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Anthropologie, How Do I Love/Hate Thee

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I don’t shop for nice clothing very often and I usually don’t shop for clothing at Anthropologie because of the prices for those threads and also because most of their clothing doesn’t fit me very well. I have curves so I’m more of Ann Taylor Loft gal.

But last week I found myself pulled by in by the tractor beam that exists within 50 feet of any Anthropologie store, it sucks you in uncontrollably and you must, arms flailing, surrender to the vortex of inspiration.  Once inside, you must channel your Jedi mind powers of self control to pull yourself out of an Anthropologie store without spending a dime.  Unfortunately, last Thursday, I had no such self control.  anthropologie doodle

So now I have to tell you about my new Anthropologie sweater. I have a hard time spending $48 dollars on a sweater, let alone One Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars on a sweater because I don’t think I’ve ever spent that amount of money on any non-coat or dress piece of clothing in my life, but Oh Em Gee I am in love.  I have justified this purchase by the fact that I wear it everyday and will continue to wear it everyday between hand washings through April which means I really am only paying two dollars a day which is less than a Starbucks!  I’m saving money! I’m saving money!

Which reminds me of when my mom would go shopping with her limited budget and buy something cute for herself, and she would come home and tell my dad that she “saved money” because she bought it on sale and he would say “no you didn’t, you spent money” and she would say “no, I saved money” and he would wink and say “no you spent money” and they would go back and forth, back and forth until she walked out of the room with her cute new thing.  But that analogy really doesn’t apply here because I didn’t buy my sweater on sale so I don’t really know why I brought that up. 


I was in Anthropologie and spied this Cavendish sweater and loved it at first sight.  This sweater designed by Rosie Nierra is grey blue and oat with subtle golden metallic threads.  What?  Grey blue and oat with subtle golden metallic threads?  Seriously?  It’s like Rosie knit my house into a sweater. It’s like she read my blog and knit my house into a sweater.


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Anthropologie Styling

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I like to pop into my local Anthropologie every season, usually for their amazing furniture knobs, but always for the eclectic styling of the store’s display artists. 

Apparently, every Anthropologie store has its own Installation Artist that is given a theme from headquarters, but is allowed their own carte blanche interpretation ~ or so the sales clerk told me.  I have no idea if this is true, but if it is, it sounds like a dream job.  I can only imagine how fun it must be to push the artistic envelope and challenge yourself to ‘style’ outside the box with merchandise as fun as that found at Anthropologie

Strings of multiples make a huge impact on display, whether it’s falling leaves in the main clothing display room. . . 

leaves strung in store

. . . or paint dipped clothespins in the dressing area.

clothespins at anthro


Embellish a set of basic beads with a fabric flower and you have instant modern style.

flower trim necklace


This is a favorite.  I love the pairing of the elegant wallpaper with the rustic wood crates and pallet. 


crates on wall


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