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Color Splash: Painted Cabinet

Friday, August 27th, 2010

I’m making my way around my four year old boy’s room, slooooowly attempting to spruce it up and give it some real style.   One day when it’s all done, I’ll show you the blah before and you’ll see just how drab it was.  His room, like all kids rooms, was in serious, and I mean serious, need of storage ~  I was stepping on all those Legos in the middle of the night.  For four, he’s usually pretty good at putting those toys away, but since he had no real storage, I really couldn’t get too upset.  But something had to be done ! 

Yet again, I shopped my house for the perfect solution.  We had a tall tower made up of stackable cabinets (purchased here five years ago) that used to sit in the playroom, but since I now want to find a desk in there for homework and art projects, I decided to repurpose these honey wood cabinets for the lad’s room instead. 

Their size couldn’t be more perfect ~ they now sit right next to his closet on a narrow patch of wall space.  Problem ?   They were all scuffed up and I couldn’t visualize the the honey stain look in his room.  And if I don’t get to paint something at least once a month, I start to twitch.   

Some primer, paint, and crown molding transformed these cabinets in a weekend, and gave his room the splash of color it needed, plus the tower provides fantastic storage for all those toys, books, and collected treasures.

Before & After:

honey shelves before and after painting

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Fan-tastic: Boy’s Room by Cassie

Monday, August 23rd, 2010


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Time for another Fantastic Feature, today it’s Cassie from Hi Sugarplum

As you know, I’m in the middle of decorating my boy’s room, so Cassie’s spruced up space couldn’t be better timed!  I do love an inspiring makeover done on a budget !

Cassie writes:

“It seems like only yesterday I was decorating my son’s nursery, but now he’s nine, so it was time to kiss the ‘sweetness’ good-bye.   While he was visiting his grandparents for two weeks, we surprised him with a room makeover suitable for a big guy.  And the best part is, by using items from our house, updating his existing stuff, and shopping smart….the total bill for the room came to under $300!


before 3



cassies after


cassies wall and chair


Don’t you love the bold orange and brown stripes behind the bed?  That’s a ‘wow factor’ indeed !  Cassie revamped her boy’s dresser (read all about it here), recovered corkboards in burlap and a map, and made curtains out of drop cloths ~ this room is perfect for a nine year old boy.   Bravo Cassie !   The full story of the transformation can be read over at Cassie’s blog Hi Sugarplum, plus don’t miss the expression on her son’s face at the reveal !  PRICELESS !!

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