Nap Zone

July 23rd, 2009

When I was a girl, we lived in a cottage.  In the living room was a built in daybed.  In that daybed, I would bury myself in cozy pillows and blankets for hours while I read the latest Nancy Drew mystery.  It was enchanting.  Some of my fondest memories are there. 

Whether it’s a lazy summer afternoon, or a rainy winter day, I’m still crazy about the idea of lounging in the mid afternoon in a daybed.  There’s something about a bed, out in the open, beckoning you to lie down with your favorite book, with the likelihood that you will indeed, and eventually, drift off to slumber land.   

These days, with two small and energetic children, a nap in the middle of the day is my idea of a serious vacation.  But at least I can dream of drifting off to dream in some of these favorite cozy spaces.   

house beautiful march 09 House Beautiful, March 2009

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A Good Facelift

July 23rd, 2009

If you thought you were getting a juicy discussion on Hollywood’s best lifts and enhancements, I’m truly sorry to disappoint.  This topic is not nearly as scintillating. 

I’m talking about closet doors.  Those standard white doors installed by contractors in every house built in America in the last 15 years.  (That is, unless you can afford those upgraded wood or custom doors that we drool over in glossy décor magazines.) 

As you regular readers know, I am in the process of remodeling my home office.  I have ignored this space for years, but no more ! I’m starting from scratch this time.  A blank canvas.  I realized that before I could hang my gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper (in the most amazing slightly luminescent gray blue, oh joy!), I had to touch up some trim.  And I had to paint the closet doors.  The paint was dingy – yellowed from years of sunlight – and they are the first thing you notice when you walk in my home office.  No. Thank. You. 

Instead of just painting them white, I thought I’d give them a bit of interest and a hint more sophistication.  After all, they practically take up the entire wall, so why not embellish? 

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