Winners !

March 25th, 2010

Greetings friends, the winners of the Scentsy Giveaway are as follows:

#48 Carly who wrote:

“Without a doubt, I would choose the Orange Dreamsicle scent. I always opt for food-based smells, and something citrusy and creamy would be just the thing as the weather gets warmer.”


#209 Andrea who wrote:

“Ooh, I’m super excited! I love candles and good smelling things.  It’s really hard to choose, but I love citrus smells, so I think I’d be okay with any one of scents from the tropical collection. Maybe Cranberry Mango or Tangerine Tango also sounds delish!”


Congrats to both of the winners !  Send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with the representative from Scentsy. 


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Paper Mache Easter Eggs

March 24th, 2010

My friend Lindsay is having a crafty little contest on Thursday and I thought I’d throw my name in the hat.  I consider myself pretty thrifty, but when you are forced to stick to a $5 dollar budget in this contest, you must get very resourceful.   

So I got my craft on the other day and made some paper maché Easter eggs using what I already had in my house – which is tricky when you only have brown eggs and very thin tissue paper.  But my kindergartener and I managed to hatch a fresh batch of blue eggs on the cheap. 

paper mache easter eggs 

Disclosure:  I was completely unsure when I started this project if it would be a disastrous waste of time, so I decided to invest nothing beyond what I had on hand, which meant using brown not white eggs.  Or you can just use store bought plastic eggs, but I’m cheap.  Unsure of the outcome, I refused to brush my hair, my teeth, or get dressed out of my flannel plaid pajamas to make a special trip to the craft store or grocery store.  In hindsight, white eggshells would work better to save time and several layers of tissue.  Just saying. 

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Decorating with Yellow

March 23rd, 2010

I was slicing lemons and trimming the ends of daffodils yesterday, then I was struck by a mad passion for yellow.  Hmm.  Strange.  I just painted over all the yellow in my kitchen, and today I am fixated.  Fickle am I.  It must be my serious case of spring fever.

Anyway, I got to thinking.  Yellow is one of those colors that’s a little trickier to design with, but when used just right, yellow is incredibly stylish and oh so chic.  Yellow is vibrant and cheerful; the color of sunshine and happiness!  I think it is especially beautiful when paired with deep gray, soft green, turquoise, or white.  

Here’s a few examples of yellow done just right.

house to home living room House to Home


southern accents yellow accents Southern Accents

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