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The Orchid Pot + Spring Refresh

Monday, March 16th, 2015

We spent the weekend spring cleaning the house and garage, everything indoors was dusty and cluttered and the garage was the definition of a disaster. Last year, we’d brought home from Matt’s grandmother’s estate furniture and boxes of belongings and we’ve been housing it in our garage, slowly distributing the possessions to relatives.

I try not to be too sentimental about my own material things since they can get lost or destroyed, and when I die someday I’m not taking them with me. But some of my things possess meaning because they were a gift, are attached to a special memory, or belonged to someone I love.

As I was sorting through the last two boxes of her things, I came across a charming little pot. What was so interesting about this particular pot was that I had been casually looking around for a chinoiserie ceramic version for an orchid, nothing cheap looking, one with intricate detail and personality, and there to my surprise in that last box of possessions sat the prettiest little pot there ever was with no indication as to whom it should go to. At that moment, it was if it winked at me.


chinoiserie pot with orchid

Grandma Verna labeled all of her things the last few years of her life, jotting down the origination since she had kept only the special treasures from her travels. Most everything had a note about the source and who she wanted to have it. She and her husband had traveled all over the world, Europe, Africa, India, etc. and she kept journals of her travels, ones we brought out from time to time to read to her but not that it was necessary, her mind was as sharp at 103 as it was at 53 and she could recall every detail she had written down in those journals from fifty years before.

The pot had no note attached to it so I decided to adopt it and make it part of the collection of things she had already intended find their way into our living room. Grandpa’s piano. Artwork from their 1978 trip to India. Their Swiss gold LeCoultre Atmos clock from the 1960s. 

potted plant vignette

The find inspired a spring refresh in the living room, it’s the first room you come into when you enter our home so I like it to be bright and welcoming, elegant yet casual. I swapped a few things around from shopping my house, like the wing back chair that sat upstairs.

I brought in some of my old favorites, the white sculpted urn, the fretwork canister. I also added a few new things, the chain link mirror I ordered from Lamps Plus and a few accessories found at HomeGoods such as the navy geometric pillows and the orchid pot on the mantel.

navy white mantel centsational girl


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Online Shopping: Misfortune & Luck

Monday, November 10th, 2014

We went back and forth on whether we’d furnish this living room space in the house in Las Vegas. For months I hesitated but then decided that since I had scored two awesome blue velvet chairs for cheap from a thrift store many moons ago to go ahead and purchase an affordable rug and sofa to create a sitting room. We’re celebrating Christmas and entertaining guests here for the holidays and I can use the pieces for styling other flips so it made sense.

I do so much shopping online these days, and there are discounts to be scored when you do, but there is always a risk when you can’t inspect the piece in person so I rely on online reviews for other people’s opinions. I’m sure you do the same! In this room, I had some misfortune with online purchases but some good luck too, here’s the story of how the space came together.

living room gray and navy


gray sofa navy chairs


I ordered a basic coffee table from Joss & Main with saved up credit several months ago, at first for the family room but then when it arrived I didn’t like it at all so I ended up substituting something else in there.

This table sat in the garage for months and I debated returning it because it was not what was pictured, specifically the wood stain and finish. I saw a walnutish color stained top in the picture so I envisioned a walnut top, but I should have ignored the picture and read the small print where it described the top color as "distressed maroon." I usually pay more attention. I didn’t, ugh!! Why Kate whyyyy?

joss main coffee table

So when it arrived it looked like this which is not really maroon more weird red but whatever. Not what I wanted. AT ALL.   

weird red table


I decided I could still use it if I could only get red of the weird red coating. Over the weekend I gave it go, I sanded it off, stained it and waxed it and I’m happy to say I rescued it from its strange reddish top so it would fit the space. Not walnut, much paler since I sanded it to its raw state, but I do love how it turned out. 

refinished coffee table

Excuse the bad in process pics because mine is an older iPhone 4 but here’s how Operation Red Removal went down.        

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