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Winners & Warm Fuzzys

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Congratulations to the following two winners of the Noteworthy Giveaway:

#44: Jenna W. who wrote:

“I’m about 5 months pregnant with my first so I was drawn to the baby announcements, shower invites and thank you notes. I love the Shower Banner Invitations and would love to pass this along to my sister who is throwing me a shower in a few months!”

#366 Whitney who wrote:

“Wow! I love them all – but I think I would definitely choose the “On the Road again” Moving Announcements!   My husband is a Navy Pilot and we just recently moved AGAIN – this would be a great way to let everyone know!   Or maybe I would pick the Blue Circus Birthday Invites for Monkey Man’s 1st birthday!”

Congrats Jenna and Whitney, please email me! 

And congratulations to #263 Vanessa, the winner of the ‘At Home With Country’ Giveaway who defined what ‘Country’ means to her: 

“Country means: cornfields, backyard gardens, outdoor dogs, gravel drive ways, quietness that goes on for miles, family, painted mailboxes, good cookin’, big tractors, hard work, shade tree and animal sounds.

Country decor is a place where you can kick up your feet and relax a while. Rocking chairs on a porch, clean and tidy interiors that are still so inviting, big windows with wonderful views, crisp and relaxed linens. Nothing too fussy or that can’t hold up to some good use. Country decor is like your most comfortable broken in pair of blue jeans that fit just right.”

country living collage 2

Wow.  Well said !  How inspiring is Vanessa?   

Reading through all of your definitions of ‘country’ to me reads like a feature article in Country Living magazine ~ there are some very humorous comments, some poignant comments, but most are heartfelt, and I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy reading them.  The definition of ‘Country’ for most of you is analogous to a feeling of ‘home’, how delightful is that?  

So thanks to all who shared what ‘Country’ means to you.  And speaking of hard work Vanessa, today I’m beginning to the grueling work of pulling out the carpet tacks on our staircase.  Ouch !!  

Have a lovely Sunday y’all. 

All above images via Country Living, where else?



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Workshop Winners!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Congratulations to these two winners of the Simplify 101 Workshop  . . .

#206 Barbara Ann who wrote:

“Oh my!!   I would love this opportunity!  My office is a disaster area and is home to such random items- toys, files, dead plants, Christmas gifts! I really need a push to get organized and create a vision for this room!!”

#248  Hanna W. who wrote:

“I have the worst time with junk drawers!   No matter how many little basket you put in them, there are always things that need to be put away, and it seems I can never keep up with them. Little game pieces, parts and screws I may or may not ever need again, batteries, markers, padlocks…..aaaah!    And I think they multiply like bunnies every time I walk away from the drawer.  Please help!”

organizing 101 banner

Winners, email me and I’ll get you started !

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Silhouette Winner

Monday, August 9th, 2010

1369 Congratulations to lucky #1,369 Kristen Madsen who won the Silhouette !

Kristen wrote:

“Oh I have been wanting one of these for so long! The first thing I would do is vinyl I’m sure, but I’m dying to make some cupcake wrappers, etched glass jars, iron on transfers oh just so many things!”


wrapped gift

Don’t forget there is still a promotion going on if you buy and enter the code CENTS.


(running from August 1st through August 9th at midnight)
Buy a machine and receive the following:

- $50 off the Silhouette Craft Cutter; 2 rolls of vinyl (Valued at $15.98); 1 roll of transfer tape (Valued at $7.99); Scraper (Valued at $6.99); Home Décor CD (Valued at $50); – $10 Gift Card to the Silhouette Download Store; Cutting Blade; 2 Cutting Mats

All for $249.99, a savings of $130.96


(running from August 9th through August 14th at midnight)
Buy a machine and receive the following:

$50 off (receive for $249.99); 2 rolls of Heat transfer ($29.89 value); $10 Gift Card to the Silhouette Download Store; Cutting Blade; 2 Cutting Mats.

All for $249.99, a savings of $79.98




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