BOTB 8.8.14

August 8th, 2014

Weekend greetings! We’re making more progress on the house this week, the carpet installation and new baseboards have made it move in ready, we’re excited! Only one more week left to work on this renovation, we will be installing new light fixtures and bringing a few furnishings inside. Then we will return to California since the kids are back to school the following week and I’m looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine – I’ll share another progress report on the reno before we depart.

It’s ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ Friday again, and this week Amanda and I bring you our favorite projects spied around the web.

Build your own DIY Shaker style shutters for your house with Migonis Home.

diy shaker shutters


Wow this kitchen makeover is a beauty! Visit Grit and Polish for the details.

white kitchen makeover gritandpolish


Learn how to stain and stencil a farmhouse table with Ashley of Domestic Imperfection, beautiful! 

stain and stenciled table


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Tile Flooring: Demo + Installation

August 6th, 2014

Today I’m back with another progress report on the Nevada house renovation, this one focused on the flooring! Two weeks ago I shared we chose to remove the old carpet and tile and replace it all downstairs with Daltile’s Forest Park in Sugar Maple (see the "before" here).

As I mentioned in that post, if the downstairs floors had been all plain white porcelain tile we might have kept that tile but because it was mixed with three kinds of dingy carpet we decided it all had to go to achieve a seamless more contemporary look from room to room.

wood porcelain plank tile demo and installation

Matt and I considered demolishing and installing the flooring ourselves for about 45 seconds, then came to the sane conclusion that professional demo and installation was a much smarter idea. 1,100 square feet of demo and tile installation would surely send us to both marital and physical therapy.

Also, these floors have to be perfect. The kitchen is a pass through and is located in the middle of the house with the living room on the right and the family room/breakfast nook on the left. Connecting the tile through the kitchen and around walls without anything wonky happening was essential and that made us nervous to tackle the install ourselves.

Someday I’ll write a post about when we DIY and when we hire out but this flooring project is the perfect example. We gathered three bids and chose the one we felt could do the work in the most timely and professional way and for a reasonable cost. Demolition began with the carpeted spaces and baseboard removal.

remove carpet and baseboard


Tile removal is a lot harder, first just getting the tiles off the floor takes strong tools and muscles… 

ceramic tile removal


The first tool the crew used was a heavy pry bar and the tiles popped off pretty fast but broken pieces went flying everywhere (protective eyewear necessary!). We really appreciated that before starting demo they papered the freshly smooth textured walls (that burgundy paper shown), it was conscientious of the hard work from last week.

pry bar

Another tool they used was a hammer and crow bar to pop them off one by one.

old tile removal

My Dad wanted a piece of the action with that pry bar so he took out the tile under the fireplace in an oh so appropriate shoe choice for tile removal. :)

dad and pry bar


For thinset mortar removal, the crew used two tools, the first was a scraper, they used a sander to sharpen the edges a few times throughout the day.

scraper and sander


sander sharpen


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