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Be My Guest: Miss Mustard Seed

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day !  Our family spent the afternoon in Sonoma, lunching, sight seeing, and wine tasting – it was pure bliss ! 

Today I have a special guest, one of my new favorite blogs to read each day for inspiration.  Some of you may know Marian of Miss Mustard Seed – I discovered her several months ago and I’ve been a loyal reader of her blog ever since. 

We have a lot in common – we both adore antiquing, painting, and decorating, and Marian has plenty of experience with refinishing furniture.   She followed her passion by establishing her own decorative painting business, and now she blogs all about her projects!   Please enjoy this conversation with my delightful friend Marian. 

    swirl snip

Q:   Well hello Miss Marian of Mustard Seed Creations, tell us a little about yourself, why doncha. 

marian 1 First of all, I am a youth pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom to two toddler boys.  I am also the owner and one-woman-show of Mustard Seed Creations, my furniture, antique, and home décor business. 

I started a blog at the prompting of my website designer about ten months ago and I have loved every minute of it.  I have been a decorating and antique nut for about ten years and this business along with the blog gives me a wonderful outlet. 

For a few little known facts…I played Pluto at Disney World, I have a degree in Musical Theatre, I love to bake my own bread, and I can bend my right thumb backwards at a perfect 90 degree angle, which grosses some people out, but it’s a great parlor trick.  I also hate coffee, but love doughnuts. 


Q:  You’ve done some amazing work with paint.  Some of my favorites are your grain sack ottoman, bird & branch cabinet & aqua end tables that you unfairly sold to someone else recently.  :-) 

What are your favorite tools to work with when painting furniture ?

I am very fortunate to do this for a living, so I have awesome toys.  My favorite is my Graco 7.0 HVLP paint sprayer.  That thing gives me the best finish and saves me so much time. 

For decorative painting, one of my favorite tools is my projector.  I can take a pattern, sketch, or lettering, put it into the projector and then trace the image onto my wall or piece of furniture.  I don’t use it for everything, but it’s a way to get exactly what I want without having to worry about custom stencils or transfer paper.  I used it for the lettering on my antique sign made out of a headboard. 

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Sarah’s Favorite Greens

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

There’s one gal that makes me laugh like no other and that’s Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  We all know and love her (or should I say lurve her) for her incredible knack at turning the thriftiest finds into the most fabulous decor !  Have you seen her recent staircase revamp ?  Fantastic!  It made my little DIY heart go pitter patter.  

Sarah was another lady I had the pleasure of meeting last month at Blissdom.  I look forward to her insight on home decorating every single day, and there’s no power tool this gal will ever be afraid of.  My friends, please welcome my friend Sarah – Ms. Thrifty Decor Chick ! 

tdc favorite greens

“Hello all ! I’m pleased as punch to share my favorite greens with you here at my friend Kate’s fantabulous blog!   Thanks Kate!  

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Mrs. Limestone’s Favorite Greens

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

One of my daily reads is the adventures of Mrs. Limestone over at A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.  I came across her blog last year and I like to pretend I live a New York east coast life vicariously through her.  :-)  Mrs. Limestone always has the best tablescapes, party ideas, and her renovation journey is incredibly inspiring ! She has flawless taste and amazing photography of her travels with her husband – I’m sure Mrs. Limestone will be a fast favorite of yours too. 

limestone greens



1. Green Hydrangeas have always been my a favorite.  Its the perfect fresh spring time color (even though I do know that they don’t turn green until summer). 


2.  I’m obsessed with diagonal stripes lately. The stripes keep it simple, the angle makes it fun.


3. My all time favorite lotion and beauty splurge is Bvlgari’s Au de Vert.  Ridiculously overpriced but smells oh so good! 


4. Sweet juicy watermelon.  Enough said? 


5. The perfect shade of green that copper turns after its aged.  I can’t walk by a patina roof without drooling. 


6. Not quite green, not quite gray, not quite blue – Benjamin Moore’s Silver Marlin is the color I wake up to every morning.


Thanks so much to Kate for asking me to participate in this fun series! 

- Mrs. Limestone



Thank you  Mrs. Limestone!  I too adore that BM ‘Silver Marlin’ – it’s a color very close to the paint in our master bathroom and it’s so incredibly soothing – the perfect shade for a relaxing retreat. 

Do you have a favorite green shade of paint?  Do share ! 


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