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A Sequined Tree, by Lindsay

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Happy Monday friends!  I’m so happy to bring you one amazingly beautiful DIY project from my great friend Lindsay over at Living with Lindsay

Lindsay is one of those inventive gals that I admire so much because if nobody’s done it, well she’ll figure out how, and then teach you.  When she showed us how to paint laminate, I was hooked.  When she transformed this Craigslist coffee table, I almost spit out my coffee.  Then she made this amazing wreath that was featured on Apartment Therapy.  She even watches Glee (love that show!).  Lindsay is just a DIY gal after my own heart. 

Today, in continuation of Guest Blogger Week, I’m proud to present her vintage inspired sequined holiday tree. 

Take it away Lindsay !

“When thinking about decorating my home for the holidays this year, I’ve been really drawn towards the vintage inspirations of my past. Growing up, we had a gorgeous array of ornaments handmade by my grandmother on our tree. I’m not sure if the ornaments exist anymore (unless they are hidden in my parents’ attic), but I am still inspired by their beauty.

lindsay ornaments

These aren’t my ornaments, but I wish they were.

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Detour Ahead

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you just get nothing done ?  My list of projects to finish this week was a mile long, but I barely made a dent in it.  There were cabinets to paint, stockings to sew, emails to return, laundry to finish, a household to run, and children to take care of.  But when your little tykes are ill, it’s just about impossible to get anything done, or to get any sleep either. 

During our walk downtown running some errands, we happened to pass the local Christmas Fanstasia shop. Just try walking two small children (who wholeheartedly believe in Santa Claus) past this charming display behind beveled glass, and resisting their request to visit.  It’s completely impossible.  

So despite all my best plans to check off some of those items on my long list, I stopped, and then welcomed this little detour.   

peek through window

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