DIY Bracket Bookshelves

May 2nd, 2011

Hey there, hope you all had a great weekend!  We spent most of Sunday helping my parents move their things onto a moving truck, and since they’re downsizing, they graciously donated some bookcases to our Alma Project.  I’ve been scouring Craigslist for weeks without any luck, so how fortunate to score some sturdy freebies from my folks!  Now we can build that entertainment center we’ve been planning for so long.    

I also managed to squeeze in an hour to put the finishing coat of paint on a simple project I started last week.  My little girl is at that age where improving her reading ability is priority number one, so I wanted to build her something that would keep books front and center in her world.  These inexpensive bookshelves are made from basic wood brackets and dowel rods found at a home improvement store, and they cost me about $15 each. 

cg bracket bookshelves 1


If you want to replicate the project, here’s what you’ll need for each shelf:  2 basic 6” x 8” wood shelf brackets (I found these at Home Depot), ½” thick wood base cut to chosen length; 2 dowel rods; wood filler; wood screws; power screwdriver and drill bits; wood glue; primer and paint.  Decorative appliqués are optional.


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BOTB 5.1.11

May 1st, 2011

Crikey, it’s May can you believe it?   Time is a flyin’ by !!   Amanda is back to team up with me for our best picks in our continuing ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ series.   Let’s take a peek at some exceptional creations happening in homes across the land. 

A bare wall in Liz Marie’s kitchen now showcases her plate art, complete with a charming yellow bench and turquoise china cabinet, lovely! 

plate wall art


Melissa’s Putting it All Together series at 320 Sycamore offers a realistic, detailed guide to creating the perfect room you will love. 

melissa binder


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