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Modern Mix by Eddie Ross

Monday, August 31st, 2015

One of my favorite people in the design world has written a marvelous book and I’m so delighted to share it with you today! I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie Ross six years ago at one of the top places to shop for second hand treasures, the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire that takes place once month in the Bay Area. I’ve followed him ever since including his Instagram adventures and his projects as East Coast Editor for Better Homes and Gardens. I’ll see Eddie again in a few weeks at the BHG Stylemaker Event in NYC, I’m excited to attend the workshops and mingle with fellow blogger friends.

eddie ross gold platter


Eddie has recently written a fabulous book Modern Mix, in it he shares the knowledge he’s acquired from years of experience spent treasure hunting at flea markets and thrift stores. Eddie has the most amazing taste and the ability to see the potential of an object, making something old feel fresh again with a modern twist, a true master of reinvention!

I had the opportunity to preview the book before it releases tomorrow, his voice is the one of that trusted friend you want with you when you shop second hand.This book is truly an amazing resource, filled with not only inspiring images but also Eddie’s insight and knowledge.



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In the Spotlight: Eddie Ross

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Greetings all, the last week of my life has been absolutely crazy!  I’ve been busy putting together several holiday projects in anticipation of another magazine photo shoot later this week, and let me tell ya, it’s such a challenge to style ornaments and twinkle lights when it’s 90 degrees in July.  I’ve got flocking in my hair and glitter in places where it shouldn’t be, and it’s too darn hot outside. 

I have such respect for those who work in the magazine business and are accustomed to this kind of life, whether it’s Christmas in July, pumpkins in April or Easter eggs in October. I’ll have more deets on the photo shoot and be sure to share next week!

Speaking of the talents who work for magazines, today I have the pleasure of bringing you a Q & A with one of my favorite stylists and designers, Mr. Eddie Ross.  I’ve been a fan of Eddie for a long time and even had the pleasure of meeting him a while back at the Alameda Antique Fair.  He is such a source of inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many of you!

I sent some questions to Eddie and he gave me the inside scoop! 

CG: Congratulations on your recent column in Southern Living.  You’ve also been appearing regularly in Woman’s Day.  What inspires your contributions that continue to wow us every month? 

Flea markets, old books or magazines, great finds at the Goodwill…I take it all in and filter it through my experience as an editor and stylist, then present it in a new way.  

pedestal table before and after

Pedestal table makeover for Southern Living, images Jaithan Kochar and Miki Duisterhof (after)

CG: Share a glimpse of a day in the life of styling and shooting for the magazines recently featuring your work.  Who are the people behind Team Eddie? 

Wow, a day in the life, let’s see…so much goes into each story beyond just styling and shooting which makes each project fun and unique.  Also since a lot of what we do is actually shot in our house not a studio we really live with what we are creating.  It gives me a chance to live with the project, then style and prop it in a real way.

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