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Some Contests :-)

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Heads up all, there’s some home improvement related contests going on right now that I wanted to share with you!  First, some creative friends have formed a new blog called the CSI Project:

csi project

This week’s CSI Project contest is the ‘Hardware Store Challenge’ and I’m the guest judge this week, oh yessss.  Your project need only include one element from a hardware store such as nail gun or staple gun, lumber or wood trim, gardening supplies, tools, paint projects, anything purchased at a hardware store.  


Be sure to add the CSI button to your post to be eligible ! 

For all the requirements, look right here.  

This week, the winner will receive a $50 dollar gift certificate to Sparkle & Metal. 

You have until Thursday at 12 p.m. EST to link up. 



One Project Closer is hosting their annual summer Before and After Contest 2010 benefiting Habitat for Humanity.  Last year, I was one of the weekly winners for our staircase redo.   This contest is a fantastic opportunity to show off your best Before and After, win a little dough, and help out a worthy cause.

You submit your renovation project that you worked on yourself, and then a winner is chosen once a week and featured on the site.  The weekly winner also receives a $50 dollar gift certificate to either Lowe’s, Home Depot, or !

before and after habitatBest of all, the OPC gang donates $100 dollars to Habitat for Humanity in your honor (and for each weekly winner). 

At the end of the summer, the community votes, and the winner receives a bonus $150 dollar gift card. 

Check out all the details right here


Finally, you know I’m a huge fan of MirrorMate having successfully transformed my own hall bath mirror with their product.  MirrorMate is hosting a MirrorMate Makeover contest for anyone who has purchased a frame and installed in their own home. 

mirrormate banner

The best makeover winner will receive a $500 dollar American Express gift card – you can find all the rules right here.   And if still haven’t spruced up your bathroom space with a MirrorMate frame, you can use the code CENTS to receive 15% off your purchase !

Know of any other DIY or home improvement related contests going on right now ?  Do share! 



MirrorMate Love and a GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Sometimes a girl like me just needs a good kick in the pants to motivate her to finish a remodel project she’s had on the back burner, but has been ignoring for quite some time.  Such is the case with my hall bathroom.  Our hall bath is your basic contractor style1990s bathroom, with plain honey tone cabinetry and cultured marble counter tops.

So when the folks over at MirrorMate contacted me with the low down on their product and a coupon code, I was completely intrigued.  I emailed them back.  You mean there’s a solution for that plain wall mirror in my hall bath that doesn’t require me to purchase and install a brand new mirror?  That same hall bathroom I’ve been meaning to makeover but just was avoiding for the longest time because it’s ‘just the kids bathroom’  ?  Or so I kept telling myself. 

After a few email exchanges, those same kind folks over at MirrorMate offered to send me a complimentary custom mirror frame for my space.  Yeehaw !  Yes Ma’am !  Sign Me Up !  I filled out their user friendly form, faxed it to the company, and three business days later, I had my custom MirrorMate frame Fed Exed to my doorstep. 

What a difference it makes!  Here’s a peek at my hall bathroom before and after my custom MirrorMate was installed. 

before and after

What a difference ! 

Such a difference it puts the rest of my *ahem* outdated bathroom to shame.  This custom frame was just that kick in the pants I needed to get motivated on this bathroom remodel.  So I’ve got a plan to makeover the entire bathroom this summer (see below), but first, let me tell you how easy this MirrorMate product is to put together and install.

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