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Hammock Time

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Something about the approaching Father’s Day holiday made me think of hammocks. They are the symbol of ultimate relaxation, it’s no wonder destination resorts incorporate them in their outdoor spaces. We have no mature tall trees conveniently planted twelve feet apart to anchor one in our yard nor an arbor, but of course there are stands you can buy or alternative options for suspension.

swinging hammock alexandra angle

alexandra angle

Many years ago, we rented a house for the summer to live in temporarily while we were expanding/remodeling our home and my daughter was three at the time. Every day when I put her baby brother down for his nap, we’d go and lay down on that hammock, reading her favorite books, sometimes drifting off to sleep ourselves for an afternoon snooze. They’re designed for that, once you’re in, you’re in – you’re required to stay awhile and give in to the temptation to drift off to sleep. To this day my favorite picture of us together was a selfie taken with a tiny point and shoot camera in that hammock.

summer hammock

source unknown

I have the fondest memories of the hammock from that summer and got to thinking I’d love to recreate new ones by buying one for our own yard. Here are few favorites I spied around the web in case you’re on the hunt for one to suspend indoors or out!

summer stripe hammock

summer stripe

orange striped hammock

maria hammock on Etsy

        farmhouse ballard hammock


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