HOMEmade: Letter Hooks

February 21st, 2009
We all love alphabet letters, hanging in the house, spelling out whimsical or inspirational words, or perhaps just your child’s name on the wall. I prefer a letter that multi-tasks, like these do:

There’s just one teensy problem. While they look nice on the wall, they are practical only if secured into a wall stud. Well, wall studs are typically 16″ apart, or sometimes, just randomly spaced (if you own an older home). How to make a statement and actually put it to use? Secure the chosen letters to a wood background.

Here’s what I did. I had a piece of smooth scrap wood left over from the remodel. I spray painted it green, let it dry, then I had Mr. CG screw the letters to the wood. Then Mr. CG secured the wood directly to the wall studs. Ta-dah! Instant organization and charm for my mud room. Here’s mine:

Here are some other alphabet wall hooks available online:

From Anthropologie:

For $16 For $8

For $12

From Sundance for $10:

From JCPenney, on clearance for $5:

From Antique Hardware & Home, on sale for $3.19 each

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Big Upgrade: Master Bath Mirror

February 18th, 2009

It was so sad. After the remodel of 2006, well, we ran a teensy bit short on cash. No, we ran out of cash. So I’ve lived without a master bathroom for 2 years, and we’ve all had to share the hall bath for way too long. Last year, after a nice Mr. CG commission, we ordered and installed the double sink vanity just to give us privacy for grooming. Here’s the really sad part: for six months, we lived with these pathetic little mirrors while we dreamed of the shangri la of master bath mirror decor: a gigantic silver rectangular beauty measuring 77″ x 38″.

Here’s the Before. Boo hoo.

But here’s the After:

It arrived two days ago, and Mr. CG installed it. What a difference a thing of beauty makes. The mirror is the Florentine by Hitchcock Butterfield, made in the USA. We’re getting that much closer to my spa like retreat…

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