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Guest Visitor: House of Smiths

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
Greetings friends!  I’ve arrived safely in Nashville, y’all!!   I love this place, they have rocking chairs in the airport while you wait for your luggage.  Well that’s just down home southern hospitality if you ask me.   The BBQ here is divine, and I can’t wait to head downtown to hear some live music later this week! 
So I had this great post for yesterday answering a reader’s question, “Should You Start a Blog?” and I worked on it for two hours and then. . . dun dun dun. . it disappeared into thin air.  It’s lost somewhere in the stratosphere between the Grand Canyon and Dallas.  Grrrr.  It was the perfectly timed question given I’m at a blog conference this week, the same one I was at last year.  I’ll do my best to recreate it later today.  Pinky swear.
Meanwhile, ooohhh goody goody, look who’s here today!  Only one of my new favorites!  Please welcome  Ms. Shelley from House of Smiths.   Take it away lovely lady.
“Hello, my fellow Centsational readers,
Shelley here, from House of Smiths!
House of Smith\
Let me introduce myself :
I’m a proud Mom to three adorable girls, and am lucky enough to have a hubby who is as passionate about life, DIY’ing and making our “house” a HOME, as I am!

Organized + Stylish

Monday, January 3rd, 2011
Happy New Year !  Don’t you just love January?   January always brings the promise of great things to come, the chance to turn the page and start fresh.  Be it resolutions made, a checklist of personal goals, or simply a commitment to be “Better, Stronger, Faster…” (name that 70s TV show!)  
Yesterday I removed all that garland that was dried to a crisp and gave everything a good dose of clean.  Nothing like starting the year with a clean slate, clean shelves, and countertops, right?  And there’s nothing like posting a brand new calendar in the kitchen and cracking open a brand new daily planner too.   
Despite the march of technology, the smart phones and the online organizing tools, I’m still completely old school when it comes to my own daily planner.  In this modern world when so much is typed, I actually prefer the ‘chore’ of writing something down.  I say it’s a lost art, like the handwritten heartfelt ‘Thank You’ note.  I always say to anyone wanting to book me for anything, “If I don’t write it down, well darlin’, it just doesn’t happen.”  So every year, I look for a new planner that is stylish enough to put on display when penciling in those commitments.
Today I’ve invited my good friend Cristin of Simplified Bee to share her picks for the best (and chicest!) planners.  I had the immense pleasure of rooming with Cristin when I traveled to NYC last fall, and we quickly became friends.  Cristin has impeccable taste in design and is also a professional organizer, so who better to share the best planners for any gal-on-the-go who seeks to be both organized AND stylish!  
Take it away Cristin!
“Keeping a day planner is an essential time management tool and one that will help get 2011 off on the right foot.  By logging appointments, schedule and important dates in a daily planner, you can reduce stress by knowing that you aren’t forgetting anything.  When kept up-to-date, a planner allows you to find needed information quickly, prioritize effectively and schedule appointments immediately.
Even though there are several great online calendar options, I enjoy writing down our household schedule in a good old fashion day planner.  Today there are so many beautiful and chic options available in a variety of colors, prints, sizes, functionality and price.  
Here’s my list of favorite planners for 2011:
Known for her fun, vivid Palm Beach inspired prints and patterns, Lilly Pulitzer offers a chic collection of daily agendas for 2011. This useful and unique planner features a 17 month agenda {August 2010  through 2011} and is complete with weekly & monthly calendar pages, dates to remember, contacts and notes.  A large version {6 3/4" x 8 7/8" is $24.95 and includes stickers.
lilly pulitzer

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