad Men inspired office space. 

mad men office

To see the high resolution non-animated version of the space and all the sources…

click here

Now, for all of you fellow MM fans, what do you think, will Peggy come back to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?  Will it become SCDC?  Or SCDH?  Will Don and Megan stay happy or will Don return to his philandering ways?  Will Pete leave Trudy?  What did you think of Season 5?  Dish !


Moody Monday: Sea + Citrus Sitting Room

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Good morning all and welcome to another week!  I still can’t believe it’s June already, my word when did that happen? 

I’ve been thinking…  I can’t get enough of great full room designs and because I’ve finally figured out a lot of the tools in Photoshop Elements (yahoo!) I’ve been doing a lot of playing around in that program and I just decided from time to time I’m going to create rooms that don’t exist but really should exist if it were up to me and feature them here.

Welcome to the first (of I have no idea how many) Moody Monday made up rooms where I draft a mood board for an imaginary space just because I feel like it.  This week’s version is a sunny sitting room filled with layers of blue and accents in citrus shades with a few of my favorite warm tone metallic accents thrown in the mix too.  And since I’m obsessed with natural wood bead chandeliers at this moment, I had to add a gorgeous one suspended above as a finishing touch.  

sea citrus sitting room gif


To see the high resolution non-animated layout plus all the sources…

just click on this document.


Coming up next, the latest on our built in window seat, it’s looking so good!