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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Anyone who visits around here knows I’m a pretty big enthusiast for anything related to home improvement.   Recently, I was introduced to a website called DiggersList.  As much as I pride myself in scoring good deals, I confess I was unaware of this new online resource.  That’s the thing I love about the internet ~  there is always an innovative new site popping up that’s oh-so-helpful to folks like you and me. 

DiggersList is the new online construction classifieds ~ in essence, the ‘Craigslist’ for DIYers searching for discount home improvement supplies.  At DiggersList you can browse for tools, materials, heavy equipment, and list what you’re looking for too, all at less than retail prices. 

For those of us needing to save a buck or two, DiggersList is worthy of your visit. 

diggers house is treasure chest


I did a little *digging* myself and sent over a few questions to founder Matthew Knox. 


Matt headshot Q:  Tell us how you came up with the idea for DiggersList.  What’s your company’s philosophy?

I used to be an insurance broker for contractors and would hear them say all the time that they would have excess building materials left over after every project, and not just bricks & lumber …but also tile, fixtures, cabinetry, etc., and they did not have a good place to sell it.  

So, they would either store it or throw it away contributing to the 160 million tons of construction related waste each year.

The same goes for most DIY projects, we all usually end up with more than we need. So, I teamed up with my brother Johnnie and we created, a home improvement classifieds.   We are DIYers ourselves, so if we can save money on some great improvement items and have a have a positive environmental impact, we are in.


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