Spotlight: Sweet Paul Lowe

March 17th, 2011

Friends, you know I am a lover of food.  I love gorgeous images of simple recipes, they often send me to the store on a quest to replicate a fabulous dish that very day.  The same thing happens when I see an creative and stylish craft idea, it also inspires me to go to the craft store and create something special of my own.  As a lover of both food and crafting, I chanced upon Sweet Paul magazine last year, and since then have read every issue from cover to cover. 

Sweet Paul is the online magazine creation of food and prop stylist Paul Lowe. The first issue came out only one year ago, and it never fails to deliver easy elegant recipes, fun and easy crafts, and simple entertaining ideas too.  Naturally, whenever there is a new issue, it prompts me to run to both the grocery and the craft store on the very same day.   

easter sweet paul

Image credit: Alexandra Grablewski

As a huge fan, I was prompted to write to Paul and ask him to share a little about himself, and also what motivates and inspires him in his creations.  Today, I’m excited to bring you our Q & A, which I know will leave you inspired, and most likely, hungry. 

swirl snip

CG:  Hello Paul!  Please tell us when you knew you wanted to become a stylist, and about your humble beginnings in the industry that eventually led to working with publications like Country Living, Domino, and Real Simple magazines.   

PL: I never wanted to be a stylist, but I used to be a florist 20 years ago and fell into the styling business by accident and I have loved every minute ever since.  I used to work in Norway but after I moved here 5 years ago I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients.

sweet paul drink station

Image credit: Frances Janisch

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Tips for Organizing Kid Spaces

March 16th, 2011

I often get that question, “Hey Kate, are your kids’ rooms always as organized as they appear?” and I have to smile.  In truth, I find it completely impossible to keep kids’s rooms clean and organized all of the time.   Most days you can barely see the floor because my two little monkeys have managed to pull everything out.  They’re kids, they do what kids do best.  They eat, they play, the sleep.  And in between, they make a whole lotta messes.  

I have a few tactics I use, but to answer the big question on how to best keep kids’ spaces organized, I invited my good friend Cristin from Simplified Bee to offer a few tips.  Cristin is a busy mom of two girls, and a professional organizer too.  She’s a real pro when it comes to this topic. 



So Cristin, tell us all your secrets.  What are the best ways to keep those kid spaces clean and organized? 

“Keeping kids’ rooms organized is a challenge for most parents. How many of us have cleaned our child’s room only to find it turned upside down in minutes. And if you have a collector {dolls, rocks or toy cars} it can be especially painful to keep the space neat. Here are some helpful tips to help organize kids’ rooms:

cg organized kids bedroom


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