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Creating Your Masterpiece

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Let’s start off this week with a huge thank you to all of you who donated to The Alma Project.  We are overwhelmed at the positive response and amazing support!  We’ve worked up a list of projects to get started on, and will be reporting regularly on our progress.

I also spent the weekend adding a few touches of spring to our family room, including sewing up some new pillow covers for the sofa, and giving my coffee table a fresh coat of green paint. 

painting coffee table

I love paint.  I love working with paint.  I find it so therapeutic to find a piece like this coffee table above that I found in a thrift store.  Two years ago I painted it a mustardy tan color, but on a whim, decided I was in the mood for spring green.  How fantastic is it to take a found piece and transform it to make it work for your home?  Oh the satisfaction!  My friend Shaunna shares the same passion.  

I met Shaunna in Nashville earlier this year, and we spent several days together, talking about our families, and what motivates and inspires us.  I was so excited to hear Shaunna was putting the finishing touches on her ebook ‘Creating Your Masterpiece’, and at last it is available for purchase! 

Shaunna has years of experience refinishing furniture, and has finally gathered all her best tips in one truly inspiring resource, filled with her invaluable insight! 

shaunna book cover

I am so proud  of Shaunna’s book, which is why I agreed to be a part of the team behind selling ‘Creating Your Masterpiece’.   

In her book, Shaunna expresses so many of the sentiments that I share.  She touches on the importance of vision, and finding inspiration in what matters most to you!   The thrill of digging for buried treasure, dragging that found piece home, and then making it truly yours. 

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