Pillow Spotlight: Fresh for Fall & Under Fifty

September 1st, 2009

With the kids back to school, I can’t help but anticipate the changing of the seasons.  It’s still warm here in California, but when I take my daughter to school in the early morning, I can smell the crispness of the air.  Autumn is coming!   I really want to accessorize my family room with a few pieces for fall. 

Coincidentally, I received an email the other day requesting I feature some affordable décor.  So today, my mind is on decorative throw pillows, especially in warmer tones: chocolate browns, golds, burnt oranges, rich reds and olive greens. 

I thought I’d go browsing online to see what stylish pillows are available for the autumn season.  Here are some selections I found in earthy colors, and all under $50 dollars.  

From Target:

target pillows Dwell Studio lattice $24.99; Paisley toss brown $24.99;  Thai silk brown $49.99; Normandy Ciel $49.99

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Vacation at Home: Master Shower

August 30th, 2009

For the last few years, my entire family of five has been sharing one small shower/bath combo in the hall bathroom.  Even though we added on to the house in 2006, we still only had only a partially completed master bathroom.  For years, the master shower was nothing more than a storage closet.  Not any more!  I’m talking about 35 square feet of pure bliss that we just finished tiling last week.

And my dream for just a bit of Oceanside glass tile finally came true.

Hello gorgeous.

oceanside glass tile up close

Two weeks ago, the shower was in a very raw state, having only waterproofed sheetrock and a tar floor.  We started by Read the rest of this entry »