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A Welcoming Guest Room

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

*This post brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens Products at Walmart.

Last week I shared the coral and aqua guest room I put together for the Nevada house. Together with my parents, we’re hosting a family reunion this Christmas so I’m getting a jump start on making the house a soft place to land for our holiday get together. 

guest room pillows cg

As part of the BHG Live Better Network, today I’m sharing some additional ideas for making a guest room welcoming by adding a few thoughtful amenities for when guests are staying in your home. I think the best way to approach making guests comfortable is rather simple, just consider what might be included in a nice hotel room!

The obvious necessities are cozy linens and lamps to illuminate. An alarm clock is a practical accessory as well, also some extra space to place a phone, sunglasses, and keys which is why I love the pullout top on these petite chests. It’s kind to provide your WiFi password so they can logon to check email, etc.

alarm clock on nightstand


Extra keys and tissues are a thoughtful perk, a spare set of house keys for your guests allows them to come and go on their own time.

extra keys


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BHG Style Showcase Event

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

I had the privilege to travel to Des Moines two weeks ago to tour the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters, it’s one of those things I’ve dreamed of doing for years so it was thrilling for me! There was a group of us invited to the BHG Style Showcase event where the focus was on the new line of BHG products available at Walmart.

The big highlights for me were touring the facilities including the photo sets, prop rooms, photography studios, and test kitchens and gardens. When you admire a magazine for over a decade (and have the opportunity to work for it too!) it’s so nice to get a peek at where all the magic happens.

The studios have a dozen stages where they construct scenes for photo shoots for various projects and publications, here they are photographing BHG Products for Walmart in a bedroom scene. 

bhg stage

That set becomes this lovely “bedroom”, how pretty are these layers and touches of aqua? And that headboard is really gorgeous in person (it comes in linen fabric too). 

bedroom scene on set

Here’s another scene being shot for a future issue of DIY Magazine where they team is creating a living room and photographing some projects for an upcoming spread.

future spread

We got a peek into a few of the prop rooms, hello can you imagine?! They’re a stylist’s dream, I could have played in here for DAYS.

bhg prop room


prop room bhg


chair prop room


Our tour led us into a photography zone off of another kitchen where the magazine was shooting a delish dish.

food photography


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