DIY: Roman Shade

September 21st, 2009

Since we finally tiled our master shower a few short weeks ago, I was determined this past weekend to finally put some finishing touches on the master bathroom.  You regular readers know that since our remodel of 2006, our master bathroom has been nothing more than a storage closet, until about ten months ago.  We’ve slowly been finishing out the space.  First the tile floor, then the cabinets and countertops, and lately, the finish tile for the master bathtub and shower.

Over the weekend, I spent most of my free time doing mundane and completely non-postworthy tasks like trimming, caulking and painting baseboards.  But I also took on a project that I’ve been wanting to finish for years.

Way back in 2006, I found a floor sample window panel at Bombay Company that I fell in love with.  I didn’t care that it was the last one left.  I wanted the fabric to someday make a roman shade for my master bathroom.

At last, I was able to finally create it this past weekend.  Here she is, in all her glory, with her new best friend, silver chandy:

shade and new chandy final

I learned that with some concentration and a little effort, I could make a roman shade all on my own without turning to those expensive window treatment companies.

Here’s how.

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A Piece of Italy Near Home

September 20th, 2009

I’m sitting here at my laptop completely exhausted from having started and half finished five different projects today.  Thank goodness for a good glass of red wine at day’s end.  I’ll be featuring some of these projects this week, but first I must share with you the final stop we made on our weekend getaway to Napa over the Labor Day holiday. 

I was fortunate enough (in my pre-baby lifetime) to have traveled to several different European countries.  Upon return, I always said that one of the nicest things about living in the Wine Country is how reminiscent it is of many of those European regions I’ve toured. In winter, Sonoma’s hills are so green, it’s like Ireland and Northern France.  In summer, the dry hills, vineyards, and countless wineries of Napa remind one of southern France or Tuscany. 

One such place that is sure to transport one to Italy is Castello di Amorosa in the Napa Valley. 

castle from afar

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