Kauai Favorites

June 5th, 2014

After sharing the beach cottage vacation rental last week, several of you asked about favorite stops on our visit. Our travel there in May was our fourth visit in the past thirteen years to this particular island of Hawaii and on each trip we’ve had some really great experiences so I thought I’d share them today in case you want to bookmark for a future trip!

kauai favorite things to do

Kauai is “The Garden Isle” and is Matt’s favorite. I love them all equally but he prefers how Kauai is sleepier and less populated than Oahu or Maui, although it has been developed more since when we first visited in 2001. Hollywood loves to film movies here where the beautiful beaches are plentiful and the locals so friendly!

kauai map

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Poipu & The Southern Coast

On all four of our visits over the years we’ve stayed in Poipu in various vacation rentals, it’s sunny and kid friendly at Poipu Beach Park and we love to hang out at Brennecke’s and consume mai tais and sashimi with a view of the beach! Poipu is a great place to just lounge for a few days on a beach with a great book while the kids play in the surf.

kids in kauai

A good restuarant is Keoki’s Paradise (great fish, amazing Hula pie) in the Poipu Shopping Village (lots of free live music and entertainment) across from Kiahuna Plantation (a great place to rent a condo). The Marriott is also on Poipu Beach, various friends have stayed there and recommended it. Splurge on fine dining at The Beach House restaurant (sunset views!).   

Right outside Poipu is old Koloa town, with shopping and art galleries. Don’t miss the sashimi and the best ahi poke at Koloa Fish Market, so delicious and a favorite with the locals too. 

The West Side

Around the west side you can drive up to Waimea Canyon known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” with impressive views on the journey up and also from the top looking down to the sea. 

view of waimea canyon

wiamea canyon


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Maxi Skirts for Summer

June 4th, 2014

In winter, my uniform always includes yoga pants, often ones with paint splatter here or there. It’s in them where I find peace, comfort, and enough Lycra to hold everything together and create the illusion of smooth back end. Now that summer has arrived, my uniform has changed. Recently I’ve discovered that a long jersey skirt is the secret to comfort, style, and happiness. Dubbed the “maxi skirt” by all, I being all of 5’3” suffered from the misconception that these waist to toe skirts were only for tall girls. I was wrong.

My love affair began very casually, I tried one on in a dressing room a month ago and found myself buying it. Then I wore it for three days straight. Then I purchased a second and added it to the rotation. In Oahu, I popped into the Tommy Bahama outlet and scored two more. And then yesterday I ordered this one in blue tie dye (yes tie dye, how boho chic of me). 

I now have a maxi skirt for every day of the week and I confess I have fallen asleep in them more than once. I declare I shall rotate them all summer long until my friends and family stage an intervention. Here are some stylish patterned ones but I warn you, once you start wearing them, it’s hard to stop. summer maxi skirts

alley spots / starry light / striped / regatta ikat / sun lovva / ikat multi / linen crepe / lucky untamed / tribal blue / topshop floral / palme / seychelles 

Pair them with a tank and some beaded sandals and you’re set for any summer outing from neighborhood picnics to travel abroad. What’s your go to summer skirt, found a great one lately? .