DIY Faux Bois Vases

November 21st, 2011

I’m not sure it’s readily apparent around here but I have big thing for faux bois. Truth be told I didn’t really know the fancy term for wood lookalike decorative objects until a couple years ago when faux bois starting showing up here and there and all around the design-osphere. I had to recall my long ago lessons from high school French to decipher faux bois meant ‘false wood’.

I’m pretty much obsessed with any decorative object that looks like bark, especially if it’s white, so I thought to myself why not make some faux bois vases for the holidays. For this project, I worked with two products I’ve combined in the past: glass and silicone.  Remember these dessert stands?  I still have them. I learned with that project that silicone and glass bond really tightly together.  For Like Ever.  In Hollywood terms, like Paul and Joanne and unlike Kim and Chris.

I used the same combination of products to create these fun ceramic look vases, but this time I used the silicone to create the bark like look. They turned out pretty cool.

diy faux bois vases cg


To recreate a similar version, you’ll need four things:  a glass cylinder vase, DAP household silicone sealant, frosted spray paint; and white spray paint or primer.   faux bois vase supplies

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BOTB 11.20.11

November 20th, 2011

Greetings all, and happy fall!  It’s raining today and the leaves are falling from all of the trees. It’s pretty but kind of sad, I’ll miss all those gorgeous autumn colors. Today it finally feels like winter is on its way, brrrrr!  To take our minds off the approaching chill of winter, how about a look at some inspiring projects from around the blogosphere?   Abi and I teamed up again to bring you our recent favorites.     

Here’s a wonderful wood accent wall, this one made from pallets by Chris and her husband over at Just A Girl, perfect in her son’s room!   

pallet wall just a girl


This Drexel Heritage campaign desk was brought back to life by Mary at Because I Like to Decorate.  She’s got an all natural recipe for polishing up brass hardware too. 

drexel heritage desk makeover becauseiliketodecorate


Traci and her husband built a brand new pantry themselves!  Traci has a new paint sprayer that she raves about, read all about it at Beneath My Heart.   

pantry beneath my heart


An old suitcase is a great object to transform into a pet bed, get the how to on this project over at Camille Styles.  

suitcase pet bed


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