Front Porch: Improvements with Paint

August 8th, 2011

Hey all, hope your weekend was swell.  We’re in ‘last week of summer’ mode around here which means relaxation is priority number one until school starts next week.  However I did manage to squeeze in a few front porch improvements over the past few days. 

I’ve long been in love with the idea of painting the front door something other than white.  All the colors of the rainbow seemed too strong and all wrong, and since the stucco is yellowish in tone, gray seemed the logical choice. 

I posed a question on Facebook what color gray I should go with, and many kind readers responded, thank you!  I reasoned it was best to grab those two samples I was considering, and maybe a couple more at my local Benjamin Moore.

Choosing the perfect gray is very challenging – there are so many ways gray can lean based on the formula: lavender, green, blue, or taupe, one must be careful! 


As always, you can’t tell much from a paint deck swatch, you need a real sample viewed in proper light so I picked up four samples from my local BM, and painted big swatches on a poster board to study which would be the best choice.   



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BOTB 8.7.11

August 7th, 2011

Good day to you on this lovely Sunday!  It’s here again, the roundup you’ve all been waiting for!  Amanda and I scoured the blogosphere this week to yet again bring you our favorite and most inspiring picks.  We hope you enjoy them, let’s get started:

Myra mixed great color and both vintage and modern fabrics in her breakfast room retreat.  Don’t miss the big reveal at The Casabella Project.


Craving an uncluttered look in your home without going minimalist and cold? Employ this one essential trick recommended by Small Notebook.



Are you a lover of abstract art and have considered your own DIY version?  Hop on over to Oh Happy Day for the step by step on how to make your own affordable abstract artwork with stunning results.


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